Inbreeding: it’s not just for West Virginians anymore


Papa Perry and daughter

Papa Perry and Mama/Daughter Perry

Vermont clan swarm cops after being prevented from carrying their knives into amusement park.

Five members of the same Vermont clan were jailed for assault after attacking cops who told them they couldn’t carry their knives into an amusement park.

E. Allen Perry, 45, of Lyndon, and his kin flipped out at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, N.H., on Monday afternoon after guards at the gate told them to ditch the knives they were carrying on their belts.

Cops were called to cool the family’s heels, but things got worse when the Perry crew started spouting obscenities, authorities said.

One of the cops tried to arrest one of four Perry men, prompting the others to jump him, police said.

The Perrys jumped on the officers’ backs, punched, kicked and reached for their weapons during the melee, authorities said.

Lyndon, if for some reason you didn’t know, is a tiny hamlet in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where men are men and sheep are nervous. We’ll leave the women alone, even if their siblings won’t.


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16 responses to “Inbreeding: it’s not just for West Virginians anymore

  1. bunnytee

    Gruesome ,CF . Just gruesome.

  2. housecat

    True. But true also of certain parts of NH, Maine, and upstate NY, as I recollect.

    • bunnytee

      The interior of PA gets downright hairy scary, too. I’m certain there’s prolific inbreeding. I think there’s a total of 5 surnames in some places

  3. Anonymous

    Auntie-Mom and Uncle-Dad.

  4. Fox

    All the above may well be true, but the results are still more socially acceptable than pajama boy.

  5. “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”

  6. mt biker

    lyndon ain’t great

    but it’s right next to east burke, so …

  7. I grew up in New Hampshire and as the saying goes “You can divorce your wife but she’ll still be your sister!”

  8. I seem to recall you describing some of your Maine neighbors as “fifth-generation harelips.”

  9. TheWizard

    I would be ok with the hillbillies carrying their knives. Assaulting the police may not have been the most well thought out tactic, however.

  10. anon

    I know more inbred 1%ers than I do hillbillies, the Bitsy and Chip Syndrome. The Cabot’s marry the Lodges.

  11. Fred2

    And think, compared to most of the middle east, in-breeding is a miniscule problem here.

    It explains SO much.