Bloomberg establishes heaven on earth

10372039_775369925829195_7360658722169364138_nISIS terrorists ban cigarettes and guns in conquered territories. “Sure, they’re a little harsh,” Bloomberg admitted to FWIW, “I mean, the mass beheadings are pretty hard to watch, but ultimately, it’s for the good of everybody, so let’s just see how it goes.”


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5 responses to “Bloomberg establishes heaven on earth

  1. Anonymous

    All they have to add to the “banned” list is 20oz sodas and the libs will be wetting themselves with excitement.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    So these Islamic, psychotic, pig hating, goat loving, camel riding, sand loving, pitch your tent lucky, Bedouins are NO DIFFERENT than Libtards!!

    Libtards, Sharia Camel Jockey’s and NAZIS are all cut from the same cloth. Which is why I could never figure out the Jews. What is up with them? HOW DO THEY VOTE DEMOCRATIC?

    They are a great people. BRILLIANT HUMORISTS!! I like that they control the media, because they do some great TV. And I really like kosher delis. And priest and rabbi jokes!! They rule!! They are right up there with dead baby jokes. Did someone say dead baby?

    What’s worse than smoking pot with a dead baby? Making a bong out of it!!

    Anyhows, how do the Jew’s support this anti-Semitic libtard agenda? I DON’T GET IT!! Can you lift the Jew Ban, and sell them some Greenwich dirt so we can get some answers to this question? And actually meet and talk to a real Jew?

    Plus I could use a good bagel with a schmear, without having to drive to Brooklyn.

    Your Pal,

  3. Al Dente

    The Obama wrecking ball is destroying our country as well as the rest of the world, and tonight on msnbc they were talking about the Christie bridge fiasco. Does anyone know a tailor who can make me a nice, snug straight jacket?

    • Fred2

      No, but if you find any drugs that perform a chemical lobotomy let me know. I so want to fit in and be happy. tired of fighting the burning obvious stupidity.

  4. Bing!

    Flag Day is ignored by the anti-American Google Doodle team. Fie on them all. Bing got it right.