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134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow has taken another price cut and now asks $1.645 million. I’m not convinced that this is finally the right price for a rather plain home nestled up to the Merritt, but it’s certainly beginning to look interesting. The owners paid $2.010 million for it in 2002, relisted it at $2.495 in 2011, and rented it out ($7,200) in 2012 when they couldn’t get $1.799. It came off rental at the beginning of this year and was marked up to $1.9, a dubious decision, but now it’s well below that. It’s close to town, offers decent shelter, and is asking not much more than an ambassadorship to Norway will set you back – what’s not to like?

UPDATE: What’s not to like? Parkway and Western school district. You’re better off home schooling anyway, so no huge deal.


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7 responses to “Getting there

  1. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Parkway? And if you hate Western that much, three years of private isn’t that expensive.

  2. Rick

    Merritt practically off the back patio and pretty far up Butternut. Nice house but bad location.

  3. Anon

    Curious listing on your site. Butternut Hollow is a cul de sac? 9 mudrooms?

  4. Luke Gardner

    Momentarily I thought this post was going to be along the lines of “Being There” and that I might catch a glimpse of cousin Chance.

  5. Anonymous


    Wondering what your thoughts are on 12 Serenity Lane

  6. Anonymous

    Is the proximity to the cell phone tower an issue for butternut hollow?