Off to Colorado, back late next week?

Son John has returned to Telluride, to catch the bluegrass festival, say goodbye to friends and retrieve his belongings. I put him on a plane yesterday and I’m following in my truck in a few minutes, with the idea that we’ll spend some time there and then, if his stamina permits, heading back together cross-country. If not, I’ll drop him at the Denver airport and head back alone (sniff) – either way, alone or together, I’m hoping to get some fishing in. Blogging will be light, but I’ll check in from time to time to keep an eye on the monkey house, so watch yourselves!

Best to all, see you soon.

John Fountain

John Fountain


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129 responses to “Off to Colorado, back late next week?

  1. Check out Buckhorn Exchange in Denver…..
    After decades of extensive bar/restaurant testing in CO., it is my favorite.
    Started by hunting guide of some Yankee named Teddy Roosevelt (and still in the family) just the main room is worth seeing. Great displays of hunter’s success!
    Have fun with high altitude attitude.

  2. HuNhu?

    Godspeed, Fountain men.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Take it slowly as possible and soak up the company of your wonderful son for as long as you can. As HuNhu said, Godspeed. We’ll still be here when you return, Inch ‘Allah!

    • bunnytee

      Incha ladas…..La, how about a show tune for CF’s departure?

      • Toonces

        What good is sitting alone in your room?
        Come hear the music play.
        Life is a Cabaret, old chums,
        Come to the CF’s empty house.

        ok, lame. LA will do better.

        • bunnytee

          You get an E for effort, though.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          I defer to your obvious expertise Toonces.

        • bunnytee

          Ok, here’s my best shot at a show tune:

          Take a penny and some magic,
          Even though your life is tragic.
          You can throw all your dreams down the well.
          Although every day the pain grows,
          You’ll ride unicorns on rainbows
          If you throw all your dreams down the well.
          When your life’s come apart at the seams,
          And you’ve given up all your dreams,
          Here is just the means to make those dreams come true.
          No more suffering, no more sighing,
          No more pain and no more crying

          If you throw all your dreams down the well.

          Oh, the magic has gone missing,
          And everyone’s still wishing,
          But their dreams have fallen flat upon the ground.
          You’ll find magic under rubble,
          So, CF, grab a shovel,
          And here is where the magic can be found.
          We’re at the bottom of a well,
          But man won’t it be swell,
          When we make everyone’s wishes all come true?

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Have a great trip to Colorado, and enjoy the time with your son.

    But is it a coinkydink you are driving a TRUCK to Colorado? The recently enlightened state that legalized the sale of marijuana? Acapulco Gold Dude!!
    Hemp. Mary Jane. Whacky Weed. Baby Bhang. Doobees!!

    Think you can mule a few duffle bags of fry sticks back for me? We can toke some smoke down at Tod’s Point when you get back, and just major CHILL Dude!! Front me the cash. You know I am good for it.

    And don’t go to loco on the drive back. And stay away from the wetbacks. And Sherriff Joe.

    And you and John can light up a few doob’s from my stash on the way back.
    Your Pal,

  5. Cos Cobber

    That’s a terrific picture of john. I hope his recovery is off to a good start.

    I love telluride, a very special place. This will be a great adventure.

    Safe travels.

  6. Anonymous

    If you’re going all the way to Telluride, stop in Silverton, just over Ophir pass. Avalanche Coffee House.

    Best Wishes to the Fountains.

  7. gideon bronte

    safe travels

  8. Cobra

    Have a great, safe trip.

  9. Cotswood

    Stop in to the Durango Smoke Shop, owned by Cos Cob’s very own Jim Callahan and daughter Courtney. Awesome, old west vibe.

  10. Wow. I hardly know what to say. Have a good time. This is really sad.

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. bunnytee

    Happy trails, CF! Fight the good fight and all that! Be safe, sane, and salacious every chance you get. Mega positive waves to you and your’s.

    And if you find yourself twisting up a couple of those big, fat spliffs of something really skunky at some point, think of us back here at the FWIW monkey farm….tearing down the walls, ripping out the chandeliers..setting the window treatments on fire…stapling liberals to the floor and covering our buck nekked selves in lime Jello.

    Whatever happens, I blame Walt.

  12. Toonces

    Your son is soulful and handsome. I hope you have a good ad safe trip, catch a few big ones.

    • bunnytee

      Personal note to Toonces:

      Vapors free for almost 3 weeks!
      How the hell are ya? Missed you, lately.

      • Toonces

        you crack me up. It’s been finals month for my daughter who is a junior. Non stop crises. Oh, and 4 proms. Who goes to 4 proms? What else? We bought our first house. Funny I was JUST thinking that you could use some vapors. I am certain with Chris away the kids will play and you will be overcome in no time!

        • bunnytee

          FOUR proms?? all in the same night, I hope not.

          Mega CONGRATS on your first house!!! Welcome to the world of home ownership! I hope someone’s a DIY’er.
          I was hoping to behave myself in CF’s absence, but behaving is so damn hard in a target-rich environment.

  13. anony

    What a very good looking young man, CF. Must take after his mom! All kidding aside, hope you and your son have a wonderful, stress free time together.

    • Mark B.

      HAH!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw John’s photo, having already seen photos of you, Chris – “Huh. His mom must be beautiful.”

      • Toonces

        John looks so hip/wise/cool. Handsome dude.

      • Fred2

        So not fair, I’ve seen a picture of our host as a younger man before all the loose wimmin, hard likker, general excess and cares of the aged beat him down into the shell of a man we love today…

        I jest. Except for his being more handsome when he was younger. Less debonair & sauve though.

  14. housecat

    Safe travels to you both.

    • bunnytee

      Toonces just bought her first house! Doesn’t that totally NOT suck rocks??

      • Toonces

        Well, I did buy a few condos in NYC when I was in my 20’s. I did quite well on the first apartment (directly across from Hells Angels Headquarters on East 3rd street) . The 2nd one- should’ve held onto that one – has appreciated 400% since 1989. ah well.

        • bunnytee

          across from hell’s Angels HQ? Damn, that must’ve yielded up some interesting sights a time or two. I had a condo directly across from a large frat house back in my school years, now THAT was interesting….

          • Toonces

            You should go see the movie Neighbors – probably stole your story, Bunnytee.
            The Hells Angels stood outside 24/7 guarding that street. I was in a renovated yuppie condo across the street that I helped develop. We dedicated the building to “Vinnie” with a plaque and everything. He was a Hells Angel who’d passed away in a crash/crime of some sort. Smooth, right? Got our pictures in people magazine sitting on the front stoop – the yuppies and the Angels, signifying that gentrification wasn’t such a terrible thing. They were great neighbors. NO one with evil intentions came down that block. Actually, probably no one came down at all. When I sold and was ready to move, the moving company called me last minute and cancelled saying they didn’t realize I lived across from *those guys*.

        • bunnytee

          I’ve heard anecdotal stories a time or two about Hell’s Angels acting more like Guardian Angels, but without the red berets, My father says that back in early 70s CA,, Hell’s Angels were a very different matter. They weren’t the Manson family, but neither were they the Brady’s. Like a few of my own neighbors.

          • Toonces

            Exactly! They were guardian angels – at least to us. The main developer of the building ( a good friend who is a rather cool dude who is a conservative gay man active in politics) had the ground floor apartment and put in a pool in the back. He hired the Angels as bouncers for the grand opening party. I have to say, I felt safer living there than I did in any of the other 9 apartments I lived in during my 20 years in NYC.

        • bunnytee

          Isn’t it ironic that an outlaw biker gang known for allegedly skewering innocent babies for the purposes of cannibalization, urinating on eachother as a hazing ritual, kicking the cat and slapping the old lady would provide a suitable stand in for upholding the peace and maintaining order?
          It causes one to wonder why the Black Panthers have yet to see fit to clean up their act and lend O’gangsta some street cred…

          • Toonces

            so true wise Bunny. I think the HA’s see themselves as a private police force. Kind of Curtis Sliwa-like. The didn’t do any voter intimidation at the polls ala the panthers, that’s for sure

        • bunnytee

          I like that, T “wise Bunny” It’s so much nicer than the “wise ass” I’m accustomed to hearing.

        • Anon

          Did you use Fountain as your broker?

          • Toonces

            do you ask questions under an actual name?

          • Toonces

            However….. I will deign to answer your query Anon: I discovered Mr. Fountain and his blog after we started looking with our broker. He would have been great but fortunately the broker we used was also excellent.
            This blog did help us. Thank you to Chris and all the brokers who comment here. It helped me figure out what was important to me.

        • bunnytee

          Ha! Take that, anonymous hoodied ghoul,
          Anon’s are the hoodied, passive-aggressive seeking-to-obscure-identity ghouls lurking the shadows of FWIW’s hallowed halls of enlightenment

          Belly up to the bar and spit it out, slap your name to it and stand behind it or slink off into the darkness. from whence you came.

        • bunnytee

          It’s just that I don’t like the whole Anonymous thing. If the rest of us can put an identifying “name” to our posts so can everyone. The way I see it if it’s not important enough to sign your name to, then why should it be important to me? I’m a frontal assault type. Slinking around in the shadows, taking swipes at the ankles whilst hiding under the bed, and back stabbing isn’t my style and I intensely dislike it in others.

          • Toonces

            and that’s one reason why you get respect wise bunny. I think you should speak under your name or “name” or not say anything at all.
            PS – but all drugs should be legal. That way we’d get rid of most gang violence and people with problems could get help without worrying about being arrested. More space in prisons too for actually dangerous criminals.

        • bunnytee

          Aww, that’s really sweet, T. Bless your little heart for taking the high road in spite of it. No snark.

          I didn’t discover CF’s blog, my husband did. My husband (The Wizard, here–don’t ask what that moniker implies, please) would call me into his den and say, “listen to this”, cackling the whole time,and aloud some of the varying degrees of disparaging anti Irish humor posted. “Irish yoga” comes to mind. (I’m Irish by ancestry) a few of Walt’s better rants intrigued me, and one night, LA flipped the faux race card and I bought it hook, line, and sinker. And here I am. I proceeded to unwittingly touch off the powder keg more than once-mostly due to a certain class-envying troll- whilst learning my way around. Believe it or not, I was once a mod in an advice forum and ended up banned/blocked for “being too conservative” Funny, how “take responsibility for yourself and your actions” has proven too controversial for some; I have a knack for royally pissing off liberals. I find that calling ’em like I see ’em is more than many people can take. A fact I find nearly impossible to get my head around.

          I’m really not a badass, I just call a spade a spade, speak as I believe,and I rarely shy away from a fight, that’s all. Oh. and I carry a loaded Glock 17C. Like John Wayne once said, “I won’t be lied to, I won’t be cheated, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to others and I require the same of them.” Simple,

        • bunnytee

          In regards to legalizing all drugs: I’m not down with that. I’m ok with legalizing marijuana but the hard drugs are naught but bad things waiting to happen. At the end of the day, if you really want to jack yourself up on poisons and hope to maintain yourself as a respectable, functioning, contributing member of society, IMHO, that’s your personal business. But, like guns, not everyone is suitable for the responsibility that goes with it.

          We’ll always be forced to suffer the fools among us. And abysmally, I fear there shall always be a contingent of rabid, foaming at the mouth, idiotic liberals with which we must contend. There are the unstable and warped of mind such as that Sandy Hook shooter/f*cktard, the Co. loser who thought he was the Joker, et. al. ad naseum. These are those who have proven themselves incapable of self government and therefore untrustworthy. The odds are that they can be relied upon to prove it again, in the future. Ergo, head wiring problems are automatic exclusions from drugs at will, gun ownership, Executive office, Congressional seats, and teaching positions.
          Problem is that not everyone maintains a reasonable definition of responsibility and appropriate application self government. For this, we have a penal system and incarceration if not as an effective deterrent then as a predictable result of one’s actions. We maintain a death penalty for the worst among us. Kill, and you suffer the same. Not 20 years from, now. But like, next week. Child molesters: we know there’s no cure for what’s wrong with you, so we’ll help you out with that impasse. Predate upon children and we’ll chemically and physically castrate you to the irrevocable degree or we put you out of our misery. The choice is your’s.
          Choose: the wrong side of the dirt or lifetime eunuch.
          These are extremes, yes. But this is why we can’t have an across-the-board legalization of all drugs. Making it legal will not eradicate gang violence., they could give a rat’s ass about what’s legal and what’s not. So this is self cancelling.
          Nonviolent offenders, like most marijuana convictions would reduce the surplus prison populations, yes.
          See how circular it becomes? We can’t just pull the rip cord and let it all hang out until we as a society get our act firmly together and demonstrate that we are fully capable of rationale, sane genuine self government.

          See what I mean, jellybean?

          • Toonces

            I see what you mean jellybean – will be back in a while crocodile with a good link to an article on my legalize drugs position. I’ll look for something from the Reason Foundation because it would be a mistake to try to write today on the one hour of sleep I had. Oh, and the loonies shooting up places should not be getting guns – but the problem is that there are so many privacy laws now, no one can report that they are loony.

          • Toonces

            oh and FYI you’re being discussed in the It was bound to happen blog post. Here’s an excerpt – just so you make sure your ready for company at a moment’s notice

            June 20, 2014 at 12:59 pm

            SLTM – all you mention I think will continue to keep the Greenwich market hopping. I would suggest though that Wyoming – 200 or more acres, would be better than back country in an apocalypse scenario. Outside of any blast radius. Oh wait – we can all just move to Bunnytee’s. I would work the land for her and provide smelling salts for any vapor attacks. I’m sure we can all come up with useful jobs.

        • bunnytee

          Exactly, regulation within regulation within regulation. I’m interested to see the opposite of my position so please get back to me when you can. 1 hour of sleep?? Good heavens, girl get yourself a power nap!

        • bunnytee

          You’re right, it’s a little simplistic but digestible. Still, I have the same issue I’ve always had and that is that the argument for across-the-board legalization is purely theoretical. “If we’d legalize this then that would go away.” Crime might go down because it’s all legal but that doesn’t mean the act that was once illegal will dissolve. There is no honor among thieves and if they were thieves/criminals once, they’ll be so, again.

          The problem being to my mind, is where is the assurance that the theory will play out as fact? We have no established precedent that I’m aware of.

          And as for addicts sharing needles and all that, as far as I’m concerned that’s just the gene pool at work. Eventually, they’ll weed themselves out of the mix.
          I’m tempted to say ok, let’s try this. Let the tax and spend Dims tax the absolute hell out legalized drugs and then watch the libtards turn on themselves over it. They eat their own, anyway. This issue might just solve itself that way.

          • Toonces

            Prohibition didn’t work well. There’s your example. It’s just dumb that alcohol is legal, but cocaine is not. Same goes for all the other drugs.

        • towny

          when in doubt- knock em out.

        • towny

          Vinny Girolamo

  15. D

    Enjoy that clear mountain air – Drive safe!

    • Anon

      What a load of horse manure. Bunny T and Toonces reveal no more about who you are than Anon, Anonymous or Twinkle toes. If you are going to get all self righteous about transparency, sign your real names. Your little cartoon names only reveal your infantilization and nothing more than another nom de net, four letters or ten.

      • Toonces

        Our names stay the same so you can “get to know us”, if you will. You, though Anon, anonymous, anony – can change it up and even have a conversation with yourself.

        • bunnytee

          May I make an appeal to anyone with a shred of humanity?
          I don’t know CF personally. But I don’t need to in order to discern that he puts significant time and effort into his blog. Like most here, I also know that he’s facing a life altering personal battle. Like him or not, like me, Toonces or anyone else or not, how about a little human decency and empathy for the guy in his absence? Should we not, at the very least, demonstrate some human compassion and support for our host who indulges our occasional mud slinging matches and various disagreements? I propose we show the poor guy a little respect and support rather than blow his blog to hell before he hits the state line. The man’s got quite a load on his plate, it seems. Rather than devolving into feces-flinging primates in his absence perhaps a small show of support in the best way we can? Like conducting ourselves as decent self governing rationale adults? The guy’s off to spend time with a son who has cancer, for the love God. What more do you need? What if it were one of your children?
          Air your snarling, liberal on all fours, vitriolic poison some other time or just get the hell over it. How about a little respect for CF in his absence while he tends to a mountain of unpleasant personal matters? Let’s not blow up his blog with this brand of crap.

          Post script: I don’t really expect much from the liberal faction since I know the love of decency doesn’t abide in you, but damn people, don’t we owe CF something a little better?

      • Anonymous

        +1. Hilarious.

  16. Thanks for sharing.
    Handsome fellow, your son.
    Bunnytee; please tell me what’s a spliff?

    • bunnytee

      “spliff”: A doobie, a twister, a joint.
      A “cigarette rolling paper filled with the heathen devil weed marijuana”

      One usually hears the term in Jamaica. Or from wannabe Rastas here in the US.

      • bunnytee

        And no, I’ve never inhaled, either. Not since college, anyway…

        It’s one of the few areas that I part ways with the hard right, I’m pro Legalization and have nothing against those who choose to imbibe in the privacy of their own homes. Legal aged, responsible, self governing adult usage is ok by me, Especially for those battling cancer.

        • BigMike

          Is it Mimosa time yet?

        • bunnytee

          Well, hell yeah, Big M! it’s 5 o’clock, somewhere!

          p.s. I’m avoiding the use of “BM” simply because that’s what my grandmother used to delicately avoid uttering the vulgar term of “bowel movement”

        • BigMike

          Mike works too bunny
          And I agree with not using BM
          I’m facing the same situation with an elderly family member.
          3-5 voicemails a day detailing her flushable endeavors.

          I thought Fridays in June after 4 o’clock were ok?

        • BigMike

          Schools out for summer.
          Moët for me, Vueve for you

        • bunnytee

          Fridays in June only if it’s the dark of the moon. But, today’s an exception we’re celebrating CF’s being fortunate enough to go road tripping with his son.
          Moet for you Veuve for me…you bringin’ the cheroots? or are you a cigar man? Now and again,if it’s a cognac night, I’ll bum a select cigar from a gracious gentleman and sneak off and smoke it or if he’s a cool guy, I’ll imbibe with him-I learned the art form from my father and his .Esplendido Cohibras. I know a lot of women who smoke an occasional cigar so i’m not an odd ball…well maybe is some areas…

        • BigMike

          No Esplendido’s for me, however I must admit, the name alone does tempt the whisperer on my Left shoulder.

        • bunnytee

          Did you know that Latin for left is sinister?
          So you’re having a sinister little buddy on your left shoulder whispering to you? telling you to do delightfully wicked things…..urging you ever so slightly towards the dark side? is that it? Just a tiny dip of the toe into the pool…..feel that?

          Then SNAP! on comes the light….

        • BigMike

          As far as Latin translations go…
          I will defer to your edu. Training.
          Your writing alone inspires me shut up and listen good.
          Cheers BT

        • BigMike

          And sinister sounds just about right!
          How about that…

        • Fred2

          Yes. I’m even more extreme.
          I think antibiotics should be tightly controlled,

          But opiates and what not: Do. Not. Care.

          In 1900 you could buy Laudanum -( Heroin preparation in Whiskey solution) over the counter. Were people addicted? *Yes* Was it any more of a problem than now? No. Less so. Most of the hard core addicts killed themselves on cheap drugs pretty quick. The others sought ( or got) help.

          No police raids, no hugely profitable black market, no glamor.
          Just an OTC pharmaceutical misuse by people with human failings.

          I also think there shouldn’t a minimum age for booze, and at the least it should be younger than 21. Is it disgusting to get a 10 yo old drunk? YES. Should it be a crime, no.

          And that distillation for non-commercial purposes should be legal consequence free. Knock yourself out.

          By the way, not saying that if you are busted operating a motor vehicle under an influence, or the like, you should not get your posterior handed to you.

          I just believe that the nefarious consequences of all that freedom are far less pernicious than what we have now.

        • bunnytee

          Yet again, I agree. Antibiotics should be the tightly controlled substance, the over prescribing epidemic is off the hook.
          It’s the open invitation to the law of unintended consequences that concerns me most with full legalization.

        • bunnytee

          You know it, big guy! Already underway, poolside soaking in some rays, peach mimosas ready on a moments notice…last one in is a liberal!

  17. sunbeam43

    What a handsome son! Safe trip Chris and may your trip together be blessed in numerous ways!

  18. LInda in Poughkeepsie

    Enjoy your trip. Your son is DDG. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Love the smirk.

  19. Walt

    Dude –
    Now that I think about it, you aren’t just driving off cross country spur of the moment, now are you? You properly planned this trip, correct? We don’t want you to turn out like Clark Griswold, on his way to Wally World, now do we? You loser.

    A long driving trip requires planning, so it goes off without a hitch, and you are assured a memorable experience. Right? So here is what you need to do.
    First stop – Cos Cob. Pick up two black hookers. You can find them anywhere on the Post Road in CC, but the ones near the Dunkin Donuts are the best, IMO. They will give you a discount for the length of the trip. Tell them you and John want to take turns being an Oreo. They will know what you mean. And feel free to drop my name when negotiating price..

    After that, next stop is Port Chester. Pick up a ton of road food. Go to Hubba’s and get a sack full of double chili cheese burgers and chili fries. Pick up some KFC and Ripple for the whores. Trust me on this one, or it will be a very long ride.

    Take your time getting there. Relax and take in the sights. Don’t miss Lucy the Elephant, in Margate, NJ. And the Jolly Green Giant statue in Minnessottattta. Say HI to Peg for me!!

    There are tons of strip joints along the way, so bring plenty of singles, and you HAVE to cruise Route 66, the Main Street of America!! Make sure to stop in as many out of the way Honky Tonk joints that you can find. Your Ladies of the Night will love it!! If you get into any hassles, just talk like the guy from “Sling Blade” and the locals will probably leave you alone.

    And when you buy our Philly Blunts, our herb, our go loco, don’t refer to it as “African Bush”. You may confuse the girls.

    And before you drop the Ladies back to Cos Cob, and after you have “bonded”, can you ask them if they find Reverend Al as funny as we do? And do they REALLY think Barry is a good President? Or is this just some black code thing they need to do? And if Mooch really is a Wookie? And why is “colored person” offensive? I really don’t get that one.

    Report back when you can, and have a great, fun trip!!
    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Bunnytee and Toonces should get a room.

      • Greenwich Taxpayer

        Just what I was thinking!

        Safe journey Chris and John!

        • bunnytee

          Was that you under Anon up there? I was about to say, geez, CF probably isn’t out of the state before the nasty trolls come out, trying to stir up a sh*t show.

          Bunny=girl. Toonces=girl. I’m fairly certain we’re both married to men. Besides, Bunny like c*ck and only that. the harder the better.

      • bunnytee

        I am sorry for all the nasty things I said. I was drunk and high and didn’t know what I was doing. I have a really sad little life and the only outlet I have for self expression is here on this blog. I am so sorry. I am just pathetic.

        • BigMike

          I don’t believe that.
          Only time I was ever both was in Jamaica, spring break 03′
          And not only was I unable to walk, speak, or see, but typing on an iPad??impossible.
          Off to the links ya’ll
          #living the dream.

        • bunnytee

          NOTE: the above post IS NOT the REAL bunnytee…note the icon. WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A FINE EXAMPLE of yet another juvenile troll accusing others of their own sin. High jack MY handle? Get a damn life, loser.

        • BigMike

          I knew it didn’t sound right

        • bunnytee

          Uh, no, Mike The genuine article (me) doesn’t cop a liberal standby plea and I’d certainly never lower myself to such juvenile meaninglessness and high jack a screen name. Note the icon.
          I’ve ran across these same trolls, previously. Nothing surprises me out of them. I know who they are because the MO is always the same. They love to hate that which they can never hope to be. Such is life. I shall always be a Have and they nothing but Have Nots.

          • Toonces

            My screen shows no icons of any sort (never the less i didn’t think for a minute that pathetic loser imposter was BT). Is this because I am stuck in the dark ages, or at least in the 2000’s with my Sony PC and Blackkberry Bold?

        • BigMike

          I’ll make sure to look for the bunny pic 🙂
          Enjoy the weekend BT.

        • bunnytee

          Already under way big guy, have a rip snortin weekend yourself!

  20. Mark B.

    When can we start tearing CF’s “house” apart? Is he gone…?
    Last time was SO FUN !!!! I never did give him his Campbell Soup kitchen curtains back. It’s like he never missed them…

    • Mark B.

      By the way, bunnytee – gorgeous choice of songs. I’ve watched a lot of Sponge Bob, but never heard it.

      • bunnytee

        I’ll say this just once..and if it ever gets out, I’ll categorically deny it.
        I was kid sitting for a friend and they adore Spongebob and to keep the peace I watched it with them….ONCE. But I gave it up for good. Or Lent or something. I’m off the stuff for good, I swear it! The episode I watched contained that song, I thought it was sweet. And LA didn’t give up a show tune so….

        • Mark B.

          I love old Sponge Bob. It’s the same type of tongue-in-cheek humor as the old Bugs Bunny cartoons – fun for the kids and amusing for the adults as well. And how can anybody not love him and Patrick?

        • bunnytee

          Coyote and Roadrunner beats it all hands down. The Bugs episode of “ladeedadeeda0-Abracadbra!Abracapoca..poca-cadabra!

    • housecat

      I though Walt’s friends Twilight and CandyCane took those! Or did they just stick to the jewelry and the silver?

      • Mark B.

        I took one look at CandyCane and offered to buy her an Escalade, but she wouldn’t leave his side.
        Walt must be able to lick his eyebrows…

      • bunnytee

        Twilight and CandyCane? Sounds like a couple of hookers or porn stars…Walt’s main squeezes?

        • housecat

          Sometime last summer (?), CF went away for a bit. Some of us threw a party at his house. It got a bit out of hand. When I left, a couple of Walt’s friends were helping with the clean up effort – even going so far as to organize his sock drawers and closets for him! Mark B had a little trouble putting out the fire in the kitchen, and someone left a goat in CF’s bedroom, but otherwise I think we left things in good shape. He had too much furniture anyway.

  21. Mr. Independent


  22. Swanton

    Handsome man, that son of yours. Relish every moment with him in Colorado, Chris. I have fingers crossed we hear the two of you will drive back together. Safe travels.

  23. Anonymous

    What a good looking son!!!

  24. Peg

    Christopher; sorry so late to the party. Pushing dirt from dawn to after dusk.

    I second Walt’s advice; come and visit me as you saunter through the Land O’ Lakes!

    And enjoy every second with John of the Captivating Eyes. Irrespective of what anyone else says – it’s who we love and our time with them that matters.

  25. Mark B.

    “Sometime last summer (?), CF went away for a bit. Some of us threw a party at his house. It got a bit out of hand. When I left, a couple of Walt’s friends were helping with the clean up effort – even going so far as to organize his sock drawers and closets for him! Mark B had a little trouble putting out the fire in the kitchen, and someone left a goat in CF’s bedroom, but otherwise I think we left things in good shape. He had too much furniture anyway.”

    Housecat – how fan-freakin-tastic that you remembered all that! I bet CF sprang for a kitchen extinguisher after that. Some of us have to learn the hard way…

  26. anon

    From the non liberal ghoul troll contingent of anonymouses, wishing Chris and John a spiritual journey to Colorado, and back. Happy Trails.

    My favorite country singer Tim McGraw did a wonderful song about Telluride.

  27. BTW

    Wishing you a great and special trip, carpe diem!

  28. Walt

    Dude –
    It took early humans 100,000 generations of using stone tools before they learned how to control fire. It took another 20,000 generations until we invented the human language. And only another 250 generations until we put a man on the moon. I learned that on Reddit!! Almost as good as Jap School Girl porn!!

    And. AND!! It took less than 10 hours – 10 INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE HOURS – for this blog to become a cesspool of sniping, inane discussion, a hint of lezbo girl on girl sex, theft of screen names, and some generally boring discussions. It proves we have reached the de-evolutionary phase of our existence. Is it chaos you ask? Does Gumby have a rubber dick?

    This blog has descended into a sweet sixteen, school girl pillow throwing tickle fight! NTTAWWT.

    So we need you back to make us focus on substance. Like dirt, or midgets, or 10,000 nudists in UTAH!!!;_ylt=AwrBEiG3l6RTb08AlsnQtDMD

    Or we can all just watch Michelle Jenneke video’s until you return!!

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      No pictures, thanks for nothing.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Great video Walt. I had no idea you are as young as that. Must have stung when you finally realized she walked off the set with the other guy.

  29. Anonymous

    Walt – been waiting to hear you point out the obv. How to start a new thread? Why did CF not give you hosting authority while he is away? Good you picked up on the girl on girl action. Hot. Maybe bi. Walt, you need to get to the bottom of this fiasco.

    • A Different Anonymous

      Someone could easily (and free) create a new blog called When Chris Is Away. It can become the default for times like this when a new post is of the utmost urgency.

  30. Monody

    Telluride has an in-town webcam. So we know you arrived safely, let’s plan a time where you wave to us from in front of The Steaming Bean coffee house. We’ll wave back.

  31. Al Dente

    I liked the idea of starting an outlet for Chris fans to post, so I took the liberty of setting something up. Kind of a blog methadone:

    If anyone would like to contribute new posts, send me an email (it’s on the blog) and I will get you a log-in and password.

  32. Libertarian Advocate

    “This blog has descended into a sweet sixteen, school girl pillow throwing tickle fight! NTTAWWT”

    Best when done nekkid.

  33. Walt

    Dude –
    So how goes the road trip? How many oreos have been eaten? Are the skanks behaving themselves? I certainly hope not!!

    You may want to take a break today and watch the World Cup Soccer match. USA vs. those spics from Portugal. Are the Portugales real spics Dude, or just their retarded cousins? What is the difference between Spain, Portugal, and Puerto Rico? They all love stealing hub caps, they all speak spic, and they all wear wife beaters. So no difference that I can tell.

    Anyhows, while I know soccer is really a fag sport, because girls can kick better than boys, this one is worth watching. The PR’s have some guy called Renaldo, and he is like the Mickey Mantle of soccer. So I want to see team USA kick his switchblade wielding oily ass back to the South Bronx. Or Cos Cob. Whichever he feels more at home at.

    Did you score the ganja yet? You been popping some lids? Rolling some doobies? Mary ing the Jane?

    And Al Dente has a new website and he posted a picture of you with Lindsay Lohan. Are you two dating? You and Lindsay, not you and Al. I didn’t know you were into the gingers. Except the chubby ones. What is she like? Where did you go on your first date? Chuck E Cheese? You perv.

    And did you see the Pope excommunicated the Mafia? How can he excommunicate them and leave out the politicians? Seems unfair to me.

    Report in when you can.
    Your Pal,

  34. Walt

    Dude –
    I forgot to post this:

    Dat Ass never gets old!!
    Your Pal,

  35. Chris – we had another little gathering at your house, which we’re prone to do when you announce you’re leaving – that little plastic rock you hide the front door key under isn’t fooling anybody, BTW.

    Regarding the Gone With The Wind lamp you had by your recliner (mit der umlaut on “had”) : Was it an antique, or otherwise precious to you? I have access to The E-Bay via the World Wide Web, is why I’m asking. They have everything.

    I should explain. It wasn’t my fault, or anybody’s, really, but mostly it was Housecat. The woman’s got an arm on her, and I’m talking about a Wonder Woman amazonian cannon-like freaking appendage where a female arm should be.
    I know I mentioned to her about “No ball playing in the ‘house’, ‘young’ ‘lady’,” on behalf of my dead mom. Deaf ears, blah blah …
    I don’t know anything about football, but I’d think when you’re throwing a football at someone, you supposed to yell something a quarterback would say like “Hey, person-I’m-throwing-the-ball-to, try to catch it!”
    Nope – she just missle-locks mi cabeza and lets loose. (It goes without saying I didn’t even try to catch it, cuz if I had, clearly, I would have swatted it like a fly instead of screeching like a girl and dropping to the floor.)
    Anyway it smacked the lamp which you’d left way too close to the edge of that thing Pier One apparently thinks is a “lamp table”. (I want to stress the ‘too close’ part.)
    The lamp made a sickening noise that reminded me of a dead body made entirely out of antique glass hitting a cheesy Pergo floor…

    Well, I’m babbling – Anyway let me know if you’d like me to replaceHHHAAAAHHAAAHAHAHAHAH….!!
    ..let me know if I can pay youAAAHAAAAAAHHHAH AHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAaaa..!!

    Look, just call me if you wanna talk about it. The depth of my regret will be in direct proportion to your reaction.

    Mark B.

    PS – you should check Al’s blog. Chris R posted a video of my favorite song, Also Sprach Zarathustra, by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. I play it when my frau and I are mixin’ it up in the boudoir.

    • PPS – I had to change my name to markb222 to get into Al’s club. I guess it stuck…

      • Did I get my name back…?
        Also, jokes aside, we are all praying for your and John’s safe passage on this journey (every sense of the word) and hope all is well.
        Mark B.

    • housecat

      Dude, I yelled “heads-up”. Or maybe it was “shmeds pup”… I don’t know. Anyway…my arms aren’t *that* big.

  36. Walt

    Dude –
    And in case you need help in having the perfect day, which I doubt is the case, watch this. FERRIS BUELLER DUDE!! A classic!!

    How bad did you want to bone Sloane? ME TOO!! I made tug love to her for many years!!
    Your Pal,

    • Monody

      Walt, how coincidental you posted that clip. A two-hour show on BIOTV called Behind the Scenes: FB Day Off just finished at 5pm. So many interesting tidbits, including How they selected the girl who played Sloane.

  37. Mickster

    Have a blast Chris. Relive some old and create some new memories.
    Please get back soon, the blog seems to have become a teenage girl sleepover!! Walt feels right at home :))