Where have we seen this before?

Obama says goodbye to Carney.







Michael Corleone says goodbye to Fredo



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10 responses to “Where have we seen this before?

  1. i think the director was overly enthused

    I never really understood this part of the movie, or the kiss, so gay for a tough guy.

  2. Carney's Soul

    Most awkward hug / shoulder kiss ever

  3. sunbeam43

    Gag, blech, ptui!

  4. i thought Marie Harf would have been the perfect replacement:

  5. Anonymous

    Well, you’d try to avoid the kiss of death too. It says a lot when your BFF are jumping ship like rats.

  6. Art layton

    I guess this is the first time I have seen the word “simile” defined bya video clip.

  7. Babylon Sister

    Behind that embarrassingly smug grin at the podium, I’m pretty sure he was miserable. I can only imagine how quickly he got tired of tap dancing his way through legitimate questions about the ongoing saga of this administration’s scandals and incompetences. But all things considered, I think the press corps treated him quite gently in comparison to previous [GOP] administration press secretaries.

    On that note… Now he’s being replaced with another dude? What… Obama doesn’t want a female press secretary? War on women!

  8. Who are you all to judge?
    Think about the 5 guys thrown out of Guantanamo for one smarmy American!
    Qatar would have pulled this years ago but were distracted by World Cup costs….
    Those 5 are going to be kissing back!

  9. bunnytee

    I just know Carney’s going to be replaced by someone just as bad or worse. Worse than Carney? Hands down, it’s some shrill, screeching liberal puke like Garafalo, or Fran Drescher. Alan Colmes? He’s too much of a wiener Bob Beckel’s too casual.
    I wonder if Josh Earnest will be able to uphold the decidedly combative White House policy..