Sales reported


24 Rocky Point

24 Rocky Point

24 Rocky Point asked for $2.699, sold via bidding war for $2.825.

Over at 464 Cognewaugh, Zillow estimated a contemporary at $1.8 million plus, but the market has spoken (after 722 days) and said $1.3 million. This was an interesting home, but its yard was a cliff and kitchen was up a flight – the only lipstick red hot tub in town was, however, located on the ground floor. Nice guest cottage, too.


10 Winding Rd before

10 Winding Rd before

10 winding Lane asked $4.650 million, got $4.5.




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6 responses to “Sales reported

  1. Anon

    Looks like they combined the before and after pics in the Zillow listing.

    • Usually Another Name

      Wonder what the property tax hike will be post addition and reno.

      PS: Since this blog is called For What It’s Worth and we are told to Add our Two Cents, here’s mine for the day: Bergdahl should go straight to military jail and be tried for desertion and treason. I threw up when Obama used a deserter’s parents as a feel-good photo op.

      • Yeah, I was planning to get around to that story. I’d say unbelievable, but with Obama, it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect. Six men died trying to rescue this deserter; how many will die when the released terrorists get back to work? Plus, of course, there’s the small matter of our Constitution but ….

  2. OG gal

    Rocky property seems cheap

    • Toonces

      I agree OG gal. Very pretty house and awesome location.

      • Flash

        Rocky P seems to be encircled by a U-shaped drive servicing the 3 waterfront houses behind it. The lack of privacy may cause the lower price.