Then act like it


Golfing for dollars

Golfing for dollars

Obama derides those who oppose his global warming initiative.

Earlier in the day, Obama had flown from Palm Springs to Los Alamitos, helicoptered to Orange County, and rode in a motorcade to an ocean-view house in Laguna Beach. Crowds four-to-six people deep stood along Pacific Coast Highway to cheer him, according to a pool reporter in the motorcade

Traffic on Laguna Beach’s only major north-south street was blocked for the presidential motorcade, and crowds were four-to-six people deep, according to a pool reporter.

The presidential 747 had touched down on schedule at 9 a.m. at Los Alamitos Army Airfield.

A trip to California with two 747s and dozens of 3-mph-limousines for fundraising, golf. Barry’s chief objection to global warming, it seems, is that he thinks it’s causing California’s drought, and that will raise to cost of watering his favorite golf playgrounds.

Savior of the free world.


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9 responses to “Then act like it

  1. Air Crimes?
    He also gave a teleprompter melting Commencement Speech emitting coal war hot air yesterday.

  2. Peg

    “Acting like it” is for the little people, Christopher.

  3. AJ

    Obama Behind Al-Qaeda Invasion of Iraq

  4. Alas....

    America’s Top 40 voice has died.

  5. TheWizard

    If I know anybody that still believes in global warming, they’re not admitting to it.

    These people follow their own polls to closely.

    • MavisDavis

      In a commencement address at UC Irvine yesterday, President Obama said that questioning the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory is like saying the Moon is made of cheese. Given that Obama’s intellectual curiosity is pretty much at the bovine level, it is possible that he even believes it.

      To get a better sense of what is really going on in the fierce debate between climate hysterics and climate realists, watch this video of Dr. Richard Lindzen, the atmospheric physicist at MIT who is a prominent realist.

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