Open House report

There were just too many on the tour today to get to, but here were some I thought notable.


24 Daffodil Lane

24 Daffodil Lane

24 Daffodil Lane, Cos Cob (off Mimosa), $2.450 million. An exterior that is not often seen in this neighborhood, but once inside, this offers a lot of very usable space, in great condition, for not a whole lot of money. It’s on two acres, mostly woods, with a pool. It failed to sell in 2011-2012 when it was priced at $2.6, but the market’s gone up since then, and this one’s price has come down. All in all, for this price range, very attractive.


112 Old Stone Bridge

112 Old Stone Bridge

112 Old Stone Bridge, at $1.525 offers some decent possibilities. I think it needs a total gut job and perhaps a wall or two moved around but there’s good space here, and the price reflects the work that needs to be done. Decent yard off to the side.

I did get to see 74 N. Old Stone Bridge Road, mentioned here earlier today as a new listing, and its pictures are not deceptive: it’s a nice house. It is, as I suspected, perched on a cliff, but there’s lots of deck space and inside is airy. I like it as an adult house, you may find it entirely suitable for a family with kids. Very much worth checking out.

23 Hendrie Extension

23 Hendrie Extension

Star of the day was 23 Hendrie Extension, off Edgewater, asking $9.250 million. Very modern inside, clean and spare. I liked it. Listing agent Shelly Tretter says it stayed dry in Sandy, but I’d imagine that was a relatively close call. But hey, you want to live on the water, you take your chances. To me, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, but that’s a personal choice. If you have $9 million to spend on a house, I’m guessing you can afford to take a hit. Your call.



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7 responses to “Open House report

  1. Anonymous

    If you have 9mm to spend on a house, I’m guessing you want real waterfront, not mudfront.

  2. Anon

    Is it your website or is there some real estate photographer out there with a lens that makes everything look narrow? All the rooms at Daffodil look disproportionately skinny.

  3. Anonymous

    9 Million in Edgewater! You’ll have to drive by some more moderate houses on the way to your estate. At least someone’s rehabbing the abondoned house at the coner of Edgewater and Mortimer and there’s two new houses going up on Mortimer, one on Lockwood and 2nd just torn down up the street. Well it isn’t Keofferam or Binney Lane, but it is a nice view at high tide.

  4. Babylon Sister

    CF ~ with respect to 112 Old Stone Bridge, what considerations would render a house in need of a “total gut job”, and what would this task list actually consist of? Just wondering. From the photos, this house seems simple but decent.

    Google’s not much help… search results are mostly gastrointestinal references.

    • Well look: certainly a family has been living happily here for years, and someone else could too. But now that prices in Old Stone Bridge have recovered and seem to be headed up, you could, if you wished, put several hundred thousand into it without fear of over building. It could use a new kitchen, and new baths, and while I had the contractors in I might, shift a wall or two around to change the allocation of space, upgrade the moldings, etc. Not essential, but you could spend that money without looking foolish.