Who knew? There’s a metaphysicist  employed by the NM Highway Department’s road sign division

Bit only if there's someone there to feel them?

But only if there’s someone there to feel them?


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27 responses to “Who knew? There’s a metaphysicist  employed by the NM Highway Department’s road sign division

  1. When they put up a “deer crossing” sign, I am amazed that deer are able to follow directions! I wrecked my Buick once because of an illiterate buck. Probably went to a government school.

  2. How about the “No Dogs” signs in the post office “(except seeing eye dogs)”–I didn’t know they taught them to read.

  3. Anon

    The signs you WILL love and that make sense are the 85mph speed limit across much of Texas! Vroom. Vroom.

  4. Paul Krassner used to post signs like this in The Realist under the heading “Signs Along the Cynic Route”.

  5. From the revue “Beyond the Fringe (1962):

    This is the BBC Third Programme. We have in the studio Bertrand Russell, who talked to us in the series “Sense Perception and Nonsense: Number 7, Is this a dagger I see before me?” Bertrand Russell.

    Russell: One of the advantages of living in Great Court, Trinity I seem to recall, was the fact that one could pop across at any time of the day or night and trap the then young G. E. Moore into a logical falsehood by means of a cunning semantic subterfuge. I recall one occasion with particular vividness. I had popped across and had knocked upon his door. “Come in,” he said. I decided to wait awhile in order to test the validity of his proposition. “Come in,” he said once again. “Very well,” I replied, “if that is in fact truly what you wish.”

    I opened the door accordingly and went in, and there was Moore seated by the fire with a basket upon his knees. “Moore,” I said, “do you have any apples in that basket?” “No,” he replied, and smiled seraphically, as was his wont. I decided to try a different logical tack. “Moore,” I said, “do you then have some apples in that basket?” “No,” he replied, leaving me in a logical cleft stick from which I had but one way out. “Moore,” I said, “do you then have apples in that basket?” “Yes,” he replied. And from that day forth, we remained the very closest of friends.

  6. pussywillow

    To smell the fresh post nuclear test air of New Mexico and drink the neutrons from the artesian wells. At least there are hot air balloons.

  7. Anon

    A tweet to make you shout from the rooftop WTF!

    @GStephanopoulos: POTUS tells me that World Cup schedule affecting some foreign policy moves. http://t.co/jKcA5vcLlI

  8. jB

    There’s a mighty wind blowing through the country. Maybe.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Bridgewater no longer moving to Stamford. Place your bets, what do they do?


    1) add more space in Wilton/Westport/Fairfield?
    2) build a partial HQ at the old Greenwich Capital site which is just around the corner for Dalio’s place?
    3) take space in NYC?
    4) outright move to Texas?
    5) outright move to Florida?
    6) this is part of the game, there are still coming to Stamford.

    • Walt

      Now Anderson Cooper, at least he is candid enough to admit it, should be the last person to comment on a vagina. He has never seen one, and if he did, he would run away, crying like a little bitch who just saw Dracula.

      He cannot comment on this story with any pretense of objective journalism. BUT I CAN!! I have no problem being caught in a giant vagina. In fact, I welcome it. So long as it isn’t attached to a giant fatty. I prefer a baldy, but I can deal with a Brazilian. LANDING STRIP!!

      So long as the Brazilian isn’t really pretending to be a Caucasian, and has a set of huge fun bags. Which they usually don’t. They are ass people. Which is why they like soccer, the homo sport, instead of football. NTTAWWT. But honesty matters.

      Anyhows, what were we talking about?

    • AJ

      Oh, he’s so coy and adorable. Not!

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    Are you back yet? Can I stop by and pick up my bammies? My bhang. Some toke sticks. The evil weed. So we can blaze a few up!! You didn’t bogart my blunts, now did you Dude?

    Have you. HAVE YOU spent the last few days alone by yourself, holed up in a Motel 6, shoving quarters into the vibrating bed, stuffing Snickers and Kit Kats down your disgusting little throat, while watching porn and spanking your monkey, and all the while booting all of my gong? Never leaving your decrepit little room, or changing out of your stain infested, smelly little wife beater and bikini briefs? IS THAT WHAT YOU DID??

    Probably. I KNOW THAT’S WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE!! Except I would have tried to score some midget sex. And I prefer boxers over briefs. But that’s just me.

    Hope you had a great trip. Report in when you can.
    Your Pal,

  11. EOSredux

    Since most of this thread is off-topic, I’ll go further off-topic and ask if anyone has ever bought (and liked) a solar charger for their iPhone?

    I’ve seen some reviews online but they are mixed. We are so often outside that I’d love this option of not having to plug in to charge up. Will I have to take off the OtterBox to charge?

    Gorgeous day. Chris, I hope you are having equally stellar weather to travel. Lots of rain and storms along the lower third of the nation where you are likely traversing. How’s that Ridgeline do over 90?

    • Swanton

      How old is the battery? Too many apps open?
      I have no experience with solar chargers but a knowledgable kid tells me the iphone size ones aren’t any good but the ipad ones can be okay. Not much help, I’m afraid.
      My iphone is the latest version and I have no problem with having it on all day. Family member had a model a couple of versions old and eventually wouldn’t hold a charge longer than a few hours.
      So, the simple answer is perhaps your battery is wearing out. It happens.

      • EOSredux

        Thanks Swanton. I think it might be the battery. Both hubby and I have the same iPhone 5, I always close apps, but my battery is gone in a few hours and I don’t have the auto refresh app setting on either. His phone barely goes under 85% after a full day on.

      • EOSredux

        We called our camping and hiking friends and they, to a one, said buy a Joos. So we just ordered one. I’ll report in later. But thanks for that link CR. Appreciate it.


        • Walt

          Dude –
          As you know, I have a high tolerance for pain. Being a regular reader of your “writing” and all.

          And I consider myself a pretty good judge of character. Which is why I was shocked…SHOCKED … to see EOS, one of your most pragmatic readers, supporting the buying of Joos. AND I QUOTE!! “We called our camping and hiking friends and they, to a one, said buy a Joos”. Despicable I say!! CROWD MENTALITY!

          How can this be? We are in the 19th century, and people still think it’s ok to buy a Joo? The Joos have been oppressed since the time Egypt was born. They make the blacks look like amateurs. They have been enslaved, maltreated, mocked, and discriminated against since the start of time. YET THEY STILL CONTROL HOLLYWOOD!! Good for them!! And some “people”.. read that “slums’, think they have no right to exist. HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT??

          And it is not their fault that Jesus defected and changed sides. Or is it? I need to think about that one. That one is kind of odd.

          Anyhows, I DON’T SUPPORT BUYING THE JOOS. And I feel bad EOS does. But she is a WASP, so why am I surprised? But I think it’s wrong. And I will always love the bagel.

          Your Pal,

        • EOSredux

          Damn Walt, if you aren’t a screenwriter or comedy script writer, you should be. The Joos would love you in Hollywood. You know, they say there’s a fine line between artistic and crazy. And I mean that in the nicest sense possible!

          If I may be so bold, I’d like to correct you on two statements you’ve made. One, I’m a card carrying marinara making gnocchi girl on both sides of my family, but married a WASP. I crossed over. I went from a multi-syllable vowel ending name to one syllable one when I said Lo farò. My dirt poor ancestors came by steerage to Ellis Island. Hubby’s clan came with silver spoons on THE boat, the same one as the Fountains. So our children are of half-breeds, their personalities and heritage allegiance far more calamari than tea and crumpets. Who, me, pragmatic? If I could revive hubby after telling him that, he’d tell you um, no. And here I thought you’d challenge me on claiming I know anyone who camps and hikes. There, you might be correct! 🙂

  12. Walt

    You are one of the few who gets it EOS. I admire that. Schaulde.. Shachuulde…Mazzelof.. When are you serving the WOP gnooochies? gnachies. The Guinea pasta? Should I bring anything?