Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

And he’s back

Forecast was for steady rain up in Litchfield and my fair weather hunting partner insists that turkeys hunker down in the rain, so we didn’t go out. We’ll never know whether turkeys, in fact, don’t venture out in the rain because in fact today is bright and sunny and I’m not there. Bummer.

I didn’t come back empty handed though. Thanks to a GPS system that has no idea how to navigate to downtown Boston, I was sent to High Street in Dorchester (or somewhere) instead of the financial center, where I noticed this sign: Do you suppose that a “ghetto mix” is a boom box stocked with bad music to drive cock-a-roaches from their crevices? In any event, for future guidance, know that if a proposed GPS route takes you down “Martin Luther King Boulevard”,  you probably aren’t in the right place.



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