He’ll find a warm welcome over here, especially if he adds Happy Meals and e-cigarettes to his little list


Child poisoner, busted

Child poisoner, busted

Communist bureaucrat wants to ban women’s high heels, flats and loafers.

Mikheyev has sent a proposal to the Customs Union which also includes ex-Soviet Belarus and Kazakhstan, suggesting that the Moscow-led group introduce official standards stipulating the height of heels.

“Footwear should have heels that are two to four centimetres high, five centimetres high at the most,” said the proposal, a copy of which was sent to AFP.

“The harmful effects of wearing extremely high heels and flat shoes have now been recognised by experts of the entire world,” said the five-page proposal. “It’s necessary to change this trend.”

And this is different from the nanny state liberals of the US of A how, exactly?


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19 responses to “He’ll find a warm welcome over here, especially if he adds Happy Meals and e-cigarettes to his little list

  1. here’s a feminist that could be totally on board with that proposal:

  2. bunnytee

    OMG..the return of the kitten heel! 5cm max??? WTF?

    Sounds like a KGB leftover that’s really some dirty old bald guy with a closet foot fetish of which he’s mortally ashamed.
    They can have my Louboutins when they pry them out of my cold, dead fingers!

    The Alexander McQueens, they can have without a fight.

    • housecat

      I’ve had a theory for many years that, the more obnoxiously prissy or pious the person in question is, the more skeletons/kink they’ve got going on (or desperately want to). There’s one guy I used to work with that was such a prissy little stickler for everything – he was easily shocked by the slightest nonconformity when it came to the rules. He always struck me as someone who desperately wanted to wear slutty women’s underwear while getting a thorough spanking.

      • Walt

        I don’t mind bending the rules. And I didn’t realize we worked together!!

      • bunnytee

        I once worked with an import from Chicago whom I was certain wore sleazy lingerie under his suit. Probably liked to be called “Jessica” on the weekends.

        I know what you mean, they have a certain aura about them that just screams “things WILL get weird”

        • housecat

          What IS it about Chicago? I’ve been there a few times. Lovely, but trying waaaaaay too hard. And, at least when I was there last, far too goody-goody for a big city, IMO. And, yeah… The more outwardly goody-goody someone is, the more I think “closet case” (pick your case).

        • bunnytee

          I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with Chicago, but I agree there is far too much trying too hard.
          I think the prevailing attitude of “everyone’s an idiot besides us” might be a mitigating factor. As though they’re the genuine article and the rest of the world merely pretends to Chicago’s lofty standards.. Personally, I find the place to be as dirty and sullied as NYC.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          You worked with David Axelrod?

        • bunnytee

          I think the guy was even creepier than Rahm Emmanuel If that’s possible. A 4 star…you-know-what in the superlative. I really hated that guy. Interestingly, the brass disliked his Chicago “flair” and he got his walking papers after 9 months on the job, I heard he made a bee line for Chicago.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      The Louboutins are the red-soled FMPs, right? My personal version of that is Sig-Sauers and Bobergs.

      • bunnytee

        I’ve heard them called FMP’s, yes trade mark red soles, 8″ stiletto heel. I have a pair with spikes on the toe., too. I adore them. I call them “bitchy” footwear. They’re not what you’d call every day wear, but they go well with certain ensembles. I have a weakness for bitchy shoes. Boberg..mean little piece of hardware. SigSaur’s are just purely sexy.

        Damn, CF’s not probably barely out of the state and the sh*t show is already underway. What is up with this passive/aggressive nastiness, here?

  3. blah blah blah

    The science is settled

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    This guy has no shot of getting this legislation passed. FMP’s are universally loved in civilized societies. All the commie hotties I know, like Ivan Humpalot, Puta Putinski and even Putit Inna Goodspot would have a real problem with this.

    And what about blonde women? Blondes the world over would rebel over this. There would be anarchy. IT WOULD NOT STAND!!
    Why do Blondes have TGIF written on their shoes? So they remember “Toes Go In First”!

    What’s the difference between a blonde guy and a blonde girl? The blonde girl’s sperm count is higher!!
    Your Pal,

    • bunnytee

      Ease up on the blonde thing, Walt…I’m blonde. Real deal, not a bottle blonde. Even I have a few blonde moments now and again. It just goes with the territory.

      • housecat

        So do I, B. And I’m a brunette.it just happens. What can I say?

        • bunnytee

          I consider it part of the price of admission. Brains ,looks, talent, and a wickedly sparkling personality? There must be an offset, of sorts, somewhere in the mix, brunette, blonde or ::shudder:: red head/fire crotch.
          I’m sure you’ll agree, alas, we all have our crosses to bear.
          Your consolation is that brunettes don’t have to hear the endless onslaught of blonde jokes.

          For example: How do you test a blonde’s IQ?

          Q: Which is farther, the moon or Florida?
          Blonde: Definitely, Florida.
          Q: How can Florida be farther away than the moon?
          Blonde, smugly: Um, hello? I can see the moon, can you see Florida from here?

  5. AJ

    Speaking of red haired clowns and other jokers:

    ‘Drug War Blowback: Vegas Murderers were Police Informants’

    “Jerad and Amanda Miller, who were banished from Bunkerville by supporters of Cliven Bundy, had worked as informants for Nevada law enforcement agencies. After the Millers murdered three people — Las Vegas Metro Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and Joseph Wilcox, an armed citizen who heroically tried to stop their rampage — their former handlers claimed that they were unaware of the couple’s “anti-police sentiments.” That claim is difficult to credit, given that Jerad Miller had a lengthy criminal record, and the fact that the couple had made itself very prominent in protests associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    The Millers were among many hundreds of people who traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada to support rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the BLM. They may well have been the only volunteers who were asked to leave because of concerns regarding what was described as their “aggressive nature and volatility.”

    Predictably, following the couple’s subsequent killing spree critics of Cliven Bundy claimed that the rancher, his supporters, and the entire “insurrectionist right” shared collective responsibility for that crime. …”


  6. AJ

    And let’s not forget the evil central planning clowns who are intentionally murdering the economy.

    ‘After 6 Years of Unprecedented Central Planning, the Economy Is More Fragile Than Ever’

    “We will all discover that the economy is much more fragile than advertised by the Central Planners and their media toadies.

    This week I have made the case that the past 13.5 years have been the most destructive to the core values of the nation in U.S. history. The same holds true for the economy, which has been critically weakened by 6 years of unprecedented Central Planning.

    What do I mean by Central Planning? Here are the key characteristics of Central Planning:

    1. The central bank/state intervene . . .”

    “… In other words, in centrally planned economies, markets are not allowed to discover price–they exist only to reflect positively on Central Planners. …”

    “… By eliminating the economy’s immune system, Central Planning dramatically increases vulnerability and guarantees systemic crises down the road. …”

    “… The Federal Reserve balance sheet: hey, what’s $4.3 trillion between pals? Where did all this newly created money go? To inflate asset bubbles that enrich the few at the expense of the many. …”

    “… The damage done by Central Planning has yet to come home to roost. Six years into the Grand Experiment–that Central Planners can pick winners who just happen to be their cronies–the chickens of consequence are still making their way home. …”