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Inbreeding: it’s not just for West Virginians anymore


Papa Perry and daughter

Papa Perry and Mama/Daughter Perry

Vermont clan swarm cops after being prevented from carrying their knives into amusement park.

Five members of the same Vermont clan were jailed for assault after attacking cops who told them they couldn’t carry their knives into an amusement park.

E. Allen Perry, 45, of Lyndon, and his kin flipped out at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, N.H., on Monday afternoon after guards at the gate told them to ditch the knives they were carrying on their belts.

Cops were called to cool the family’s heels, but things got worse when the Perry crew started spouting obscenities, authorities said.

One of the cops tried to arrest one of four Perry men, prompting the others to jump him, police said.

The Perrys jumped on the officers’ backs, punched, kicked and reached for their weapons during the melee, authorities said.

Lyndon, if for some reason you didn’t know, is a tiny hamlet in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where men are men and sheep are nervous. We’ll leave the women alone, even if their siblings won’t.


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Getting there


134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow has taken another price cut and now asks $1.645 million. I’m not convinced that this is finally the right price for a rather plain home nestled up to the Merritt, but it’s certainly beginning to look interesting. The owners paid $2.010 million for it in 2002, relisted it at $2.495 in 2011, and rented it out ($7,200) in 2012 when they couldn’t get $1.799. It came off rental at the beginning of this year and was marked up to $1.9, a dubious decision, but now it’s well below that. It’s close to town, offers decent shelter, and is asking not much more than an ambassadorship to Norway will set you back – what’s not to like?

UPDATE: What’s not to like? Parkway and Western school district. You’re better off home schooling anyway, so no huge deal.


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What’s the world coming to when you pay a million bucks for an ambassadorship and don’t get it?

Idiot dolt/scion George Tsunis, whose incredible failure at his senate confirmation hearing for the Norwegian ambassadorship was detailed here last January, (among the highlights, he called one of the government coalition parties a “right-wing fringe group, spewing hatred) has still not been confirmed, despite Obama’s vow to stand by him. Turns out, way up in Peg Kaplan country, the Minnesotans are a tad upset that a man who has never stepped foot in the land of their ancestral square heads, is going over there to represent our country, and have forced even Al Franken to speak out against him. Harry Reid can still force the appointment through, but in an election year, will be dare? Stay tuned.

Here’s a video from that hearing – fun begins around 1;35 minutes in.


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How high will the Riverside hysteria reach?

19 Hidden Brook

19 Hidden Brook

It will have to be mighty high, if the owners of 19 Hidden Brook Road are to achieve their asking price of $7,500,000.  The house was built just last year by Doran Sabag, and no one admires Sabag’s craftsmanship more than I: I even, sort of, understand the premium people are willing to pay for his work, but $7.5 for a used, 5,000 sq. ft. (plus space underground) house on less than a half-acre and just a two-car garage seems …. ambitious.

On the other hand, never stand between a Wall Streeter and the house he wants during bonus pay-out time.

Grass between the flagstones?

Grass between the flagstones? Cos Cob east.


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Vulcan mind meld, public education style


You will now understand all that Howard Zinn has spoken

You will now understand all that Howard Zinn has spoken

Woodbury school district blocks students’ internet access to conservative web sites. Don’t want to undo all the time and effort spent on their brainwashing, obviously.

Andrew Lampart couldn’t right click.

Yet the 18-year-old high school senior from Woodbury could left click with relative ease.

Denied access to conservative-leaning websites by the school district’s Internet firewall, the soon-to-be graduate of Nonnewaug High School lodged a formal complaint with the Region 14 Board of Education Monday night over what Lampart said is double standard.

While doing research for a assignment on gun control in the school’s library, Lampart said he tried unsuccessfully to visit the websites of Second Amendment groups such as the National Rifle Association on his Android tablet that was connected to the school’s WiFi network. Woodbury is 13 miles from Newtown.

Lampart said he ran into similar roadblocks while surfing the websites of anti-abortion and traditional marriage organizations — and even the Connecticut Republican Party.

Access to the websites of the Connecticut Democrats, the pro-gun control Newtown Action Alliance and advocacy groups for the LGBT community was unfettered, according to Lampart, who took screen shots from his Internet browser.

“It was appalling to see that it was very one-sided,” Lampart, who is bound for the Christian-oriented Liberty University in the fall and is in the process of starting up a Young Republicans chapter in Woodbury, told Hearst Connecticut Media Wednesday.

Jody Ian Goeler, the superintendent of Region 14, which serves the towns of Woodbury and Bethlehem, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the newspaper.


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A victim of Sandy? Irene?


Surprise visitor

Surprise visitor

18 Rocky Point Rd has cut its price by $900,000, from $8.750 million to $7.850. That’s still not chump change, of course, but Old Greenwich waterfront has been flying off the shelf, and this, from its photos, looks like a gorgeous home. What gives? Was it blasted by Irene, or Sandy (I note a $4.5 million mortgage went on in 2011)?  Locals in the know, please contribute here.


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What a difference a year-and-a-half (and $650,000) makes


35 Keofferam

35 Keofferam

35 Keofferam Road has a contract, after 18 months. It started at $3.145 million in January, 2013 and finally dropped to $2.495, and that did it.

I’m sorry to see the notation on the listing that “the price has been reduced to a level attractive to those wishing to build new”.  Keofferam’s charm is due, at least in part, to these old summer homes that have been turned into full-time residences over the years. It appears that their time is drawing to an end.

UPDATE: I see that it sold for $2.750 in 2005, by the same couple that’s now leaving East Point Lane with an $11 million sale in their pocket. May the new owner do better than the current one, and as well as the previous seller.


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ISIS captures US Humvees, ships them to Syria – White House responds forcefully



June 18, 2014 · 2:05 pm

And politics in foreign policy

Harry Reid wants to draw and quarter “the architects of the Iraq war”. That would include you, Harry, as well as your Democrat colleagues.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 1.49.46 PM


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Remember when the left vowed to “take the politics out of science”? They were just kidding.


IPS founders  Marcus Raskin and Richard Barnet, coiners, I kid you not, of the  defiant claim, "speaking truth to power" . Hahahahaha

IPS founders Marcus Raskin and Richard Barnet, coiners, I kid you not, of the defiant claim, “speaking truth to power” . Hahahahaha

“Progressive” think tank Institute for Policy Studies, fires professor after he concludes that global warming “is an unproved science.”

If one would have asked statistician Caleb Rossiter a decade ago about global warming, he says he would have given the same answer that President Barack Obama offered at a recent commencement address.

“He castigated people who don’t believe in climate catastrophe as some sort of major fools,” Rossiter says of the president’s speech, adding he would have agreed with the president – back then.

But Rossiter would give a different answer today.

“I am simply someone who became convinced that the claims of certainty about the cause of the warming and the effect of the warming were tremendously and irresponsibly overblown,” he said in an exclusive interview Tuesday with The College Fix. “I am not someone who says there wasn’t warming and it doesn’t have an effect, I just cannot figure out why so many people believe that it is a catastrophic threat to our society and to Africa.”

For this belief – based in a decade’s worth of statistical research and analysis on climate change data – Rossiter was recently terminated as an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive Washington D.C. think tank.

The IPS has been a commie front since its founding in 1963 and is practically irrelevant today, but it’s notable that it should support both the communist model of silence dissenting opinions and the movement to shut down the First World’s economy. The useful idiots who are manipulated by these people and the global warming profiteers might want to ponder that coincidence.



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Pending Sale


1 Brookside Park

1 Brookside Park

One Brookside Park,Greenwich, asking price $3.795 million. It sold new in 2006 for $4.250, and used in 2008 for $3.8. Assuming normal negotiations, it’s probably selling for still less this time.

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Time for a time out

James Martin, Greenwich Well I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went right to my head

James Martin, Greenwich
Well I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went right to my head

I’ve got all the sympathy in the world for alcoholics who are trying to break free of it, but when they hit the streets in their cars, and they show a history of refusing to address their problems, it seems only fair that society remove them from the free world for a while – in this guy’s case, maybe 10 years or so?

 Greenwich resident James Martin picks up his sixth DWI arrest.

Some other highlights of Mr.Martin’s life include:

Arrested for stealing jewelry from his mother’s neighbor in Putnam Park

Arrested in February, 2013 for drunk driving, evading responsibility, driving without insurance and – oh yes: speeding down the Post Road in the dark with his headlights off.



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Elmer Fudd goes postal


"Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating rabbit."

“Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating rabbit.”

British novelist Jeanette Winterson causes animists to go wild after posting pictures of garden-raiding rabbit she trapped, killed and ate. “The head would make a wonderful sock puppet”, she tweets.

Shots of the meat bubbling on her Aga followed, but her tweets began to attract angry responses from followers. Jacqueline Looker wrote: ‘Before I unfollow you, you make me sick. I will never again read a word you write. Rest in peace, little rabbit.’ Winterson replied: ‘Do you only read vegetarians? If not, why is farmed meat fine but personally trapped disgusting? Think about it.’



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The longest yard is the last yard


Next time, HE throws it!

Next time, HE throws it!

Man attempts to toss contraband-loaded football into prison yard, falls just short

A Detroit man is facing felony charges after he allegedly tried to throw a football containing drugs, cell phones and other contraband into the yard of a state prison in Jackson on Sunday.

The throw came up short and the football landed between two fences at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility and did not land in the yard where prisoners exercise, said Trooper Toby Baker of the Michigan State Police Jackson post.



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