Questions that might trouble lesser minds while on the golf course

Time: “US military options limited in Iraq”.

If the U.S. military attacks targets in Iraq, it’ll be a long way from the “shock and awe” bombing campaign that opened the 2003 war. Think of it more like a delicate smattering of smaller bombs and missiles designed to pick off elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as they try to consolidate the gains they have made over the past week against the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki.

Ideally, you’d want to base your aircraft as close to your targets as possible, to maximize the number of sorties each plane could fly, instead of spending hours en route to the targets. The U.S. may press Maliki for permission to base U.S. aircraft inside Iraq, if the White House agrees that doesn’t violate President Obama’s bar on putting combat troops inside the country. They also could be based in the Kurdish north of the country, or in neighboring nations.

But missiles without good intelligence to guide them to the right targets are simply indiscriminate IEDs that could kill friendly forces, or even civilians. That’s why some military experts argue there need to be U.S., or at least allied, spotters on the ground—no one is willing to trust targets selected by Maliki’s military—to ensure destruction happens in the right place. “You could put [U.S.] Special Forces on the ground with the Iraqis to advise them and get frontline intelligence and to control air strikes,” says Anthony Zinni, a retired four-star Marine general who served as chief of U.S. Central Command. But that, too, could run afoul of Obama’s bar on U.S. troops on the ground inside Iraq.


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40 responses to “Questions that might trouble lesser minds while on the golf course

  1. Inagua

    We uncorked this fury when we toppled Saddam Hussein. Obama is right to avoid further entanglement.

    • I despise the Sunni in the Oval Office, but what he wants is for Al Qaeda to take Iraq over, which will severely weaken Syria, and next Egypt and then it will all fall down, to pieces as the Radical Asshat Sunni’s kill all Shite and Christians!

    • Best hope I see coming out of this is that ISIS is planning to build a state encompassing parts of both Syria and Iraq. If they do, we’ll have the solution to the most vexing problem we have in battling stateless terrorists, which has been, who to bomb? They want to give us an identifiable target, I’m all for it.

      • With all due respect, that is asinine!

        If that happens we won’t be battling them there, we’ll be battling them in Europe and Latin America and sooner or later right here.

        I don’t think you understand, this is a Western Backed, Saudi, satanic movement that has planned for almost 90 years to wipe out all Christians in the region, and all Shite, then that movement will move into India, China and by that time, IT IS ALL OVER!

        DO you want the Christians in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran wiped out?

        I hope not because if so, Obama’s your lord and savior and Sharia law isn’t far behind that rat assed pos!

        • Inagua

          “… we’ll be battling them in Europe and Latin America and sooner or later right here.”

          Unlikely. Muslims will never have armies outside of Sand Land. Terrorist attacks are always possible, and there is no way to minimize that threat short of watching all Muslims already here and barring any more from coming in.

        • Inagua

          Anon also — You are right. I should have said never again for troops. Europeans turned the armed savages back in Spain and at the Gates of Vienna, only to let them immigrate peacefully 500 years later.

        • towny

          The Caucuses don’t count?

        • Inagua

          Towny — Good point. I oversimplified about the Barbarians at the Gate. I didn’t expect to find your level of sophisticated knowledge here. I’ll they to be more precise in the future.

  2. And all those Surface to air missiles that the JACKASS McCain was so excited about giving to his Al Qaeda buddies in Syria, well, lets just say, it wouldn’t surprise me if their fellow Al Qaeda ISIS used them against our F15’s and Drones!

  3. And by the way:

    Dow Jones Indus. Futures -51.00
    S&P 500 Futures -7.00
    NASDAQ 100 Futures -13.50 3

    And I don’t even want to touch oil in a few days, but Gold and Silver will start having their field day!

  4. Fox

    TIME’s concern that US “missiles without good intelligence to guide them to the right targets are simply indiscriminate IEDs that could kill …. even civilians” in Iraq is exactly the PC mentality that makes re-intervention a fool’s move.

    Screw the PC idealism. If the US goes in again the rules of engagement must be kill and kill again and who cares about “collateral damage”.

  5. AJ

    Fear not: just in time delivery . . .

    New York Times Says “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”

  6. Walt Jr.

    The only thing better than lesbian pornos are videos of A-10 Warthogs blasting Muslims to smithereens. I love it!

  7. AJ

    What you are witnessing is just the continued playing out of events that were put in motion on September 11, 2001. As you can see from the footage that begins at 1:04 of the following clip, the plane shown flying into the WTC is not, I repeat, IS NOT, a commercial airliner as can be clearly seen by looking at the belly of the plane. Remember, 9-11 is why we had to invade Iraq, is why we need the Patriot Act, is why we need the NDAA, is why we need to spy on Americans, is why we need FACTA, is why the police have to beat you up and shoot your dog.

    So what will Obama do? Whatever his globalist masters, the ones who rigged 9-11 (it certainly wasn’t Osama: he didn’t have access to remotely controlled US military planes — again take a look at the tape), the ones who are pulling his strings, tell him to do. Who would have ever thought that America would be dumb enough to fall for the old Reichstag fire trick?

    • Mazama

      How about telling us something all of us don’t already know. Like who really kidnapped the Lindbergh baby?

    • Yos

      AJ, get real. I do hope there’s a big /sarc tag at the end of all that, yes?

      What you’re observing is common photo gamut error – what happens when bright reflections from an aluminum sided aircraft cause the sensor/software array to compensate by attenuating the image so that the flare from the reflection doesn’t burn the rest of the image. This is common in digital photography. Hello, even the chromatic disturbance of the reflection flare is typical.

      the plane is headed North, the Eastern rising Sun is reflecting off the unpainted side and Voila – hot spot and compensation.

      This would be obvious to anyone who uses digital video cams, but alas… ignorance is a great problem solver.

      On the other hand, it is true that what we’re seeing is a drone strike. Er – by drones who’ll glom onto anything to satisfy their need for entertainment.

      • AJ

        Guess you just looked at the title frame pictured above and didn’t watch the video then decided to explain the whole thing away with your deep knowledge of hot spots in digital photography. Try watching the video from 1:04 to 1:43 which shows a lot of different footage of the belly of the plane as it’s flying towards the tower and then explain to me what the pod attached to the belly is or how it in any way resembles a commercial passenger 767. Explain that away with your knowledge of digital videography. Also watch 4:03-4:50 of that same clip where a pilot explains how the engine found from United flight 175 was a GE whereas United only uses Pratt and Whitney engines.

        Watch also the following video from 37:30 to 41:22 with more information about the military (not commercial airliners) planes that hit the WTC for more details about what type of planes have a belly that matches the ones that hit the WTC, then explain that away.

        Next I suppose you’re going to tell me that those pictures of WMD that Colin Powell held up at the UN were real and that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9-11. We went into Iraq because of supposed Al-Qaeda (there were none), then we backed Al-Qaeda in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi, then we armed Al-Qaeda to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and we Saudi backed Syrian rebels admitting to being behind the chemical weapon attack that was Obama’s excuse to Syria. And who created Al-Qaeda in the first place? The CIA!

        There were no Al-Qaeda in Iraq, but now the place is crawling with them; they are about to completely overrun and conquer the place. Will Iran step in to defend Shiites, giving Obama his excuse to start a war with Iran? It’s a likely scenario.

  8. Cornfused

    I listened intently to both sides babble this morning and I know no more about who’s on first or needing boots on the ground, or whether we let them all duke it out without us. There’s zero consensus. Without Obama setting the tone, or giving the Americans a sense he has a clue what to do other than to fundraise or grab his putter, it leaves pundits to second guess him. Paul Bremer was on Morning Joe and got quite the grilling. He admitted to some policy mistakes. Mike Morrel was on CBS and said the situation is dire. Other than that, happy Monday.

    • Inagua

      Not all problems have solutions. Iraq is a volatile stew of tree mutually antagonistic ethnic groups all infected by Islam. Bush’s idea of a unitary, self-governing democracy in Iraq was always a fantasy. He would have had a better chance of teaching monkeys to play Mozart.

      The principal thing we can and should do about Iraq, and Sand Land in general, is not to let them have nukes. Playing one group of savages against another, as we have done for decades, is a waste. Buy their oil, and leave them alone to battle each other without nukes is the best we can do.

      • Cornfused

        Your Bush hate line is getting really old Inagua.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Inagua is entirely correct in pointing out that we would not be dealing with the current catastrophe were it not for Bush’s staggeringly bad decision to attack Iraq in 2003. Even his own father saw the prudent wisdom of leaving Hussein in place as a counter-balance to Iran. Certainly Obama has made it far worse through his criminally negligent incompetence, but he is not the ORIGINAL sinner here.

        • Inagua

          When a guy gets 4,000 Americans killed, 30,000 Americans wounded, and sends $1 trillion to money heaven, all in the service of an impossible dream, he deserves the enduring hatred of all non-confused people.

        • Walt

          Lizard Boy –
          Do you really believe that? That we should have HATE towards him? That would make me sad, because, in general, I view you as having reptilian common sense.

          And that is my problem with most Libtards. If you disagree with them, they HATE you. They shout you down. They want to destroy free speech. It is the very antithesis of what they are supposed to stand for, but they do it day in and day out. We can’t discuss ANY issue, without it being converted into race, and those questioning the Libtard agenda being deemed racist. I don’t dislike Barry because he is black. I dislike him because he is a commie.

          All Presidents make mistakes. Should we HATE them for that? I don’t hate Barry, even though I think he believes the Constitution is a racist document that needs to be destroyed, and he lied taking his oath of office to support it.

          Hate is a counterproductive feeling, and ultimately leads to failure. It will lead to the Slums ultimate downfall.

          You may disagree with others, find their views illogical, but you HATE them over that? That just never made sense to me. It’s like a breast man hating an ass man. It makes no sense.

          I would hope you are above that.

        • Inagua

          Walt – I used the word hate because that was the word Confused used. He said, “Your Bush hate line is getting really old Inagua.”

          I probably should have corrected him and explained that I have contempt and pity for Bush, not hatred. Bush is a pathetic and contemptible fool, but I suspected that these kinds of distinctions would have been lost on Confused, so I made the unwise decision to just parrot his own verbiage back at him. I was trying to keep it simple so that that Confused could defend Bush’s decision to invade, occupy, and attempt to nation build in Iraq without a verbal sideshow about “hate.”

          That was clearly a mistake. Sorry, Walt. My bad.

        • Cornfused

          Inagua: what Walt said at 12:18. It’s your deep hatred of Bush that I find so distasteful. Disagree with his policies. Argue a better scenario. But get over the venom.

        • AJ

          Other than your simplistic I heart Bush statement, what is it that you find so admirable in W.? Please, for the sake of the unenlightened, explain some of his virtues.

        • AJ

          I will concede that W. is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Obama.

      • AJ

        I’m okay with monkeys playing Mozart as long as I don’t have to listen to them endlessly practicing the “Rondo alla Turca”.

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    What we see going on in the Middle East really is extraordinary. We have a group of seventh century cave men, trapped in a nineteenth century world, who want to kill everyone who believes in a magical person that is different than their magical person. WHY CAN’T WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN MAGICAL PERSON?? What is the problem with that? Why can’t we all just get along? RODNEY KING DUDE!! The most underrated philosopher of our time. He is right up there with Reverend Al. Do you agree?

    This is the equivalent of me wanting to kill you because you play with Raggedy Ann’s, and not GI Joes. You frigging homo. PLAY WITH WHATEVER YOU LIKE!! WHO CARES? If I tolerate your writing, certainly I can accept your choice of idols. Correct, kimosabe? Now don’t be getting me started on a feather rant, Dude. STAY ON TOPIC!!

    Anyhows, and we have a President who is oblivious to all of this. He is like Remo Williams, playing the banjo while Sicily burns. He is clueless on how to lead a Nation, and should be working at the DMV.

    It is time to show these slums that we are serious. I want pig bullets. I want Texas BBQ served to the troops with wanton abandon. I want girl on girl sex video’s shown on TV. I want Z’s and Q’s banned from the alphabet, so these sand rat’s need to rename every town they live in. I think goat’s need to be taught safe sex. We can’t let up until these cave men learn how to live in a civilized society.

    And appointing our own cave man as Secretary of State has been a failure. Sure, he has the whole cro-magnon jaw thing going for him, but let’s just admit it has been a mistake. I think the slums could tell he was a faux Neanderthal, having invented ketchup and all. Real cavemen don’t use ketchup. Everyone knows that.

    I will give them the whole women can’t drive rule though. After all, they had to be right on one thing.

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

    • Libertarian Advocate

      RODNEY KING DUDE!! The most underrated philosopher of our time. He is right up there with Reverend Al. Do you agree?

      I’d say he tops Fat Rat by a substantial margin, even accounting for Al’s considerable former mass….

      • AJ

        But not as fat as “Fat Pete” Chiodo.

        On May 8, 1991 two shooters ambushed Chiodo at a gas station in Staten Island where he was working on a car. Chiodo received 12 bullet wounds in the arms, legs, and torso, but survived the attack. Doctors credited Chiodo’s 500 pound (227 kg.) weight for saving his life; his massive girth prevented the bullets from penetrating a vital organ or artery.