Flatulent liar returns to Greenwich to tell Republicans they’re doomed


Listen to me!

Listen to me!

Lowell Weicker tells audience that Republicans can’t win the next election unless they go centrist. Weicker started his corrupt career right here in Greenwich when, as First Selectman, he leased the space for Greenwich Plaza to his chief financial backer, Harry Ashforth, for a pittance.

As a Senator, he pushed through the bill recognizing the extinct Mashantucket tribe so he could bring gambling to Connecticut. He ran for Governor on an anti-income tax platform, then set about imposing one immediately upon taking office (while cutting the dividend tax for his wealthy friends and himself).

His skill as a political prognosticator matches his ethics: Besides being defeated in his own senate race, he endorsed Bill Bradley and Howard Dean in their respective presidential bids. Take advice from this loser? Why?


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29 responses to “Flatulent liar returns to Greenwich to tell Republicans they’re doomed

  1. Anon

    “Nobody’s man but yours….”

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Hard to say who is the slimiest as between Weicker, Blumenthal, Himes, Murphy, DeLauro and Malloy. Suffice to say I wouldn’t leave my wallet unattended in a room with any one of them, alone or together.

    • Yos

      I could add to your list if you wish! : (
      A “centrist” is someone too gutless to support Liberty but equally fearful of Tyranny. The outcome is always and everywhere the same.

  3. Gnawbone

    Your characterization of Weicker is an affront to flatulence.

  4. Anonymous

    He may be flatulent but he is right about this.

  5. Anonymous

    I accept that a centrist candidate is our only hope.

    • Yos

      Yeah! SPOT ON! Someone along the lines of say, Mitt! or Dole! Hey, let’s run a moderate maverick – McCain!


  6. Heard he voted proudly for Obama twice….setting up for 3rd?

  7. farrightwing

    Surrender Monkey! Never!

  8. You poor bastards have Weicker and we have Sanders. What a pair.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      In your shoes, I’d be more disheartened by having Schmuckles Schumer than Bernie Sanders.

  9. Atticus

    There are few worse than Weicker. He’s gotta be 90 by now.

    In 1976 I wrote in Reagan for President and voted for Gloria Schaffer over this “turd”for Senate – (that’s what he actually called himself”.

    Followed Buckley’s advice in 1986 and voted for the superior Lieberman.

  10. Atticus

    Make that 1988.

  11. Let’s run someone who thinks that the earth is 6,000 years old and that if we close the Federal Reserve all of our economic problems will be over.

    Yeah, that’ll be a winner.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Could you be any more oblique?

    • Given the performance of our politicians who believe the earth is older than that and who think that the Federal Reserve will somehow allow us to continue our profligate ways, I can’t imagine how it could hurt.

    • Scientific research indicates that in fact a larger percentage of people believe aliens are here living among us and need special care than those who believe we live on a child planet.
      By the way 6k is up from Bible Belt 4k and 7days others know as fact.
      None of this has anything to do with politics, look at the pristine Federal Reserve whose feral deposits are only kissed up to by “believers”.

      • Fred2

        You mean the Fed that has debased our currency by about a factor of 100 since it was brought in. Good job there.

        To paraphrase Chris, since the current & recent past occupants have done such a bang-up job, ragging on someone for their “eccentric beliefs” seems mean spriited. They could do worse? Maybe, one can always do worse, I suppose. But I’d like to see politcians actually their job, like say have congress propose a budget ( you know, their constitutional responsibility) for a change. If they could balance it by doing such dramatic things as “balancing” by cutting things, that be a bonus.

        It’ll have to happen eventually.

  12. Anonymous

    F that bloated wind bag

  13. Anonymous

    Weicker says the ONLY option was to raise taxes given the huge deficit….it doesn’t even occur to politicians like Weicker to CUT SPENDING and reduce the size of government and find new INNOVATIVE ways to deliver services.

    It is no wonder Weicker was a one-term politician.

    And, no wonder CT is today the top 10 list of shitty economic governance with the largest long term liabilities, worst infrastructure, terrible job climate, etc etc

  14. Once

    McCain and Romney were centrist. Look how well it worked out for them.

    • Anonymous

      True, but they lost because the Rep. Party stands against free choice with abortion and women recoil at that. It wasn’t that McCain and Romey were more centric that cost the Reps the elections, but that the Party itself was too extreme.

  15. Wacker was an Al Gore nitwit before his time. Decades ago he indicated that the overuse of individual automobiles was excessive, leading to pollution and congestion, and that government naturally needed to reduce this American tendency to drive cars.

    In a practical sense, that meant that YOU should take the bus to work, but HE needed to travel in limos and jets.

  16. sunbeam43

    Ohmygosh! I thought he was dead!

  17. Anonymous

    he’s also a shit to kids—-actually kicked one of mine off a tennis court during club championship for 10 and unders————–

  18. He is was a Robert Moses believer.
    He is was well intentioned.
    Moses style planning was brought to CT by him through Greenwich.
    The latest insult was shoving “affordable” housing down the throats of Riverside landowners or maybe the pathetic “Cos Cob Plan” blurt by NYC “consultants” with the SWRPA minions clearly stating their intent: “urban planning”.
    Demand a Village District designation for your area. It actually simplifies landowners chances of maintain a neighborhood without high rise housing and being able to put a deck on your house without spending more time and money for a permit than the deck would cost in time and money.

  19. Anonymous

    Henry Ashforth, I believe…