A victim of Sandy? Irene?


Surprise visitor

Surprise visitor

18 Rocky Point Rd has cut its price by $900,000, from $8.750 million to $7.850. That’s still not chump change, of course, but Old Greenwich waterfront has been flying off the shelf, and this, from its photos, looks like a gorgeous home. What gives? Was it blasted by Irene, or Sandy (I note a $4.5 million mortgage went on in 2011)?  Locals in the know, please contribute here.


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8 responses to “A victim of Sandy? Irene?

  1. David Ogilvy

    Wealthy, un-motivated seller and a broker who specializes in that sort of thing.

  2. Anthony Fountain

    I think the Cos Cob pool on the deck detracts from its value.

  3. Lauren

    its just a view of the Sound.

  4. PG

    FYI..Absolute no damage from Irene and Sandy and A new steel enforced state of the art sea wall with a dock is going in.