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"So as I reached for my iPhone, my foot hit the "dump all" button on my iPad,and whoops!"

“So as I reached for my iPhone, my foot hit the “dump all” button on my iPad, and whoops!”

White House discloses that an “accidental computer error” has erased all of IRS chief Lois Lerner’s emails. “Damn”, Obama told his new friend, Chief Ogallala Bull, “there goes the evidence that would have exonerated me. Why does everything bad always happen to me?”


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28 responses to “Rosemary Woods could not be reached for comment

  1. check with the NSA, i’m sure they have back up copies

  2. Cos Cobber

    If only Tricky Dick had computer errors to delete away his problems back in his day.

  3. Anonymous

    This is very disturbing on many levels. The emails were requested over a year ago and promised to be turned over – then, voilà, they magically disappear. A crime has been committed and the evidence destroyed by one of the most corrupt and inept administrations of all time.

    I am sick to my stomach on what is going on in this country and abroad. We are, at best, operating as a third- world dictatorship.

    Where are the Woodward’s and Bernstein’s when we really need them.

  4. Peg

    Perhaps they should search the White House? These emails might possibly be found near the location of the missing-for-two-years Rose Law firm records that Hillary “misplaced.”

    Rogues all – eh?

  5. MavisDavis

    I’m sure they can prove that they’ve been deliberately deleted. Back ups must exist so they’d have to get them too.

    • CatoRenasci

      That’s why it took a year: they had to find all the duplicates and back ups and delete them all.

  6. anon

    None of this crap would be tolerated if we had a real Attorney General. Holder is hands down the most blatantly corrupt AG in modern history, he ignores laws so his pal BO doesn’t go down. Americans have no hope of seeing Obama impeached with Eric The Red pulling the strings.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      If BO goes down so does Holder, unless of course he has an undated pardon in his office safe.

  7. Is there any illegality that this administration won’t get away with? Outrage about 18 minutes back then. Months and months from a woman who took the fifth.

  8. Anonymous

    Every American citizen facing an audit by the IRS should us this excuse — it’s obviously acceptable.

  9. Unless you never delete them, which isn’t practical for most organizations, it’s very difficult to restore old emails from backups if you’re using Microsoft Exchange, as 99% of large organizations do, particularly the older versions that are probably still in use in the government. It can be done though. Large law firms have IT people who specialize in that kind of data recovery.

    I’ll be interested to see exactly what kind of “error” this gets blamed on.

    • anon

      There’s video circulating now from the IRS hearings where someone tells the committee Lois Lerner’s emails are archived. #trygettingoutofthat

  10. TheWizard

    Meanwhile, establishment republicans plot against their real enemy, the tea party.

  11. Fred2

    Emails are sent from and To therefore they are backed up on BOTH sides plus tape back ups plus etc…

    There is NO way those emails are really gone unless they were systematically erased.

    • Actually most emails are sent internally within an organization and never leave the mail server. The ones sent externally should be recoverable at the receiving side.

      The best way to archive emails is to a cloud based service like this one:

      This is the gold standard for organizations like law firms that live and die by email. It can be setup to archive your internal emails and lets you access your email even when your email server is down.

  12. Shellbelle

    God help us and and save us from these corrupt, dangerous freaks. They have nothing to do with the America we know, love, and mourn.

  13. Can you imagine the hurricane of criticism if these emails “disappeared” from an investigation of the Bush administration? Or an investigation of some bank?

    • Peg

      Or – the Nixon administration? We KNOW how the press dealt with that (and, rightly so!)

      • Ghost of the FAR Czar

        Today’s NY Times to-do list: Editorial rant against the evils of the Koch Brothers? – check. No story about Obama Administration obstruction of justice? – check.

        • Anonymous

          NYT, long ago, ceased being an objective journalistic organization. Depending on the outcome of the 2016 election, they may become an investigative organization.

          They will do their best to get Hilary elected.

          Stooges masquerading as reporters

          • I like Glenn Reynold’s term for all the mainstream reporters, “White House scribes”. The great one says it, they dutifully write it down and pass it on to the masses.