Oh yeah? Well how about if global warming causes volcanoes, then – ever think of that?

Endangered poor bear

Endangered polar bear

Bet you won’t see this report on tonight’s news because, you know, the science is settled!

Geologists: Antarctic glacier melting due to volcanic action, not global warming.

new study by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin found that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is collapsing due to geothermal heat, not man-made global warming.

Researchers from the UTA’s Institute for Geophysics found that the Thwaites Glacier in western Antarctica is being eroded by the ocean as well as geothermal heat from magma and subaerial volcanoes. Thwaites is considered a key glacier for understanding future sea level rise.

As it turns out, geothermal heat from magma and volcanoes under the glacier is much hotter and covers a much wider area than was previously thought. The geothermal heat under the glaciers is likely a key factor in why the ice sheet is currently collapsing. Before this study, it was assumed that heat flow under the glacier was evenly distributed throughout, but UTA’s study shows this is not the case. Heat levels under the glacier are uneven, with some areas being much hotter than others.

“The combination of variable subglacial geothermal heat flow and the interacting subglacial water system could threaten the stability of Thwaites Glacier in ways that we never before imagined,” lead researcher David Schroeder said. “It’s the most complex thermal environment you might imagine,” echoed co-author Don Blankenship “And then you plop the most critical dynamically unstable ice sheet on planet Earth in the middle of this thing, and then you try to model it. It’s virtually impossible.”

Previous studies have also shown that the collapse of the continent’s western ice sheet is nothing new. The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has released two major studies in the last year showing that the thinning south pole ice is nothing new.

A BAS study from February found that Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier thinned just as fast 8,000 years ago as it has in recent times — it also was able to reverse the collapse.

“The record shows that this region has warmed since the late 1950s, at a similar magnitude to that observed in the Antarctic Peninsula and central West Antarctica,” said a BAS study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters last year, “however, this warming trend is not unique.”

“More dramatic isotopic warming (and cooling) trends occurred in the mid-19th and 18th centuries, suggesting that at present the effect of anthropogenic climate drivers at this location has not exceeded the natural range of climate variability in the context of the past ~300 years,” the study said.





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12 responses to “Oh yeah? Well how about if global warming causes volcanoes, then – ever think of that?

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Now, AFTER that story, the science IS settled. Bugger-off Al Bore!

    • Cos Cobber

      Little known fact, but the US Government has been working on that Yellowstone super eruption contingency plan since it first commissioned Brigham Young and Christopher Columbus on their infamous Zepplin voyage to Argentina – you know – the one that ended in a fireball upon their return. Anyway, the purpose of the mission wasn’t to find god or a short cut to the far east, but rather to strike a land deal with Boutros Boutros Ghali – secret leader of the Argentine peoples. Of course, the land deal we got is called the Falkands which we leased to England.

    • Fred2

      I love how that articles says that South Africa would not be participating because having million of ( mostly white) americans in country would change it.

      ( Yes it would, and probably for the better. Skilled hungry workers available cheap!)

      I see the direct application to US immigration policy, myself.

  2. Louis Van Leeuwen


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  3. AJ

    So you have an iphone, Louis. Sweet!

    What’s bullshit? The geothermal warming under the glacier or global warming: you haven’t made yourself clear.

    • I think Louigie, a two-time voter for Obama, is expressing his sudden realization that he’s been fed a line of bunkum by his former hero. Welcome to the fight, Louis.

  4. bunnytee

    Figures. All that’s left is for one of these global warming yo-yo’s to throw their hands up in defeat and exclaim “what?! You guys can’t take a joke? We were joshin’ you about all this from the get-go”

    How much longer is this farce going to continue?

  5. All caused by fracking……