Talk about stamina

Teacher had sex with student for a year, say cops.


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7 responses to “Talk about stamina

  1. bunnytee

    I’ll just stick to the obvious in this: WHAT could possibly be the attractant in these cases? What’s a 39 yro woman have need of a 16 yro boy for?

    It’s my personal suspicion that these cases of older teacher boffing some teenager’s brains out on the daily is due to *something* I think that something is the teacher relates, be it, emotionally, psychologically, or some other -ology to the level of development of the children with whom they are charged to educate. In a term, regression. I suspect the adult teacher regresses to the relative level of the children with whom they are surrounded. Effectively, making themselves one of the pack and thereby accepted.
    I can’t imagine that there’s really anything attractive about a 16 yro boy to a normal 39 yro woman. It implies that some other factor is at work.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      “What’s a 39 yro woman have need of a 16 yro boy for?”

      Constant rock hard erections?

      • BigMike

        “Can you please come to the front of the class and explain how you arrived at that answer”
        “Uhm, not right now”

  2. HotForTeacher

    I will never forget my 10th grade chemistry teacher.
    Let’s call it a “lucid” dream to be polite,
    She was 23, I was 17.

    #Strawberry Red Lipstick & miniskirts.


  3. Walt

    Dude –
    It is a waste of time to post these articles WITHOUT PICTURES!! So here you go:

    While it is only a head shot, we can conclude from her unfat face, that Ms. Morsi is probably not a chubby. Plus she “teaches” gym, so she must be fit.

    Does she have a huge pair of store bought fun bags? We can’t tell from the picture, but we can only hope!! But from the perspective of a 16 year old hormone tortured teenage boy, she is a GODDESS!!

    This 16 year old shit for brains kid hit the Lotto, and he couldn’t keep his little trap shut? The loser. He popped her 30 times over a six week period. That is like what? THREE TIMES A DAY!! IN A CLOSET!! This kid may be BATMAN!!
    And what is the age of consent anyway? I go by weight, not age, so I never looked into that. And she will get off with a slap on the wrists. Whereas if the roles were reversed, and she was a man, she would be up the creek without a paddle. But she is a Phy’s ED teacher, and I GUARANTEE you the kid learned a thing or two. Who says it’s wrong to exercise nude? I happen to prefer it.

    Your Pal.