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I was wrong

No money for you, nor big gulps. But you can depend on us for charity.

No money for you, nor big gulps. But you can depend on us for charity.

Back when Greenwich property values were jumping 15%, then 25% per year, I warned clients that pretty soon, the only two people unearth who would be able to afford a house in Greenwich were Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. It turns out, not only was that not true, but it wouldn’t matter if it were. Bill Gates, Redfin has calculated, could buy every house in Boston and still have a billion bucks left over. So could dozens of these people, including Warren Buffet and even Mark Zuckerberg. If Bill chooses Boston, maybe Warren will opt for Greenwich.

No mention of the Koch brothers, though.


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Update from Portland, II

John was much, much better yesterday, improving rapidly throughout the day. Fabulous, caring nurses and friends. And thank you all for such cheering messages. By the way, I don’t at all believe in the efficacy of prayer, and I’m grateful for all of them.

My old Riverside School classmate and John’s former youth minister from the First Congo, Sally Colegrove, came down from her new parish in Wiscasset and spent a long time visiting after presenting him with a prayer shawl which, she explained as she draped it over his shoulders, had been made by women in the congregation who prayed as they knitted. John was greatly comforted, and that surely is the power of prayer at work.

He’s cheerful and looking forward to getting out of the hospital today or, more likely, tomorrow. And last night we could reflect on the unfairness of life in even trivial (to us) matters like hockey, when a blow call by the ref caused the Rangers to lose in double overtime. A nice distraction, even if the wrong team won.

Thanks again for all your kind words – and prayers.


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