Welcome back to the fight

“If I’ve lost Mad Magazine, I’ve lost America.”




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  1. Anonymous

    awesome…although you’ll never see this in the movies due to Hollywood censorship

  2. john kerry

    where was this weasel

  3. spy vs spy

    spoof in this dept

  4. Al Dente

    The whole thing is surreal. And once again, I am not as angry at the incident as I am dismayed at the lack of outrage from the citizenry. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Anon

      Al, when MSNBC is angry with the president, both Chuck Todd and Mika B., gave Obama an F, the citizenry will take notice. This is one incident where even the MSM is not supportive of Taliban Barry.

      • Peg

        Finally! And – this only highlights, as Madame Anna Sebastian said in Hitchcock’s “Notorious” – “The enormity of your stupidity.”

        How on EARTH did America elect (twice!) someone so antithetical to the basic tenets of our nation. (Don’t bother answering; I know ;( )

  5. Carlotta

    Truly an exceptional Prez.

    In all the worst ways. That Rose Garden triumph tour will live in infamy.

    • Mazama

      The Obama administration is so ignorant they probably thought it a good idea to time this fiasco to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the 1944 Normandy D-Day landings.

      Thank Gaia so few of the Normandy vets lived to witness the spectacle of a U.S. president attempting to turn a deserter into a hero while having the deserter’s father recite Islamic prayers at the White House and releasing five notorious jihadists bent on killing more Americans. What’s next, “Sergeant” Bergdahl detonating a suicide vest at his “welcome home” gala?

  6. EOSredux

    I can speak with some authority here, our oldest son served in Afghanistan. While he didn’t serve with Bergdahl’s platoon, word traveled quickly when Bowe left of his own volition. That’s something soldiers do not take lightly. They form a bond, a brotherhood, to save each other, to have each other’s backs, to get the enemy, to protect the USA. I can not begin to tell you the deep hurt, the pain, the anger so many soldier friends of our son felt when they saw Obama standing at the Rose Garden podium with The Bergdhal’s. Men of honor come home every day with no fanfare. Wounded warriors get less time with the president than a gay athlete. It was a low blow to our men still fighting, that the president wants to reward a coward, a man disillusioned and unhappy about being an American. Let me just say, if my two boys happened upon Bergdahl in an alley…………

  7. Art layton

    Why not give this man the benefit of the doubt and allow the investigative process to continue? There were Americans who deserted in the Korean War and none of them were prosecuted when they returned to the US years after the war.

    • EOSredux

      Let’s take your stupid comment at face value, that we give the man the benefit of the doubt. Are you telling me that the president didn’t know a thing of how Bergdahl departed from his OP, wasn’t briefed by ValJar about the Rolling Stone article, that he hadn’t read papers from the Pentagon stating for a fact that Bowe walked away, and therefore thought it was a visual home run to bring the Bergdahl parents in for a rally around the flag in the Rose Garden? The ego of Obama knows no bounds. He made a mockery of the families whose sons died looking for this shit Bowe. Benefit of the doubt my ass.

      • Fred2

        Agreed. I see three options
        1. They ARE that incompetent or in such a bubble as they literally could not see the “optics” of this, much less the reality.
        2. They are not and figured this would be a loud scandal they could survive that would distract from other things,
        3. Barry doesn’t give a …

        • Inagua

          There is a fourth option — that Obama wants to engage the Taliban; that he wants to make gestures of good will; to establish a framework of trust; so that he can start a dialogue; that will lead to peace and understanding. And that he can do all this while simultaneously claiming to have not left a soldier behind.

        • TheWizard

          5th option – engage the taliban because it works against the interest of America and weakens us in the Middle East.

        • Carlotta

          Why should the Taliban be nice. They won the war. Prez 0 made sure of that.

        • EOSredux

          Inagua: I think that’s exactly what Barry wants to do, to engage the Taliban, be seen as the peace maker, be crowned King of the Understanders, be given another Nobel for telling the Taliban there’s really no reason to hate the Western world, that Americans are good and kind. He’ll point to how we embraced Bowe Bergdahl and how much he and his father love the Afghan people and want to make sure they are all fine and taken care of and that no one gets hurt feelings ever again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the end of that movie.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          6th Option: Barack Obama is in fact a Republican deep penetration agent inserted into the Demoncrat Party so as to bring it into such thorough and complete discredit that Americans effectively permanently disavow the Democrat Party for many decades.

        • Inagua

          EOS – The movie ends with a foreign policy consensus rooted in the belief that America has many sins to atone for; that America has been an arrogant aggressor; that America is inexcusably smug and self-satisfied; that America is insufficiently sensitive to the glories of the many other cultures and political systems existing today; and that America consumes and wastes a disproportionate share of the world’s resources.

          In other words, the Democratic Party world view is ascendent, and it will win final approval under President Hillary Clinton. Our side has lost the public opinion battle of ideas. No Republican has a chance of winning a national election for at least a generation. But I am not sure how much that matters given the pathetic failure that the last Republican president was.

          America is well on the way to becoming a European style welfare state with a similarly flabby and irrelevant foreign policy. Authoritarian China, not the American Republic, will lead the world in the next century.

          • American school children have been taught that at least since the late 60s, when Howard Zinn first got his “text book” incorporated into the school curriculum. A communist by his own word, is it any surprise that the Chinese are poised to reap the fruit of his accomplishment?

      • Peg

        Well said – all of it – EOS.

        Yesterday, I read multiple reports about Democrats in Congress stepping away from the President and his actions.

        That alone should tell anyone what an enormously stupid blunder this was.

        Georgecrosley might also be most accurate; this could be BHO’s greatest debacle. And THAT, my friends, truly is saying something.

        BTW, EOS – my deepest thanks to your son and all the brave people serving who honor our nation and protect us and others around the world. That our president threatened our safety with freeing five of the most dangerous men on the planet for this POS still boggles my imagination.

        Then again – perhaps it was only just yet another publicity moment that backfired. Either way…

      • Art layton

        I notice that you didn’t include any comments from SGT Bergdahl. I guess you aren’t interested in anything he might have to say? If he had come back to the US during normal rotation and committed suicide would you be so quick to condemn him? Or would you hope for an investigation into what happened? Were you ever in combat?

        • EOSredux

          My bad Art. Here’s a quote from Bowe. Hope this makes you feel better about his allegiance to America:

          “The future is too good to waste on lies,” Bowe wrote. “And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend it helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be american. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting.”

        • EOSredux

          And another fine example of a committed American soldier, in his own words Art:

          “I am sorry for everything here,” Bowe told his parents. “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid, that they have no idea how to live.” He then referred to what his parents believe may have been a formative, possibly traumatic event: seeing an Afghan child run over by an MRAP. “We don’t even care when we hear each other talk about running their children down in the dirt streets with our armored trucks… We make fun of them in front of their faces, and laugh at them for not understanding we are insulting them.”

      • Anonymous

        I respect your sons and I am grateful for their service. I do not doubt that Bergdahl deserted. I think it is less clear that the subsequent deaths are directly attributable to him. Very few readers here are fans of the NY Times – I understand. However it is worth reading the Jun 3 article on Bergdahl by Charlie Savage and Andrew Lehren. I think it is a reasonably balanced article.

    • OG Reader

      A quick search doesn’t back up what you’ve claimed. Maybe there are other special cases, but it appears that the military does not forget and is not obliged to treat the man with same Pomp and Circumstance as the President.

      Korean War deserter sentenced in 2004:

      and this

      Vietnam deserters sought in 2006:

  8. Anonymous

    stop the hate and read what the chairman of the joint chiefs had to say on the matter

    • Carlotta

      Hmmm. Last time we looked the JT Chiefs say what they are told to say.

      Stop the lying, Dems.

  9. Today’s NY Times on page A 16 has an article by Alan Blinder about Patrick Cannon, mayor of Charlotte, NC, African-American, who pled guilty to fraud, accepting cash bribes, etc. and faces a 20 year prison term.

    Mayor Cannon is a democrat, but you won’t learn that reading the 700 words of the article, nor the photo caption. His party is unmentioned.

    Thus does the NY Times fail to tell the truth, when the truth is uncomfortable to its cherished assumptions and its favored party.

    Mr. Alan Blinder, are you a real journalist? Mr. Sulzberger, do you run a credible newspaper?

    Your media is busted, example # 844,093.

    • I’m pretty sure that yesterday Cannon’s party affiliation was mentioned in the second paragraph of the on-line article, so it’s interesting that they would have dropped it to keep with Times policy of shielding crooked Democrats.

      • The crooked Mayor Cannon’s party is not mentioned in today’s print or on-line versions. The NY Times is blind to its own prejudices.

  10. This might be Obama’s greatest debacle.

  11. For those silly enough to believe Obama’s happy-face spin on this topic, perhaps these facts will be of interest:


    “Robert Bergdahl is a already a major embarrassment for President Obama. Not only did the senior Bergdahl, with his Taliban-style beard, break into Pashto and Arabic during Obama’s would-be photo opportunity, he has made a string of anti-American, pro-Taliban statements.…..”

  12. Publius

    POTUS stepped on an IED, Ignorant Ego-maniacal Dilettante……..

  13. Anonymous

    it was premeditated and intentional, down to the last bit of susan rice choreography.

    barry stridently is giving the finger to the U.S. Constitution, the military, and the productive citizens of the republic.

    obama is laughing at how little pushback he’s getting. he thinks he will get away with another Intolerable Act.

    • Anonymous Citizenette

      Turns out we are all wrong, because Susan Rice says Bergdahl served the United States “with honor and distinction” and was “captured on the battlefield “. Hahahahaha. What an utter disgrace she is.

      • EOSredux

        You misspoke Citizenette. Her name is PATSY Rice.

        Obama looks for and finds women who believe in that no bossy nonsense, who can be manipulated into believing everything he has to say, and to not question what is asked of her to say.

  14. Jack Martin

    EOSredux whenever I read comments like you have made in this thread I wonder why you don’t go over to Afghanistan either as a solider or volunteer and get things going as you think they should be.

    So my question is, why don’t you go to Afghanistan and help them out?

    • EOSredux

      Not sure what a shitty comment like that means Jack. I am proud of my two boys, enormously proud. One a decorated sniper who was wounded, seriously wounded. The second, now in the Navy. Both would do what they had to to find and bring home a deserter because that’s how they are trained to think – that they are a team, even if one strays as Bowe did. I’m a mother bear defending her cubs so watch what you say to me about me going to Afghanistan.

    • Art layton


  15. sunbeam43

    Could we swap O for USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi!

  16. anonymouse

    Can we pleeeease put some adults back in charge, jeez…Truly an embarrassment.

  17. Does anyone remember how we became involved in Viet Nam?
    Does anyone remember Balkans lead in the air?
    Get ready, it could get ugly soon.
    Democratic incompetence gets us into wars from FDR to JFK/LBJ to Clinton…
    At least Repub wars of late made sense…oil….now with lots of oil…oh too much….oh war over CO2 starting at home….religious overtones?
    Wait why are we in Afghanistan?

  18. Carlotta

    Anyone see this person, State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf:

  19. HuNhu?

    The Obama-friendly website Change.org launched a campaign to free BH in 2009. A glance at the site offers some evidence why the Administration never categorized him as a deserter. Which he clearly is.

    • Anon

      I’ll take your word for it. Last thing I want is my computer to get some cookie cooties from change.org.

  20. Anonymous

    7th Option: done purely for short-term political gain, like evry other decision by this incompetent adminstration. Divert the discussion away from VA scandal.

  21. Anonymous

    8th option: Obama is a deep cover agent for the chinese. Bent on destroying America and keeping us on the sidelines while they expand the middle kingdom unchecked.

  22. greenwich old timer

    I recently finished reading “The Places in Between”, an engrossing and informative account of Rory Stewart’s walk alone across the mountain paths of Afghanistan in winter not long after 9/11. That he made it through alive is amazing enough, but it is his portrait of the isolated Aghan villagers he encounters on his journey that is truly indelible. They are hopelessly ignorant (and may I say savage?) and stuck for cultural (tribal) and religious reasons in the Middle Ages. The Taliban are the worst of the lot – brutal, evil killers just as likely to turn on their fellow Afghans as “enemy invaders.” Rory Stewart started out as an idealist who wanted to try to help modernize and improve Afghan society – after two years or so in an NGO in Kabul, he gave up hope and returned to Scotland – he is now a member of the British parliament. I wonder what he is thinking now about Obama’s decision to release five of the worst Taliban in the hope of establishing a peaceful Afghanistan? Greenwich Old Timer

  23. Jack Martin

    EOSredux this conflict has destroyed my sisters life.
    Her son was killed in this conflict while serving in the US Navy.

    The Navy has never even told her the truth. As far as she has gotten is one of his fellow sailors told her a few years back that she was told what they were ordered to tell her.

    If you ever find yourself in Lincoln Maine go to the town graveyard and you will find two graves one is my nefew Travis Weston the other one is Gary Gordon who was killed in Somalia. The funerals had hundreds of mourners and attendees. After Gordon’s funeral a whole bunch of the locals decided they where going to join the service, only four did and my nephew was one of them.

    He truth is there is no protection while serving.
    Good luck or bad luck gets them home or not.

    Being you asked, “Not sure what a shitty comment like that means Jack.”
    What is means is this, when does somebody go out and find the people that killed my nephew and bring them to justice? All everyone has done since that day is talk tough with no action, none and that includes the Navy.

    PS: When they came to sisters house to tell her her son was killed the whole thing was over in less than a half hour. It’s not like movies.

    Then they just leave and come back a few times until the funeral is over, then thats, that. You also get a flag and a few other things.

    Months later the clothes just show up one day and nothing else in the last ten years.

    • EOSredux

      So why didn’t you share that story with me rather than being so mean? That’s a tough story to hear and I’m sure it happens far more often than we want to admit. I’m sympathetic to your sister’s plight, sorry for her loss, and sorry to hear you say it ruined her life.

  24. Jack Martin

    EOSredux I came across wrong.
    Sorry, I had no intent of being disrespectful to you and I am sorry.

    Ever since this happened anything to do with this conflict causes all kinds of emotions and memory to come back. Then I think about my sister and feel even worse. My sister is angry at the entire world.

    She lost a son and I lost a nephew and a sister. One is buried in Lincoln, Maine the other may as well be.

    And this was all over oil and who gets to be rich person.

    Thanks for your kindness.

    Jack Martin

    • EOSredux

      My heart is aching Jack. Didn’t the USO come to her aid? They are usually fabulous support to families who lose a son at war. There’s also the Navy Relief Fund (not sure that its exact name) who are the bridge from notice of death to whatever the family needs. From my experience, the Navy is actually the best arm of the service for support so it troubles me that your sister got so little. Navy families are as a rule hell bent on taking care of those who lost a loved one in war.

      I will make a point of going to Lincoln to pay my respects to your nephew. We were just in Maine but plan to be there again later this summer.

  25. Carlotta

    “Idaho town to celebrate soldier’s release, despite backlash”

    “Idaho hometown of newly freed soldier cancels planned celebration”

    Heather Dawson, the city administrator of Hailey, Idaho, said town officials called off the June 28 event at the request of organizers because the town “will be unable to safely manage the number of people expected.”…

    No, the truth is that they canceled because all the vacationers were canceling their summer plans due to the town’s plan to honor a deserter.

  26. Jack Martin

    Thank You for your kindness EOSredux.
    She hears from some of the people he was in the Navy with but as far as I know that is it, for a very long time.

    She told me she goes to other grave yards and cleans veteran graves from time to time.

  27. bunnytee

    Let’s just break it down to the bare metal and call this precisely what it is, shall we?
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s usually a duck. It’s that simple.
    As we all know, the leftards’ love of renaming and repackaging the controversial, the idiotic, and senseless, and trotting it out as something new and unknown, they’ll attempt to repackage this guy and profile him as some sort of half-assed, motivated by unfathomable complexity, in need of compassion and understanding hero. I expect we’ll soon hear that he’s been struggling with his “transgender-ed identity” or some other popular affliction meant to excuse the unacceptable.
    When, it seems, that he’s only a garden variety deserter. The evidence suggests that he was also some sort of dreamy, brooding, wannabe novelist. It also suggests psychotic tendencies-the break with reality. Who cares? The guy voluntarily walked away. He DESERTED his post. This makes him a DESERTER. Punto.
    Just like the Ft. Hood shooter was a rabid fox in the hen house.

    Used to be, the penalty for desertion was summary execution. There was no need to consider his motivation and dress it up as something it’s not. There was no “gee, this guy’s some new brand of hero” inquest.
    A duck’s a duck. A spade’s a spade. Dude’s a deserter.
    With what appears was intel he had knowledge of to permit precision Taliban strikes immediately after his “capture” I can’t see why treason isn’t added to his resume.

    He aided, and abetted the enemy, risked his brothers-in-arms lives and it appears, divulged proprietary info leading to deaths. Dirt bag.Send him back. He’s defective.