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And we’re back

Thanks you all, sincerely, for your expressions of support. Not much good news to report – John has a form of cancer: colon, that people his age “aren’t supposed” to get, so no one looked for it as it developed, but he’s in good spirits and strong, so there it is.

In the meantime (and I’ll get to real estate news later this evening)  there’s this:

Democrats plan a campaign slogan for 2014 that will be as effective as the “Six for 6” slogan of 2006

The Democrats weren’t initially expected to take the House in 2006, but defied the odds with help from their “Six for ’06” initiative. That campaign – officially titled “A New Direction For America” – was a play on the Republicans’ “Contract with America,” which helped former Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and the GOP take the House in 1994 after decades in the minority.

Then, as now, the Democrats’ campaign was designed to highlight the stark differences in the two parties’ approaches to the leading issues of the day. Their six-point plan called for “honest leadership and open government, real security, energy independence, economic prosperity and educational excellence, a healthcare system that works for everyone, and retirement security.”

You’d expect that a batting average of 0 for 6 – not a single one of these goals was even attempted – would give voters pause, but the Democrats are sure enough of their allies in the press to know that no one will actually examine this record of failed promises. I can hardly wait to see what they’ll come up with for this cycle’s sheeple.


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