Pending sales


83 Summit Rd

83 Summit Rd

83 Summit Road, Riverside, asking $1.195 million. Gee.


353 Sound Beach Avenue

353 Sound Beach Avenue

353 Sound Beach Avenue, $2.595, lasted four days.


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12 responses to “Pending sales

  1. Sound Beacher

    O/T: Saw Gideon’s pic in the paper today, the arts section. He’s in a movie? Field trip to Bpt. on Sunday, anyone??

  2. Stump

    $1.2 for a piece of land directly on the railroad tracks? wonder what a builder pays for this … can still get a good size house on .28

  3. Anonymous

    83 summit price is insanity.

  4. Rivman

    But it has new appliances!

  5. Anonymous

    Sound beach house is a lot of house for the money at least in this town.

    • anon

      Until the next tropical storm. It looks like it’s about 200 feet from the shore, and probably about 3ft above sea level…. Also, it’s a lot of house for a small lot

      • Sound Beacher

        Sound Beach Ave. house is on a shared driveway of 3 houses, it just happen to be first. Not facing the road, but the driveway.

  6. Anonymous

    captive customers for a lemonade stand!

  7. BigMike

    It’s 1 shore acre drive @ 4.5 million that’s absurd.