Two more deals, one in Mead Point, one not

526 Field Point Rd

526 Field Point Rd

The Mead Point house is at 526 Indian Field Road, last asking price, $6.950 million, a marked improvement over it’s first price, way back in 2008, of $11.5. I found the house much more attractive at this level; in fact, overlooking the exterior, which isn’t to my taste (big deal) the interior is quite beautiful. I have clients who like Mead Point as much as I do, and this has been available at its current, “reasonable” price for a while, but its 10,514 sq. feet was dauntingly large. Not to someone else, though.

10 Florence Rd

10 Florence Rd

10 Florence Road (already shifted behind the paywall by the GAR), has a deal. $795,000. You get what you pay for; or, in Greenwich, you don’t.


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11 responses to “Two more deals, one in Mead Point, one not

  1. LAK

    What is that circle in the middle of the floor???

    • I can’t really remember, even though I was in the house as recently as a month ago.Some sort of skylight for the floor below, I assume, but don’t hold me to it.

  2. BigMike

    The Bulldozer-Able capes are starting to thin.
    Will be the 3rd around the Florence cul de sac to get leveled in the last 2 yrs or so.

  3. Peg

    $795,000? SERIOUSLY!?!

    Look what you get for $280,000 in my neck of the woods!

    Click the following link to view the listing:

  4. Bubba

    I guess you haven’t seen the movie Deliverance!

  5. Anonymous

    The problem with the $280,000 cape in Minnesota is that it’s in Minnesota. Other than that it looks pretty good.

  6. Peg

    Hey; MN is pretty damn nice! Well; a few months out of the year, at any rate 😉