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You call this a Bat Cave? Cliff Asness has a Bat Cave, this is a little boy’s playroom


I'll just finish my mug of cocoa, Robin, then we'll go upstairs and sign up for healthcare

I’ll just finish my mug of cocoa, Robin, then we’ll go upstairs and sign up for healthcare

Hollywood type tries selling his house for a piddling $25 million and boasts of a Bat Cave. 

If you’ve ever fantasized about having your very own Batcave, this Malibu home could make your superhero dreams come true. Sure, it doesn’t have the Batmobile or Michael Caine’s charming cockney accent, but it is located underground and even has a secret entranceway, according to The Wall Street Journal. And the Batcave, along with the mansion above it, can be yours for $24.95 million. Dan Romanelli, the founder of the consumer-products division at Warner Bros., built the superhero-inspired space in 2006. “Batman was something that really helped build my division,” Romanelli, who worked on toys linked to the series, told The WSJ. The nearly 6-acre, 10,270-square-foot property has five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an elevator, gym, and pool.

10,000 sq. ft. doesn’t even make up a decent servants wing, with or without 12 toilets. And six acres? That’s a croquet course. Asness’s place up on Conyers Farm sits on 1,123 acres, is 62,000 sq. ft. cost $115 million and has a 25,000 sq. foot Bat Cave in its secret tunnel, plus the original Batmobile and the Bat Helicopter and the mummified remains of Adam West and Burt Ward – so there.

Or so I’m told.


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Never bring a gun to a truck fight


Come and get me! No, wait - don't

Come and get me! No, wait – don’t

Man shoots at ex-girlfriend and her lover in van and in turn is run down and killed by the lovebirds.

A 43-year-old gunman was struck and killed after shooting at a minivan driven by his romantic rival in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx Sunday morning, a source said.

The dramatic scene unfolded around 3:30 a.m. at University Ave. and 176th St., cops said.

The gunman saw his former flame, who is in her 30s, in the Honda Odyssey minivan with her 25-year-old beau and began firing his weapon, the source said.

The driver took off but encountered the gunman again as he crossed University Ave. between W. 175th and W. 176th St., cops said.

The minivan plowed into the gun-toting pedestrian, leaving him with serious head injuries, cops said. He was taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, but couldn’t be saved.



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Dollar Bill has resurfaced, I think


Wiping it off, boss, wiping it off

Wiping it off, boss, wiping it off

Man arrested at Burger King for exposing himself tells police his Brazilian crotch job was itchy.

This entire incident was clearly caused by Burger King’s new slogan, which encourages us to “Be Your Way”. That’s right, Bill, we love you just the way you are; sort of.

A man caught exposing himself outside a Burger King told cops his pants were down because his skin was itchy from a recent waxing.

He also told cops he had just got out of his car as he “had to pass gas” and did not want to do that inside his vehicle.

David Foskett was caught outside the fast food restaurant by a Washington State Trooper.

According to state documents, reports Q13Fox.com, the BMW driver was asked why there had been reports he was exposing himself. He replied he had “no idea.”

The 24-year-old told police he had just had a “manzilian,” a Brazilian wax for men. This had caused the jeans he was wearing to irritate his skin.

The trooper also found condoms on the passenger seat.

One female driver claimed Foskett had exposed himself as he drove past her on a highway. He was also sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth.

He faces one count of indecent exposure.


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This headline says it all


Checking the vault

Checking the vault

The Hill: “Bankers exhale as Tea Party power fizzles

Banks are breathing a sigh of relief after established GOP incumbents bested a handful of Tea Party challengers at the polls recently.

Industry sources said the establishment wins improve Republican odds of retaking the Senate, which would in turn lead to a friendlier climate for the long-beleaguered sector. But some note that the Tea Party has left a mark on the Republican Party, presenting a challenging landscape for the industry.

Between the restoration of the GOP and the bought and paid for Democrats, it’s back to business as usual.


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Good for him

Obama visits the troops in Afghanistan. I’ll leave the cynicism aside today, and just agree with the man that it was the right thing to do this Memorial Day.

UPDATE: As several readers have pointed out, Memorial Day is dedicated to the war’s fallen, not currently-serving soldiers, so Obama should be at Arlington, not Afghanistan. Of course,there’s a golf course next to the base he’s visiting over there so ….


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Well this is kind of neat




“Tile” goes on sale.

Imagine never losing anything you care about ever again: your keys, your wallet, your favorite leather jacket. [Or that date who’s trying to ditch you – see previous post. Ed]

Imagine tapping into a large group of strangers to help you track down a stolen bike.

After months of hype, a company called Tile has this week started shipping a device that can help you do just that. (You can buy Tiles here.)

Just attach the $25 [$19.95, actually, with volume discounts – ED] device to an object, and your smartphone will find it for you, up to a range of 50 to 150 feet.

It’s not the first such gadget. But what makes this one different is that it’s also a social network of sorts.

If your lost jacket isn’t in some mysterious corner of your home, you can ask all other Tile App users to watch for it. If they get near it, their phones will beep and they can alert you to the jacket’s whereabouts. That’s why its creators, Mike Farley and Nick Evans, call it “the world’s largest lost and found.”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/tile-begins-shipping-2014-5#ixzz32jpRlU7w.


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Another sexual classification to protect and to coddle



Turns out that the whining madman who killed nine people because he couldn’t get laid was an “Incel”, which, I learn, is a self-defined group of losers who consider themselves Involuntary Celibates”. Not surprisingly, they have a forum site on the Internet.

The left is doubtless already gathering to subsidize this new sex gender: first, it will be classified as a personality disorder, which we’ll all be required to have coverage for in our own insurance policies. Then the activists will step in and demand “fair accommodations” for its sufferers in the workplace and classroom: privacy cubicles to relieve the -ah, “stress”, employer-provided prostitutes, and so on. After a few years we’ll hear demands that we accept it, not as a disorder but rather a normal expression of sexuality and, while all their entitlements should remain, of course, the rest of us must learn to approve and welcome the group as our peers.

Etc. – Stay tuned.


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