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Flatulent liar returns to Greenwich to tell Republicans they’re doomed


Listen to me!

Listen to me!

Lowell Weicker tells audience that Republicans can’t win the next election unless they go centrist. Weicker started his corrupt career right here in Greenwich when, as First Selectman, he leased the space for Greenwich Plaza to his chief financial backer, Harry Ashforth, for a pittance.

As a Senator, he pushed through the bill recognizing the extinct Mashantucket tribe so he could bring gambling to Connecticut. He ran for Governor on an anti-income tax platform, then set about imposing one immediately upon taking office (while cutting the dividend tax for his wealthy friends and himself).

His skill as a political prognosticator matches his ethics: Besides being defeated in his own senate race, he endorsed Bill Bradley and Howard Dean in their respective presidential bids. Take advice from this loser? Why?


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Well he did so far as the New York Times is concerned


You won't find mention of either in MY paper - don't want to upset our readers

You won’t find mention of either in MY paper – don’t want to upset our readers

[David] Brat ran a decidedly anti-establishment campaign in which he criticized government bailouts and budget deals and frequently invoked God and the Constitution.” Presumably, in the Times’ view of things, there’s no room in their establishment for God, or even the Constitution.




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Smart Diplomacy™

Al Qaeda overruns Tikrit, 3rd Iraqi city in as many days. Hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from banks with which to fund operations, mass beheadings and now, a seamless war zone between Syria and Iraq. Next up, the northern oil fields. Obama’s “diplomatic surge”, which he claimed would amply replace the hated Bush’s military surge, turns out to have been no more than a policy of cut and run.

That might have been the eventual outcome anyway, since America grew tired of the war, but for the parents and wives who lost loved ones, the millions who fought and the thousands who were maimed, it has all turned out for naught.


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Real estate lite

Not a lot reported today, but here it is:


36 Griffith Rd

36 Griffith Rd

36 Griffith Road, NoPo Riverside, is under contract, asking price $1.079.

434 Riversville Road

434 Riversville Road

434 Riversville Road has cut its price to $2.490 million. Owners paid $2.525 for it in 2005, so the market for contemporaries in western Greenwich seems not to have improved. Nice yard.



9 Game Cock

9 Game Cock

9 Game Cock Road, 0.27 acre of Byram waterfront, has sold for $1.175 million. It last sold, with a house on it, for $935,000 in 2001. These owners razed the existing structure and designed and, more importantly got approved, a new house. Somehow, this road’s name always seemed a bit boastful to me, but for a BSD from Wall Street, maybe that’s an attraction.


30 Stag

30 Stag

30 Stag Lane, 4 acres on the north side of the Merritt, with house, sold for $1.4 million, a year after starting off at $1.695.

21 Oakwood

21 Oakwood

And 21 Oakwood Lane sold for $3.750 million. Oakwood’s a popular street, with reason: decent sized lots and close to town.

405 Old Long Ridge RoadOver in Stamford, 405 Old Long Ridge Road is to be sold at auction June 21st by the foreclosing creditor. The (former) owner paid $1.125 million for this beautiful old farm house on 3.8 acres back some years ago,but it’s not worth that now, apparently. Auction notes says to bring a certified check for $76,500, which is either 10% of the debt or the appraised value. Either way, I might start bidding at $450,000 and see what bargain you might get. The new owner is “Retained Realty” which must be the disposal branch of the original lender, so the money’s already been written off.

405 Old Long Ridge Rd

405 Old Long Ridge Rd


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Walt takes over the White House

Just the latest bit of historical ignorance from our Harvard affirmative action president. This from the same man who, in his second inaugural speech, promised “peace in our time.”



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Well that’s okay, so was Jesus, I understand


Funny, he doesn't LOOK Jewish

Funny, he doesn’t LOOK Jewish

The late Cardinal O’Connor turns out to have been Jewish.


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Oh yeah? Well how about if global warming causes volcanoes, then – ever think of that?

Endangered poor bear

Endangered polar bear

Bet you won’t see this report on tonight’s news because, you know, the science is settled!

Geologists: Antarctic glacier melting due to volcanic action, not global warming.

new study by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin found that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is collapsing due to geothermal heat, not man-made global warming.

Researchers from the UTA’s Institute for Geophysics found that the Thwaites Glacier in western Antarctica is being eroded by the ocean as well as geothermal heat from magma and subaerial volcanoes. Thwaites is considered a key glacier for understanding future sea level rise.

As it turns out, geothermal heat from magma and volcanoes under the glacier is much hotter and covers a much wider area than was previously thought. The geothermal heat under the glaciers is likely a key factor in why the ice sheet is currently collapsing. Before this study, it was assumed that heat flow under the glacier was evenly distributed throughout, but UTA’s study shows this is not the case. Heat levels under the glacier are uneven, with some areas being much hotter than others.

“The combination of variable subglacial geothermal heat flow and the interacting subglacial water system could threaten the stability of Thwaites Glacier in ways that we never before imagined,” lead researcher David Schroeder said. “It’s the most complex thermal environment you might imagine,” echoed co-author Don Blankenship “And then you plop the most critical dynamically unstable ice sheet on planet Earth in the middle of this thing, and then you try to model it. It’s virtually impossible.”

Previous studies have also shown that the collapse of the continent’s western ice sheet is nothing new. The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has released two major studies in the last year showing that the thinning south pole ice is nothing new.

A BAS study from February found that Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier thinned just as fast 8,000 years ago as it has in recent times — it also was able to reverse the collapse.

“The record shows that this region has warmed since the late 1950s, at a similar magnitude to that observed in the Antarctic Peninsula and central West Antarctica,” said a BAS study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters last year, “however, this warming trend is not unique.”

“More dramatic isotopic warming (and cooling) trends occurred in the mid-19th and 18th centuries, suggesting that at present the effect of anthropogenic climate drivers at this location has not exceeded the natural range of climate variability in the context of the past ~300 years,” the study said.





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Wait ’til our Greenwich princes and princesses hear about this


Catering to a child's "natural sense of exploration"

Catering to a child’s “natural sense of exploration”

British firm builds “playhouses” beginning at £25,000; entire villages start at £54,000. I’m sure there are a few of these already tucked away on the odd mansion or two in town – how could there not be? – but so far, I haven’t seen any on the open house tour. Once the British invasion hits, however, and the first children come back from a scheduled playdate talking about what Barrington III’s parents have set up in the children’s lawn, we can expect to see them popping up all over town.

Ever dreamed of creating a princess palace or a mini fantasy island for your child, but don’t have the time or imagination to build it from scratch? [That would describe the majority of Greenwich parents, no? – Ed]

Now one company is available to come to your rescue, ready to create luxury turreted tree houses, fairy tale woodland castles, magical playhouses, English country garden gazebos and even private islands.

The British company, called The Master Wishmakers, promise that they can custom-design bespoke interpretations of clients’ aspirations for their loved ones, however farfetched or fantastical.

One such designed, called Hotchpotch, is as a luxury children’s playhouse with a difference. Rather than focusing on one theme alone, this house combines a hotchpotch of four different play themes merging a fire station, village sweet shop, police station and quintessential English cottage, complete with children’s play kitchen, into one. It is fitted with bespoke furniture, is fully insulated and weather proof and has electrical wiring and lighting.

Rascal Revlots’ Garage, meanwhile, aims to cater for all the aspiring racing drivers and engineers out there. Inspired by the ‘golden-era’ of automotive history, it includes a drive-thru restaurant, petrol pump and car wash as well as an authentic American diner.

There’s also the Adventurer’s House, which costs £ 54,000, and describes itself as a luxury playhouse that appeals to the natural explorer inside all children.

Wonky Tonk is £25,000 and aimed at all the ‘cool dudes and dudettes out there’. This kid’s playhouse is well suited to aspiring surfers, skiers, BMXers, skaters, dancers or just the more chilled and laid back. It is inspired by the type of shack or den that children dream of building deep in the woods – away from their parents’ prying eyes.

‘We set up The Master Wishmakers as we wanted to remind everyone that anything is possible. We relish the chance to channel clients’ imaginations and to have fun handcrafting their wildest ideas.

‘Our customers are a mix of very wealthy private individuals and high-end businesses that are looking for the ultimate in imagination, design, quality and craftsmanship. As long as they have the budget we ensure that even the wildest of dreams is brought to life.’

My personal opinion is that children should not necessarily be taught that “anything is possible, if the person you ask for it has enough money,” nor should their every petulant demand be satisfied. But then, that’s just me.


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Gotta spend money to save money

NY Democrats want to give all government employees – state and local – another benefit, this time 16 hours of paid leave for cancer screenings. Sound expensive? Relax.

“Cancer prevention is a great investment,” said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx), the lead sponsor.

“If we prevent more people from getting cancer . . . not only will we save lives but it will also save the state in general a lot of money,” Dinowitz said.

But local officials fear they’ll end up bearing the cost.

If every new government plan paid even five-cents on the dollar “invested”, in health care, education, job training, Head Start, etc. , we’d all be rolling in surpluses. “Investment”? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.


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