The cruelty of friends and daughters

So it’s Father’s Day, and what better way to spend the morning than blasting guns with one’s daughter? Alas, while Sarah did agree to accompany me to the range, we encountered Libertarian Advocate at the place and he insisted she try his Sig-Sauer P226. She did, and promptly abandoned me and my beautiful Freedom Arms 97, spending the rest of the morning with LA’s gun, and him, blasting paper.

I can live with that indignity, but I’m saddened to think that a daughter of mine could be seduced by an ugly chunk of black metal  plastic when there was a jewel of hand craftsmanship ready and waiting.

I blame her mother’s genes (or Bush). As for Libertarian Advocate, the heck with him, the bastard!







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40 responses to “The cruelty of friends and daughters

  1. Anonymous

    Everything that is wrong with our country

  2. Cobra

    I’ve got to admit, Chris, that’s a tough choice. Could it have been a caliber preference, at least in part?

  3. eh…don’t worry, one piece is never enough to keep ’em satisfied:

  4. Mark B.

    I’m with Sarah. My carry gun is a Beretta PX4 – I couldn’t hit a cow with a revolver if she were standing on my chest…

    • Oddly, I’m better with the revolver than my 1911, but I will admit I shoot the P226 better than either. It’s still an ugly brute, though. Then again, I prefer wooden boats, so …

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    It is important to understand that this isn’t just ANY Sig P226, it’s an X5 Tactical. Beats the hell out of a custom cowboy wheel gun, even if those are fun to shoot. Anyway your daughter is a GREAT sport and once the expert gets his hands on her she’ll be pulverizing both of us on the range.

    • Yeah well, if the Comanches are coming at me and I’m hiding behind my dead horse, I’d rather have my revolver with me – die the old fashioned way, damn it.

      • kimosabe

        Your gun is very Lone Ranger’esque.

      • Cobra

        Agree. My night stand piece is a revolver. As much as I enjoy a good semi auto, when awakened suddenly in the middle of the night, I’ll go with a DA/SA wheel gun vs. my H&K P7.

  6. anon

    So I’m guessing it’s safe to assume neither you nor Sarah sympathize with yesterday’s Moms Demand Action march across the Brookyn Bridge? Hard to imagine no one told these nincompoops NY has the toughest guns laws on the books. Irony: an armed policeman escorted their brigade, and Bloomberg didn’t deign to walk with them.

    Your day was a much better use of time.

  7. I want in on the fun. I have not fired a gun since my teen years. The bottom set of pistols is appealing. Happy Father’s Day

  8. housecat

    Lions and Wolves aside, I’m having a hard time squaring the Sig with the Lloyd Webber showtune singing, LA. You are apparently a man of many talents!

  9. Anonymous

    Molon Labe. No, I mean it, come and try to take it you Commie motherfuckers.

  10. Krazy Kat

    P226 = “Beast”? Plastic? Nay nay! The 226 is a thing of beauty and its only plastic parts are the grips (unlike all those ugly polymer Glocks, etc.) most impressive about the 226 is its ability to eat any ammo I have ever fed to it, even that Russian crap. As functional as Cobra’s preferred DA/SA revolver but with 2.5-3X the capacity (except in CT where we are now limited to 1.66667X out in public.)

    We prefer the Sig so much we have added a couple of 229s to the family along with a 239 and 232. All DA/SA to keep the manual of arms the same.

    • Mark B.

      By “Russian”, are you referring to PRVI Partizan? I love their stuff, but thus far I’ve only shot their .380 and 5.56…

    • In fairness, LA’s P226 is a joy to shoot. I’ve got other things demanding attention in the Fountain family budget these days, otherwise I’d be sorely tempted to add one to our collection too. But the Freedom Arms is gorgeous, if only because of the incredible precision of its build. And there’s just no way to imagine riding alongside John Wayne with a P226 in the holster, a Winchester 97 in the scabbard – no way.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Anyone ever tell you you’re living in the past? 😉

        Chris is right folks, his custom wheel gun is a beauty and huge fun to shoot. Loading it and then clearing spent brass is a bit of a bear however.

        • I prefer to think of it as a gentleman’s gun, LA which, by holding spent cartridges, doesn’t spew hot brass all over the floor and one’s neighbors. Manners are everything.

  11. Anonymous

    Sig – the gun for thinking men and women.
    Awesome LA!!!

    CF, what a nice way to spend Father’s Day.

  12. TheBox

    1911 or go home.

  13. Fred2

    Y’all have forgotten one important thing about Revolvers vs. semi-auto’s. They do not toss hot expended casings down the cleavage area.

    Seeing as I’m a guy, I’m not troubled, but having recently witnessed the “hot brass down my cleavage dance” with a nice lady of significant endowments, I am reliably informed it’s not nearly as fun as it looks.

    I’ll note since the lady in question was holding a pistol that still was loaded and smoking, that I managed to keep my face straight. It took a lot of will-power. I did note that she had been warned, but that was about as daring as I dared.

    She was not amused. Queen Victoria would have guffawed though.

  14. Krazy Kat

    On plane now flying back from Florida after my 13yo son and I spent the morning shooting precision .308 out to 500 yards and each put five rounds of 50BMG through a Barrett. Following two days battling 15-19 pound false albacore on 12wt fly rods, the Barrett added more butt kicking on this old body.

    Around the range were much 45 Colt spent brass – someone likes a big ole revolver in Okeechobee.