British real estate agents have more fun


Hot hot hot!

Hot hot hot!

Up-scale real estate brokerage bans sex on the premises after agents’ condoms clog the toilets.

A London branch of upmarket estate agent Savills has banned its employees having sex at work because used condoms have been clogging up their toilets.

According to a leaked email sent by a senior member of staff at Savills in Sloane Street, Pimlico Plumbers spent seven hours working out the cause of problems with the branch’s toilets.

Richard Gutteridge, director of residential houses, sent the memo to about 50 members of staff at the branch, warning them ‘obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office’.

The emergency plumbing work ‘cost the office a considerable amount of money’, according to Mr Gutteridge’s leaked email.

He said that after working on the toilets for at least seven hours, the plumbers eventually found a mass of used condoms had caused a blockage in the pipes, preventing them draining properly.

‘As well as it being extremely inconvenient to have both loos out of order for an entire day, this has now cost the office a considerable amount of money,’ Mr Gutteridge added.

‘Please can we be considerate to the ancient Sloane Street plumbing going forward,’ he went on.

In most real estate office I know of, if you banned scumbags you’d lose half your sales force.


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5 responses to “British real estate agents have more fun

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, great picture…did you guys renovate your new office space?

  2. Mickster

    I’m a little confused here. Are you suggesting that realtors having sex in their offices are scumbags and if you got rid of them from local Greenwich real estate offices you’d lose half the staff? You need to get out more. The average Realtor in Greenwich is in her late 60s, a grandmother and is certainly not jumping on her male colleague. That is, unless you’re getting a lot of action I don’t know about…..

  3. Anonymous

    I think a double entendre on what a scumbug is….

  4. the story could be a bit more sordid:

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    So the dirt game may be better than I thought. Not only do you skim 6% off the top of every swamp sale you make, for acting like no more than an incompetent Paki cab driver, but you are also plowing the lady garden in between fares? SWEET!! What do you have for lunch every day? The tuna taco?

    And here I always assumed you and Francis sat around all day shooting spitballs at each other, while doing lame “pull my finger” jokes. Which I am quite sure Francis still falls for.

    BUT NO!! You get to play with the panty hamster all day. Where do I sign up?
    Your Pal,