112 Old Stone Bridge

112 Old Stone Bridge

112 Old Stone Bridge, $1.525 million. I wasn’t blown away by this house or its yard, but these days ….

15 Pierce Rd

15 Pierce Rd

And 15 Pierce Road, in Riverside, $1.399, which I did like, and said so last Thursday when it first came on, is gone already.


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2 responses to “Contracts

  1. john

    Hi – any idea what is going on with 52 ridge street in downtown (tear down)? sold for 1.525m 6 months ago and now is back on at 2.475m. Is town that crazy?

  2. Anonymous

    Is 15 Pierce near a flood zone now or when lines are redrawn would it be? Also wasn’t this area up for redistricting of schools, or has that issue been put out to pasture….wonder what they got for it, looks priced right.