In Telluride

Pictures may be forthcoming. Big horn sheep, mountains, all that stuff. I remember when I was hitchhiking through northern California maybe 45 years ago when a family of tourists stopped, but not to give me a ride: brave papa got out, mama and kids left safely behind, took a picture of my friend and me and then scrambled back to his car, locked the doors and sped away . We figured they’d have a hell of a slide show with which to regale theirs friends:”here’s some red woods, here’s a bear, and here’s a hippy hitchhiker.”
All of which is to explain why I took no shots of the hippies on their way to the bluegrass festival here.


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85 responses to “In Telluride

  1. Peg

    We can understand no shots of the hippies. But – where’s our selfie of you & John? 😉

    GOOD to hear from you, El Capitain!

  2. Very good to hear from you, boss.

  3. towny

    no hippy hunting on this trip

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Good to hear from you. Kat and brown chicken/brown cow band playing the festival too?

  5. Fred2

    What caliber is appropriate for Hippy? And is there a season? Bag Limit?

    • AJ

      Apparently you have never seen El Topo because Zen, hippy gun fighters know how to open holes in their body and just let bullets pass through. They cannot be touched by bullets.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Glad you checked in and Glad to hear you made it. Few more beautiful settings in America than Telluride.

  7. housecat

    Trying to picture CF as a hippy…. Trying… Still trying… Nope. Sorry. Just isn’t happening.

  8. jB

    Grandpa never used the word hippie. He’d just say: look at the hair on that monkey and then he’d turn disapprovingly to his eldest grandson, 8 years old with a Beatle cut.

  9. Goli

    Have a safe trip and enjoy the views. I didn’t know hippies existed anymore!

  10. Anonymous

    They may not have girlie hair, bell bottoms and stink anymore, but I can still recognize one of them fucking hippies when I see one.

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    Crikey! I would toss my shrimp in this barbie:

    Did you score our giggle weed yet? Our catnip? Our cannabis tea? So we can roll up some fatties when you get back? That’s a joint Dude, not some heifer you like to slow poke.
    I would imagine Telluride is full of Libtards, so don’t talk politics out there. And if they really do have hippys there, you may be able to score some free love. The hairy ones don’t bother you. Correct?
    Hope you are having fun.
    Your Pal,

  12. bunnytee

    Someone kindly explain why it is that CF goes off somewhere, the trolls come slithering out of their holes to piss all over the parade; and Walt labels it a “girly sleepover pillow fight” or some such nonsense, But posting all sorts of half nekked girly videos or other variety of soft porn isn’t deemed a horn dog/skin hound takeover. Is this some brand of sexism? Do something about the screen name-jacking, pathetic loser, bottom of the barrel, dregs of society,low rent trolls, before going all porn.
    ****THE REAL BunnyTee*****

    • Walt

      Well someone woke up with their little Hello Kitty panties all in a bunch, now didn’t they? I will gladly explain this to you, since you asked.

      But firstly, you consider that soft core porn? REALLY? Plus. PLUS!! You resort to typical libtard tactics, which you claim to abhor, to try and advance your self-serving self-interest? Making it about sexism and porn? You disappoint me. It not only makes you look hypocritical, but shallow as well. And in a very vulnerable, threatened position. When holding a losing hand, claim SEXISM!! CLAIM RACISM!! Claim anything but face the facts. Liberal playbook 101. Pathetic.

      You posted over 30 times in one thread. THAT’S A TAKEOVER. I posted a handful. You write to provoke reaction. So do I. If you can’t take the reaction, and not get all pissy eyed over it, don’t post. You claim to be a major leauger, someone not to be messed with, and you shit and piss your pants when someone disagrees, or says something you don’t like? You are acting like an amateur.

      I like most of your writing. I have no ill will towards you. But your messaging is inconsistent. You want to be THE REAL BunnyTee? Quite acting like a pussy. Or a dick, so I am not accused of sexism.

      Your cry for sympathy and compassion falls on my big dead Obama ears. Now be a good bunny and say you are sorry. I forgive you. And stop being a hypocrite. And a wimp. BE MORE FUNNY!!

      It’s not a chat room. It’s a blog. It’s not the Bunny show. If you want to have sex chats with Toonces or Big Mike, you don’t need to clutter up the room with private chats. It ruins the thread.

      So you want the truth? There it is. AND I DON’T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

      Now, are these the questions I was really called here to answer? Phone calls and foot lockers? Sexism and PORNO! Please tell me that you have something more, bunny. These two Marines are on trial for their lives. Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a phone bill, and accusations of sexism and smut. Please tell me these aren’t the questions you need answers to. Please tell me you have more than that!!


      Take a chill pill bunny, and get over yourself. And comment, don’t chat. Is that so hard to get?

      • towny

        g dammit Walt. Now you’ve ruined it. The whole gag is she and her cohorts are clueless, Could have strung her along for years, poking her in the eye, every now and again just for kicks.

      • bunnytee

        Bite me, Walt.

        • anon

          Bunny, as Walt said, you write well for the most part, have strong opinions and are a great addition to the blog- the key word being addition, not star attraction. You shouldn’t be offended that Walt played with your bunny ears – I think he was just trying to fine tune your signal. There are a lot of varying opinions here, from Libertarian to Dollar Bill but that’s what great about America and this blog, all views are accepted. Calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you a liberal troll dumbass won’t win you any love. The vitriol toward the pack of anons has to stop too. We are who we are, anon, Anonymous, anon58, Anonymouse, anon2, etc. – our opinions are as valid as yours. Take a giant step backwards, take a sip of those Mimosas, take a long drive in your Bentley, then come back, regrouped and ready to participate, not be Carl Ichan and stage a hostile takeover.

        • My Two Cents

          Bite you? He just chewed both of your ears off. And deservedly so. Maybe you should just listen for a change.

      • bunnytee

        And you’re right Walt. It IS an “amateur tactic” and I might point out, YOU took the bait. You should know by now, that *I* would never flip the sexism card in reality. But it does provoke a reaction. Absurd-ism is your vehicle, often it is mine. I’ve got your number, Dude. That line goes both ways. Yes, that means what you think it means. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. And you’re proof that it’s effective. (I know this because I once took LA’s flipping the faux race card and I took that bait)
        Of course, I’m better than that, but often the oldest tricks are the best tricks. Just like I know that certain class-envying trolls are smoked out/ provoked to rise to the bait by mere mention of any variety of class distinction. Works every time.
        You want game? I’ve got your game right here. But bring it, Dude, come real. I bore easily.
        “A Few Good Men”? I was thinking “Sybil” was more applicable to you.
        It is only fair to apprise you that I’ve yet to be bested, once the gloves come off. Do you really think this is my first swim in shark-infested waters?

    • Mickster

      Bunnytee, you really have to avoid this space when CF is away. The lack of moderation lets some get their dubious posts through, although, honestly, you should do like I do and not watch stuff you might find offensive or sophomoric. If you saw any porn here it would be a first (let me know where it is and I’ll investigate!).
      You did, however, as Walt said, virtually hijack the last post by deciding to turn the blog into a chat room with Toonces (who I met recently in person – nice lady!).
      Remember, this blog is really about CF’s anti-O’bama rants and his alter-ego Walt. The rest of us are just bench-warmers in the fray.

      • “Remember, this blog is really about CF’s anti-O’bama rants and his alter-ego Walt. The rest of us are just bench-warmers in the fray.”

        Well said. I didn’t know how to take “Walt” when I first got here, but soon realized he is in fact a brilliant humorist who can drop phrases and twist them in ways I richly envy.

      • Toonces

        Why thank you Mickster. I thought you were quite a handsome and nice gentleman when we met (and I loved that house too). Walt, forgive me. I didn’t realize we had hijacked that thread until someone said “get a room”. First I was pissed and then I figured out what he meant. When you start conversing – just two people back and forth it gets BORING. The only person who can do that and even do it just back and forth with himself is Walt.

    • Anonymous

      Walt’s posts are funny. Yours are not.

      • Tokenekebozo

        Agreed. Would you (“bunnytee”) STF up. You definitely like the sound of your own voice and you think you are quite the wit. You aren’t. You’re a bore. Go find a chat room. You can be as tedious as you want there. CF has a lot on his mind, but I do hope he attends to this when he returns.

  13. Monica

    Walt, I love you.

  14. Sound Beacher

    Let’s discuss this: a rare $600K Ferrari crashed on entrance ramp of I-95. Do you think the service technician is out of a job?

  15. Cos Cobber

    Its very entertaining watching all the characters in CF’s head dance across the page at FWIW. I’m pretty sure I am the only ‘reader’ and the rest is a living novel by none other than CF.

  16. À chaque fou plaît sa marotte

    • housecat

      Sorry, it must be the hour. I got lost after “…thing for…” Help me out here, LA. I never get to use the language here in Les Etats Unis.
      Thanks for the afterburner clip, Anon – always worth watching.

  17. Here’s something new on Facebook about Chris and John:

    • anon

      Most excellent find Sir Dente. Chris looks so happy and right in place in his jeans and cap with the mountains in the background. John looks strong too.

      The New Mexico family feud reference is well documented here at FWIW, although darned if I can find it now or remember exactly myself. Has to do with Custer? Or some rebel Fountain ancestor who is charged with the murder of some nefarious dude. Anyone remember better than I?

        • Walt

          That was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting it.

          So it seems, after the Dude’s family smacked their heads on Plymouth Rock, some of their blue blood may have been tainted somewhere down the line? THE HORROR!!

          Mariana Pérez FOUNTAIN!! Dude is descended from wetbacks? Is this is why he can’t be a member of the Round Hill Club? Is this why he is shunned by the GAR Evil Princess? Is this why he likes to cut his own lawn? And stuff taco’s down his greasy little throat? Is this why he prefers to be called Duderino?

          So many questions, so few answers.
          Anyhows, running out of Michelle Jenneke clips, so here is some Kate Upton:

    • anon

      PS: That Jing app is kewl That means we can capture a screen shot and post it as a link here? I like that.

  18. What next, cordless telephones???

    • anon

      Funny. I don’t know a thing about Jing. Never heard of it and many times I’ve want to insert a photo in a comment but WordPress doesn’t allow that. Jing solves that. I repeat, KEWL. Excuse me, I have to go churn butter now.

  19. Check out the latest home design and vintage furniture trends

    • Anonymous

      Dats some ugly looking shit. Now go away…

    • Cobra

      Why check it out? Anything relevant to this blog?

      • Monody

        That Anna Carter comment is spam!!! Stay away. Don’t click the link. Regulars should know she’s an unknown.

    • greenwich dude

      that’s actually lovely
      cos cob ain’t just cos cob anymore

      • Cos Cobber

        It still the Cob, after all Chicken Joe’s is only 30ft away.

        Cos Cob elementary school humor – heard this year from a youngster – ‘why did the chicken cross the road? to go to chicken joe’s!’

  20. Are you F'ing KIDDING ME!!!


    Winthrop Drive
    8 kids in the pool
    Ages 5-8
    And all the mommies head in for Long Island ice tea’s

    • anonymoo

      No mention of charges either. That’s darn close to negligence. Darn darn close.

      • Walt

        They avoided negligence by sheer luck. And you NEVER leave your children’s safety up to luck. They endangered the lives of these kids, and were 100% irresponsible. This was negligence and they should be charged accordingly.

        • Anonymous

          Just another reason swimming pools should be BANNED! They kill more kids than guns. As these ladies indicate, common sense ain’t so common.

  21. Al Dente

    I installed the WordPress Sharia-compliant Spam Plugin. That Anna has a good head on her shoulders. Not!

    • Monody

      Would you link your avatar to the new blog you created so I don’t have to scroll back through the FWIW thread with 128 comments to find it? Thanks.

  22. Anonymous

    Hurry back–having FWIW withdrawals.

    • anonymous

      I’m torn. Withdrawal, oh yes. But when I look at the Facebook photo Al posted and see how happy Chris looks with his son, I think, the blog is the last thing he should be paying a lick of heed to. I hope he takes a good long break, enjoys the Wild West, avenges his Fountain ancestor, fishes, cavorts, and bonds. We’d be selfish to want him to hurry back.