So what’s unusual about that?


Graduation night limo

Graduation night limo

Brain dead teen gets diploma


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8 responses to “So what’s unusual about that?

  1. bunnytee

    Stretch limos are so passe.

  2. Number 54

    Perhaps she can now move to Nevada and run for Governor. Sound like the Dems need a candidate.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you even read the article? The now brain dead little coach potato was named “McMath”!! So she passed that. The question is did she pass McScience and McEnglish? If so she deserves the diploma. And I hope she got some McFries with that diploma. The kid deserved it.

    And do you think she will be going to the Prom as well? Why not? Wheel her out like Hannibal Lector. Everyone will be so proud!! And so we don’t play gender favorites, and continue to pretend there is NO DIFFERENCE between a penis and a vagina, we name her the BURGER KING of the Prom!!
    This kid has the makings of a career politician if she stays the course. And why wouldn’t she?
    Did you go to your prom Dude? Get a little McLipstick on your tiny McDipstick? Give someone a Happy Meal? Showed off your free toy for the very first time?
    You McLoser.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous Citizenette

    The family of the corpse requested the diploma. I can’t figure out if they keep her body plugged in because they are delusional or for fiscal reasons. Probably both. Mom says she’s “blossoming into a teenager before my eyes”.

  5. AJ

    After electing two brain dead presidents two times each in a row, anything is possible in America.

  6. towny


  7. From the Block

    This is all in very poor taste people.