Then act like it

Leonardo Dicaprio “demands action on climate change”

Today, environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio urged people to sign a new petition encouraging leaders to take action on climate change through a post on the actor’s Facebook page: “The science is in: climate change is real and man-made. The debate is over. Spread the word and demand action.” The petition reads: “We call on you to respond to the unequivocal findings of the IPCC report with ambitious action to stop catastrophic climate change. It is up to you to lead a ‘BIG fix’: B — Big oil and polluters out of politics, I — Invest in cleaner and smarter energy, G — Global, ambitious and binding deal to cut emissions. Global warming is the most significant planetary crisis of our time and it demands courageous leadership. We call on you to meet this historic responsibility.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2014: Leonardo Dicaprio jets to Washington D.C. to speak at a State Department sponsored “Save Our Seas” conference.

And why did Leonardo have to take a jet to Washington – couldn’t he have ridden his wind powered bicycle there? No, silly, because he and 21 of his closest friends are down watching the World Cup in Brazil on a $1 billion yacht owned by a homophobic, anti-Semitic, dictatorial billionaire Saudi friend of his.

So they all fly down to Brazil to entertain themselves on a yacht that’s been driven half-way around the globe to meet them, then Leo flies back to the US to testify on the critical importance of saving the planet and, finished, will fly back to rejoin his friends. I hope he doesn’t miss too many games, poor guy.

All aboard HMS Leo - party time!

All aboard HMS Leo – party time!


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17 responses to “Then act like it

  1. MavisDavis

    Useful Idiot, contemporary.

  2. housecat

    Don’t forget the chicks he had flown in for the party. Two groups, apparently: “swanks” and “skanks”. Staying at separate hotels. Wonder what kind of carbon footprint that’s leaving?

    • bunnytee

      “swanks and skanks” I like it. Can I use it? It sounds like something I should’ve come up with already.

      • housecat

        Thanks, but I can’t claim the credit. I heard it on some gossip thing.

        • bunnytee

          My mother threatened to “wash my mouth out with soap” because I had termed her invite list to some society thing as “the usual bores and whores” She always said I had a “sass problem”
          Did your mother threatened you with a bar of soap, ever?

  3. sunbeam43

    Is this dude still beating the drum? Unfortunate that he’s still trying to maintain some relevancy!

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    If we’re lucky he’ll reprise his role as Jack Dawson in earnest.

    • housecat

      I imagine “Jack” would look like one of the extras in Pirates of the Carribbean. Oooh! I smell a sequel! “Dawson Vs Sparrow: A Tale of Two Jacks”

  5. Chimney

    Just think- if it had been Obummer, it would have been 200 support vehicles and a portable golf course, and, of course, another plane for his mutt.

  6. Backcountry Boy


    Your good friend Joe B. is in the news again…

    Broker’s battle with Joseph Beninati takes new turn

  7. bunnytee

    Is anyone, ANYONE at all able to explain to me why both the Clinton and O’gangsta Admins. believe their special interest agendas are lent credibility by whackjob celebrity endorsements?
    Pitt, Jolie, and DiCaprio are all authorities on what, precisely? Other than how to be a slobbering, rabid, idiot libtard without the sense God gave a box of rocks, I mean.
    Where I come from, these types are a dime a dozen. There’s an assortment of them at any given upscale cocktail party, they’re fixtures. It’s a little glitz and glitter added to the mix, nothing more. No one gives at rat’s ass what they think about virtually anything. More meaningful conversations are had about the ice sculpture’s strategic lighting, honestly.
    Case in point:
    My father has long been friends with Clint Eastwood; I know for a fact that they share the same political beliefs. My father was his construction consultant when the Hog’s Breath Inn went up in Carmel. As a personal favor to my father, Mr. Eastwood would make personal appearances at some new skyscraper or mega building’s occupancy soiree. It was an addition of pa-zazz, a little glamour to spice things up a bit (think:Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry in San Francisco, it worked well even into the 80s and 90s) it was never an endorsement. I doubt he had a clue of what went into the construction of an 87 story office building There was no need for him to endorse my father’s structures, they stood (and still do) on their own foundations. So this, I understand. It’s just window dressing, but now, by some mysterious process, today’s celebrities come complete with diplomatic qualifications and scientific credentials worthy of calling for global action. Beyond blatant hypocrisy and the whole do as I say, not as I do mentality, what qualifies these people for hobnobbing with the brass and providing valuable insight on matters of such import?

  8. Fred2

    “Don’t forget the chicks he had flown in for the party. Two groups, apparently: “swanks” and “skanks”. Staying at separate hotels.”

    1. you can tell them apart these days, in Hollywood?
    2. You needed to import the latter, in Brazil? I thought they had a triving trade in that sort of line.
    3. Has Holly wood always been that decadent or is just seem like to me like it’s gotten more so, as I get older?

    • bunnytee

      #1.= no, there’s infinitesimal difference, if that much.
      #2. You’re right, it’s a splinter of the Oldest Profession in the World. Ever go to Mardi Gras, in Brazil?
      #3. I don’t think it’s always been the cesspool it is, now. Yes, it’s worse than ever. Once there was PollyAnna on Prozac-style productions. Now, there’s demented and depraved things like those SAW movies.

  9. Can’t these guys just fade away or stick to making movies?