The Koch Brothers – Is there ANYTHING they can’t do?

0Harry Reid: “Koch brothers main cause of global warming. ”

They’re feeling desperate down there in the swamp, dragging out bogeymen, charges of racism and of course, “the war on women” – anything to distract attention from a five-year record of failure.

If the Koch brothers aren’t enough to bring out the base, Reid’s perfectly prepared to bribe his voters, calling yesterday for a return to pork barrel politics. At least that’s something he’ll get bipartisan support on.


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29 responses to “The Koch Brothers – Is there ANYTHING they can’t do?

  1. anon

    No one wants to mention all the good the Koch Brothers do. The Metropolitan Museum, perfect example. I wonder when The First Lady was there Monday, if she was escorted past the HUGE banner that announces the Koch project there.

    Government leaders and museum officials today formally broke ground for the new plaza and fountains at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. …….(snip) the start of work on the redesigned, four-block-long outdoor plaza that runs in front of the landmark Fifth Avenue facade, from 80th to 84th Streets in Manhattan….snip…the new outdoor plaza, which will open to the public in fall 2014, will be named “The David H. Koch Plaza.” Mr. Koch, a Museum Trustee, contributed the entire $65 million cost of the project.

    So, take that Harry Reid.

  2. Thank goodness they’re on our side if they’re that powerful. And I guess that Reid is giving the Chinese a pass on the environment/global watchmacallit, despite the fact that they’re opening a new coal fired power plant on average once a week.

  3. Anonymous

    No mention of Buffets and Soros millions given to leftists

    • Anonymous

      check out Democracy Alliance – Demo fat cats, plus the heads of major unions including newspaper reporters.

  4. What does Reid have to do to embarrass his fellow Democrats?

  5. bunnytee

    It’s a known fact that when Dims start losing ground, they get nuttier. Like rats bailing over the side of a sinking ship, they beat a hasty retreat from the prospect of having to actually stand behind anything they propose the rest of us should support.

    Enter the bogeyman, the monster under the bed, et. al.

    The closer the end draweth nigh, the crazier/loonier they’ll become. Happens every time.

    They know they’re toast and losing ground.

    As much as I abhor the Obama Abomination, I’ve always thought that installing a foppish buffoon like Reid as VP was a brilliant move for community organizer. Why? Consider how idiotic he makes himself. Who, with more than two brain cells to rub together, would want Reid over Obama, ever? Reid is just Obama’s life insurance. The court jester.

    The more outrageously idiotic he is, the more Obama looks like the only adult in the room…and aren’t we all just fat, dumb, and happy that Obama is president instead of that imbecile Reid? If nothing else, it seems to work for certain demographic.

    • Cobra

      You mean Joe Bite Me?

      • EOSredux

        Cobra: totally o/t, as a fellow racing buff, did you watch the incredible, and I mean don’t move a muscle amazing, documentary on the 20th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death? It’s been running on the Velocity channel. We got to see him race in Monaco in the 80s. He is a national hero in Brazil and my racing boys say to date, he’s the best F-1 racer to have lived (and died!). If you can find it, record it and watch it. I promise you it’s hauntingly good.

        • Cobra

          I’ve watched it twice so far, including a viewing with my wife. Even though she’s not a motor sports fan, she appreciated the beauty of the story and the cinematography, archival though most of it is. I still have it DVR’ed on two TV’s, and will show it to my son when he visits this weekend. Great as Senna was, I believe Fangio was the best F1 driver to date from a raw talent perspective.

        • EOSredux

          I figured you saw it. Agree it appeals to non-race viewers as much as race geeks like us. We’ve seen it twice as well, and I find myself stopping during the day to think about the way Senna died, how he was so uncomfortable that day, so uneasy. The footage of his last race and when he crashed is on YT, viewed well over 2 million times.

          Fangio. That’s a good call. He’s before my time in the sense that I wasn’t paying attention to him when he was in his prime. My dad and my high school boyfriend were car freaks so I learned and quickly became fascinated. I grew up with Brett Lunger who was in the movie Rush, and integral to saving Niki Lauda’s life in the ’76 crash.

        • Cobra

          Small world, EOS…I attended races in which Brett Lunger competed in Can Am in the late ’60’s and then in F5000 in the very early ’70’s (I think my memory of the years is correct). And, he’s a distant relative of my wife on her late mom’s Montchanin side.

        • EOSredux

          Small world indeed, Cobra! Not too often you get TWO people with a Delaware connection, let alone such a pretty corner of the state. I grew up a half mile from what is now The Inn at Montchanin so my mis-spent youth was driving the wild and crazy roads there – Route 100, racing up Route 52, Route 82…all still gorgeous today. Greenville and surrounding towns make Greenwich look like the Bronx! The Lunger’s lived in Centreville, in a house (um, estate!) that is now a retreat for Episcopal priests and hosts a lot of charity events, wine tastings.

          You have Brett’s racing years about right.

        • Martha

          That documentary sounds great! Is it ok for littles (9 & 4-but we don’t watch much, if any, violence)? or should I pre-screen it? What boy doesn’t love race cars?😋

        • EOSredux

          Martha: I’d pass on letting the kids see this. It’s a tale of the complex emotions of the man Senna, his race rivalries, his passion for racing, his devotion to God. There are several accidents within the length of the documentary, death of more than one, including Senna.

        • Cobra

          Martha…for kids 9 and 4, I’d pre-screen Senna and make your own decision based on your understanding of how the kids might react to its content.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Reid, Biden; Biden, Reid?!? To borrow from an old Democrat War Horse: What difference, at this point, does it make?

        • bunnytee

          Uh. Oh. Duh. I just got it…I meant Joe Biden/VP, not Harry Reid//Senate Minority Leader……thanks LA…allergy meds…………damn, duhhh…..

      • bunnytee

        Yes, that’s what I meant, Cobra. I interchanged Reid/Biden..that’s what I get for posting on allergy meds….it didn’t sink in until I read LA’s post. But thanks for the attempt to save me from myself, though.

        • Cobra

          Your med-induced and thankfully momentary confusion is understandable given that both Joe Bite Me and Dingy Harry are rabid douchenozzles.

        • bunnytee

          You know what they say, “Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation”
          For a fleeting moment, I began to think that I was loopy enough to be Biden OR Reid. Ugh. Back to the tissue box….

  6. bunnytee

    He stole “bite me” from me!

  7. bunnytee

    Plus, there’s that damning secret service agent’s video recounting how much Mich-Thunder Thighs-elle dislikes white people. I bet she thinks it’s terribly delightful that there’s a white idiot consistently degrading himself for her/Barry’s amusement.

  8. Anonymous


  9. These types of comments are very disturbing coming from any elected official. These comments are not sane.

    A serious media would put a guy like this on the spot, and make a fool of him rather easily.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Wade: There is no “serious media,” there is only the lapdog press that brings the Dems their papers and slippers, and then stands there panting, hoping for praise and attention.