The longest yard is the last yard


Next time, HE throws it!

Next time, HE throws it!

Man attempts to toss contraband-loaded football into prison yard, falls just short

A Detroit man is facing felony charges after he allegedly tried to throw a football containing drugs, cell phones and other contraband into the yard of a state prison in Jackson on Sunday.

The throw came up short and the football landed between two fences at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility and did not land in the yard where prisoners exercise, said Trooper Toby Baker of the Michigan State Police Jackson post.



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4 responses to “The longest yard is the last yard

  1. jB

    Shoulda punted.

  2. Riverslide

    Pretty creative idea. The guy should’ve gone at night and used a catapult out the sunroof of his car as he drove by. Maybe “passes” like this have been going on successfully over our prison walls for years.