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Blogging hiatus

I’m off to Maine through Monday, to tend to a (very) sick son. Back here for a few days, then I’ll be returning to Maine. Depending on internet access and preoccupation, I’ll probably post a bit during the next two weeks, but maybe not. Check in, from time to time – who knows?


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How did I get on the Democrat’s mailing list?

Just arrived in my mail box

I am Mrs. Aisha EI Umar, the wife of Mr. El Ibrahim Umar, I am a citizen of Bahrain. My husband worked with Shell in Malaysia for thirty years before he died in the year 2006. We were married for ten years without a child. I have a last wish I would like to discuss with you, if you are interested, please reply immediately.


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Where have we seen this before?

Obama says goodbye to Carney.







Michael Corleone says goodbye to Fredo



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Obama will shut down our electrical generation capacity, and it won’t do a thing to stop global warming


Oh my God, it's getting hotter as I speak!  (Actual photo of Obama play acting while addressing Georgetown students on climate change)

Oh my God, it’s getting hotter as I speak!
(Actual photo of Obama play acting while addressing Georgetown students on climate change)

Not a thing – China and India will more than take up the slack.

Trimming carbon emissions from U.S. power plants by 25 percent in coming decades, as Obama is said to be proposing, would be more than overwhelmed by increases in China and India where coal-fired power plants are springing up and new cars are rolling out of showrooms.

“It’s not a magic bullet,” Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said in an interview.

And while making electricity creates 40 percent of the greenhouse gases in the U.S., cutting it as Obama proposes will not come close to meeting the global reduction scientists say is necessary to reverse warming. For one thing, the amount of the U.S. cuts would be replaced more than three times over by projected increases in China alone.

Were U.S. emissions cut to zero, “global emissions would continue to increase,” Robert Stavins, director of Harvard University’s Environmental Economics Program, said in an e-mail. “So, the direct impacts of the new power plant rules on atmospheric greenhouse-gas concentrations will be small.”

In fact, both critics of the effort, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and environmentalists pressing for quicker action make a similar argument: Whatever the Obama administration does at home will be dwarfed by worldwide trends.

Burning fossil fuels in the U.S. released 5.3 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2012. China emitted 9.0 million tons and by 2020 is forecast by the U.S. Energy Department to reach 11.5 million metric tons, while the U.S. stays flat. India, Indonesia and other developing nations are expected to grow, as well.

Why would Obama and his ilk reduce us to beggary when the result is nil?

Persuading developing countries to forgo the benefits of cheap coal power and economic growth won’t be easy [indeed, no third world country shows any evidence that it will remain in poverty and starvation to satisfy the whims of western world environmentalists – Ed].

But the power plant rules — along with other Obama initiatives, such as convincing automakers to improve fuel efficiency — give the U.S. something to show in Paris next year where a conference is planned to negotiate a global agreement on carbon pollution.

And it’s all about the show.



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And now, the bare truth emerges



Politically correct, but scientifically (and grammatically) incorrect. Guess which wins.

Politically correct, but scientifically (and grammatically) incorrect. Guess which wins.

“Scientists” admit they invented polar bear population figures to satisfy popular (and Al Gore’s) demand.

“It is also important to note that even though we have scientifically valid estimates for a majority of the subpopulations, some are dated,” PBSG (Polar Bear Strategy Group) continues. “Furthermore, there are no abundance estimates for the Arctic Basin, East Greenland, and the Russian subpopulations.”

“Consequently, there is either no, or only rudimentary, knowledge to support guesses about the possible abundance of polar bears in approximately half the areas they occupy,” says PBSG. “Thus, the range given for total global population should be viewed with great caution as it cannot be used to assess population trend over the long term.”

Polar bear populations became the centerpiece of the effort to fight global warming due to claims that melting polar ice caps would cause the bears to become endangered in the near future. Years ago, some scientists predicted the Arctic would be virtually ice free by now. Polar bears became the first species listed under the Endangered Species Act because they could potentially be harmed by global warming. But some recent studies have found that some polar bear subpopulations have actually flourished in recent years. “So, the global estimates were… ‘simply a qualified guess given to satisfy public demand’ and according to this statement, were never meant to be considered scientific estimates, despite what they were called, the scientific group that issued them, and how they were used,” Crockford said.

Skeptics have known of this fraud, and written about it for years; somehow, it never made its way into the mainstream media.

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Summer time, and the living’s easy

Exhausted after a day rummaging in garbage cans and dumpsters, Smokey takes a nap




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Like in Ukraine?


Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger

Chuck Hagel warns China that “we will stand by our security obligations to Japan”. And, of course, begs them to engage in “dialogue” with their neighbors.

Hagel’s speech comes just days after his boss’s own up at West Point, where he promised the warriors of our future that he’ll withdraw the U.S. from world affairs.

 “In the course of your service, you will work as a team with diplomats and development experts. You will get to know allies and train partners.’

‘You will embody what it means for America to lead.’

Feel better now?


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If Joe Biden weren’t next in line, I’d suggest we make Barry’s day and make Michelle live up to her promise

So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye

So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye

Barry O: “I just want to take a walk in D.C. by myself” and “Michelle will never run for public office.

So, early retirement; like, right now?


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The Gaza Flotilla Farce, four years after

Just about this day four years ago, the world was abuzz with universal condemnation of Israel for intercepting the “Peace Flotilla” attempting to break the (partial – sea only) blockade of Gaza. The world has long since moved on to other propaganda stunts, but this video is still the best summation:

“We Con The World”


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