The end of the world as we know it


Are you my nanny?

Are you my nanny?

Greenwich Police switching to mini-vans. And changing the color scheme to zebra stripes.

“They’re so much more consumer friendly”, newly-appointed GPD spokesman Jay Carney told FWIW. “Kids see us, they think it’s the au pair driving by, so they aren’t scared. The jungle look is reassuring too, and the large Officer Friendly inflatable in the passenger seat really goes a long way in showing us to be the cheerful, smiley guys that we really are.

“A few years ago,” Carney continued, “Peter Tesei encouraged us to resume using the number 54  on one of the cruisers, so that the citizens could have a good chuckle; this is just a continuation of that public relations campaign.”

And coming to Greenwich Avenue ....

And coming to Greenwich Avenue ….



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30 responses to “The end of the world as we know it

  1. Anonymous

    Have you seen all the pictures and whats inside of these things? Urban assault vehicles.

  2. housecat

    Are they having playdates at GPD HQ now, too? I’ll have the kids ready at 2:00 for pick-up.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    More interesting to me is that the color schemes and lettering typeface on the cars appear to be standardizing across all Fairfield County Towns. Could this be a prelude to ultimately merging all CT town and city PDs into one larger state run PD? Also, the new standard Stamford PD uniforms are looking quite menacing compared to what they once looked like. Sort of like something out of a RoboCop future.

    • GPD Folk

      L.A . The State of Ct already has a state run PD it’s called The Connecticut State Police…’re safe there’s no thought of merger between autonomous municipal PD’s

  4. Anonymous

    I actually made a Greenwich policeman smile yesterday. First time I think I’ve ever seen that.

  5. Anonymous

    Will GPD now be doing Costco runs for a fee?

    I need a case of toilet paper and a 5 gallon bucket of Dawn dish soap please.

  6. Riverslide

    Hopefully they’ll have heads-up video displays so the cops can spend a little more time looking out their windows, and a little less time looking down at their laptop displays.

    Actually, never mind. The more they’re looking down the less they are prying into what the rest of us are doing in our cars.

  7. Sound Beacher

    It the paddy wagon!!

  8. Anon58

    These toys are just another example of great use of taxpayer money. I guess they are needed in the arsenal chasing down all of the hedge fund crooks on Round Hill Road.

    • GPD Folk

      or getting to someone’s home quickly and safelyin the event of an emergency

      • Anonymous

        agreed. while it’s fun to poke fun, i don’t care what they’re driving so long as they get to where they’re needed asap.

        when i needed one to get to my house a year or so ago for a medical issue/emergency, they were there in about 2 minutes. no joke. it was amazing. and greatly appreciated. the ambulance was about 3-4 min. behind it.

      • Fred2

        Curious. Why a minivan rather than the traditional Sedan with the locking trunk and all? You hauling that much more stuff around?

        It seems like a large vehicle for the task.

        • Room for their swimmies and beach toys

        • GPD Folk

          Good one Mickster!!!! I laughed too!!!!

        • GPD Folk

          Fred2…Ford no longer makes the Crown Vics…to be honest (being a traditionalist) I wasn’t sure that I’d be accepting of the black & white colors…but to be honest it is very sharp looking….the officers of today are the “new breed” they want SUV’s, different styled uniforms, new and more advanced equipment…it’s their world….the dinosaur club that I belong to with the dress pants/hat & blouse is a thing of the past….but we were taught to be honest, understanding and friendly and still enforce the law…these “new centurians” seem to be doing a pretty good job…it’s what all of us in this Town expect of our cops……

  9. Mickster

    Glad to see these guys and gals getting the latest and greatest. One advantage is that it’ll make some of these new kids seem taller riding around in these! A few of the more senior guys will have issues climbing up into them. It’ll be fun to watch that. Sorry GPDFolk – couldn’t resist :))

    • It’s my understanding that GPD Folk’s vehicle will be fitted with those extender blocks they used to put on kid’s bicycle pedals to help them reach, like these:

      • AJ

        What kind of sissy crap is that. Time to start clamping kids feet to the bike with strap-down pedals, point ’em down the hill, and give ’em a little shove. Let ’em grow some hair on their balls before common core talks ’em into taking sex change pills — it is their right! (Preemptive: just kidding you anonymous moron.)

        The right kind of pedal for tikes on their bikes:

        • housecat

          GPD Folk would be making a less-than-friendly visit to my house if I did something like that AJ. Besides, I think the hair might look a little weird on my 3 y.o.

      • GPD Folk

        Ha…you saw my car!

        • Fred2

          Hi GPD Folk

          Still curious why the police in the North America general seem to be obsessed with the bigger vehicles.

          I can understand needing/wanting a couple of them, when hauling off a bunch of jerks to the hoosegow as the usual suspects, but why not a midsize Malibu, Legacy ( AWD baby, lovely in Winter) or the like, for the majority?

          I’m fairly ignorant of police work, so I’m asking this is genuine curiosity but it strikes me that you go no faster, it ain’t going to intimidate anyone that it matters, and smaller would be easier to maneuver, more efficient on fuel for the 99% of the time you are idling, patrolling, or whatever, usually one man to a car.,,

          And like I said how much junk are you hauling that you need more that a Sedan’s trunk full anyway? I’m sure that’s not the reason is it?

          I find it difficult to believe the officers just need the legroom because, frankly I’m a very big & tall man and fit just fine in smaller cars.

          It’d kind of like Ambulances, they went from white painted hearses to serious full size trucks with a house on the back. I know they can do about a zillion things more for you in back now, but it still seems like overkill to have a full size truck.

  10. GPD Folk

    Fred2…the car version is a Taurus …which is a mid sized car comparable to a Malibu…The Explorer is just another vehicle type to compliment the Taurus…GPD will have an equal number of both and they’re pretty comparable in price…the SUV has become a staple of our society and we began using them in the 80’s. The big engine is so the Police can go fast when you need them to….Like yourself ….if my child is in some kind of distress or the bad guy is trying to get in my house…I’m looking for the cop driving the vehicle that goes really fast….just human nature…also because of the type of driving we do and the number of miles we log a bigger car/SUV will offer the driver more protection….As far as the ambulance is concerned that big truck is an emergency room on wheels…they need all the room to carry all the stuff that will save yours and my life…I kinda like that idea.. Hope that helps