ISIS captures US Humvees, ships them to Syria – White House responds forcefully



June 18, 2014 · 2:05 pm

16 responses to “ISIS captures US Humvees, ships them to Syria – White House responds forcefully

  1. Publius

    When reached for comment Marie “Hipster” Harf, Deputy Do-Gooder for the US State Department responded

    ” I would not categorize the Humvees as US property. Although they are proudly manufactured in the US we recognize the fact the US manufactured goods like the Humvees have significant global demand from the military’s of sovereign countries. The President is proud of his economic record and the fact that Humvee production continues to support thousands of well paying middle class jobs.”

  2. timing is everything for this administration:

    • Babylon Sister

      Slightly O/T, but am I the only one here who never knew Jen Psaki was born in Stamford and graduated GHS in 1996? (According to Wikipedia, anyway). She obviously did a great job drinking the progressive koolaid over there… Must have been a 4.0 student!

      • Riverslide

        Probably only you. On account of her Obama connection she got our Greenwich educrats so excited that she delivered the GHS commencement address a few years ago.

    • BigMike

      Uh, uh…uh.
      47 times?

    • Anonymous

      This woman is a joke. The capture of this terrorist was done for purely political reasons. Take the heat off of dumbass Obama. She states the decision was made by his National Security Council. Do you know who is on that council?….a bunch of 30-something political hacks. No one of substance.

  3. It sucks when someone steals your ride. Barry’s going to get Eric Holder right on that.

  4. I am laughing, but it is not funny, perhaps pathetic. It’s exactly what he wants.

  5. bunnytee

    Somehow, some way, they’ve gotten a hold of Stinger missiles, too.

    I have it on exceedingly credible, in-the-know military authority that Stinger technology is still Classified and definitely not for sale on the open market, if it’s for sale on the black market, that’s a new can of worms, I’m told.

    Since HumVees are not Classified nor proprietary hardware they can be had by the highest bidder. Strangely, a Stinger can be fired from a rack on a HumVee,Odd, that. Helluva coincidence?
    But how in the name of hell these terrorist sand… Negroes got their hands on Stingers, I’d really like to know.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that O’gangsta himself was sliding boxes of our military technology across borders on the sly.
    Afterall, borders were made to be porous, weren’t they?

    • Fred2

      The only good news is that MANPADS like Stinger have a shelf life unless they are regularly maintained by people who know what they are doing, absence of which they turn into unguided missiles after a few years.

      Bad News, I’m sure the Russians , Chinese and anyone else who is interested ( Israelis) probably have a couple of copies to reverse engineer from.

  6. And guess who trained and financed ISIS?

    The USA, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR and of course the bankers way at the top.

    And now there’s a rumor that they have US PASSPORTS, but that won’t be in the MSM for a few days or weeks.

    • anon

      the media has actually reported about the passports, but rather than specifically saying US Passports, they used the word “clean”. Clever ruse eh?