Some streets are less equal than others

6 Stallion Trails

6 Stallion Trails

I see that 6 Stallion Trails cut its price yesterday and is now asking $1.575 million. The town estimates its full market value at $1.3 million and who knows? Somewhere between those figures, a buyer may appear. Or not. The owner paid $850,000 for the house in 1990, so appreciation on Stallion Trails (no stallions, no trails; there is, however, the Merritt Parkway available for easy transportation) has not kept up with that on other streets, in other neighborhoods.

This is probably not good news for the owners of 9 Stallion Trails, which appeared on the market last week asking $3.950 million. It’s much larger and more recently renovated than No.6, but it’s going to take a brave buyer to put so much money on a street that hasn’t exactly knocked the ball out of the park since it was developed in 1981.


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6 responses to “Some streets are less equal than others

  1. Anon

    The listing agent describing 9 Stallion Trails as “Tuscan Style” is an affront to all things Tuscan. Whoa.

  2. Flash

    Was Stallion trails subdivided off of Andrews Farm?

  3. Rivman

    I was in that house 10 years ago. They have certainly put a lot of money into it. Good luck to the sellers.