Contracts reported


300 Taconic Rd

a  300 Taconic Rd

300 Taconic Road, asking $1.925 million (no pictures, thanks to the Greenwich Association of Realtors monopolists). The owner paid $2.4 million for it in 2000 and poured a lot of money into improvements/renovations. I thought this was a pretty nifty deal, but it took a couple of years for a buyer to show up who agreed with me. Not my sale, but I admire the buyer’s perspicacity.


14 Carissa Lane

14 Carissa Lane

14 Carissa Lane, asking $2.195 million.


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11 responses to “Contracts reported

  1. Cos Cobber

    I dont know. Seems like real estate has cooled off this spring. Yeah, back country has seen an upswing for the $5MM+ segment, but everything looks/feels a little slower than a year ago.

    • There have been a slew of rentals reported the last month, which I’m guessing represent buyers who got discouraged and decided to sit it out, for now.

      • Cos Cobber

        Yes and I’ve noticed several houses which sold over the past three years and converted to rentals are available again for rent presumably because their tenant has not renewed (and apparently only lived there for one year or two – tops). Its interesting, I wonder how well this whole house rental concept will really work out if a landlord has a steady stream of one year renters. Turnovers cost $ for repainting, broker fees and short term vacancy.

  2. GreenITCH

    Interesting take from this article that its the supply side of equation ( not necessarily numbers game but acceptable , new housing ) that is generating a real estate market that has been fairly robust

    • Jonathan

      Totally agree with this. Total # listings in Greenwich and other towns are down ~ 20% YOY and what listings exist tend to not fit what people want are are less desirable (e.g., huge homes, big lots, far from town, older, low ceilings, not green or energy efficient, etc).

      • Anonymous

        Green homes are a must these days. People want the Certified By Al Gore stamp on the front door or it’s not selling. Plus, makes total sense that people will pay more for a smaller home on smaller lot than a larger home on a bigger lot. I mean that’s basic economics.

    • Flash

      The concept of obsolescence is an appraisal term that should begin to make significant appearance in wealthy suburbs. I think the result will be that the obsolete home becomes a teardown and the minimal value of the structure will increase the value of land beyond our wildest dream.

      The NAR did get it right: under all is the land
      The durable value of a home is not in the structure

  3. Anonymous

    from that brk website, the most expensive listing in greenwich is byram shore road? 32 mil. must be a record.

  4. Anonymous

    Check out Havemeyer Park listing 37 MacArthur Dr, Old Greenwich. If you’re going to list a house with a price of $1.495m….wouldn’t you take some decent pictures….perhaps the same broker that Brother Gideon posted “Is it Just Me?” April 24. Havemeyer is hot these days, but not hot enough to post these shots….horrible!