Perhaps they could add “High Colonic Fun”, and sell it as a boxed set


Castor oil presidency

Castor oil presidency

“10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse” ahead of Hillary on Amazon best seller list.


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5 responses to “Perhaps they could add “High Colonic Fun”, and sell it as a boxed set

  1. bunnytee

    Gotta be a liberal. Only liberal genetics produce THAT kind of fugly!

  2. what would make a better box set would be the book and the ’87 porn film:

    • Walt

      I KNEW that title sounded familiar!! That is a Nina Hartley porn flick!! The greatest bubble ass from the golden age of porn!! It is a classic!! Not at all strange that Hillary idolizes Nina as well. She is much hotter than Weiners “wife”. Nina, not Hillary.

      And Dude!! Now don’t you go start fooling around with colonics. You rectum obsessed pervert. And I mean that fondly.

      STICK TO ENEMAS!! All ass men know that. Colonics need to be administered by a licensed professional. A licensed professional what you may ask? I don’t know!! Anus Society Sealed? AKA “A.S.S”? Tenured Underwritten Rectum Doctor? AKA “T.U.R.D”? I am not really sure, I just know that you don’t want to go there. With a colonic. Finger play and enemas are safe though. Have fun!!

  3. bunnytee

    Geez Walt, get a prostate massage!

  4. Al Dente

    One look at Hillary and my guts spew out from every exit.