“I have been to the mountaintop”


Off to file with the EEOC

Off to file with the EEOC

FWIW – somewhere along the Old Federal Highway, June 28, 2014

Black employee sues Benjamin Moore for “racist” paint color names. 

Turns out, Benjamin Moore already had “Clinton Brown” and “Confederate Red” in its lineup, but naming a new shade “Tucker Brown” was final proof, Mr. Clinton Tucker claims, of the company’s racist intent towards him.

Tucker made other allegations, including that the company has a “toxic” work environment that is hostile to minorities.

Tucker, who identifies himself in the suit as homosexual, claims that since he started at the company in 2011, “it was clear…that he was not part of the traditional culture of the company.”

His boss ignored an email Tucker sent requesting to be able to take off work to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the suit claims.

“This request was ignored and [the director of digital marketing], just mockingly smirked at the plaintiff on Martin Luther King holiday.”

Sounds to me like Mr. Tucker’s real problem is that he’s a whiny, entitled, she-bitch, and that type rarely does well in life.



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5 responses to ““I have been to the mountaintop”

  1. Wassup Shazam

    He looks like a Muslim transvestite!
    He will surely get stoned tonight, and I don’t mean with drugs.

  2. Anon

    The beginning of all this PC name crap came when Crayola renamed a crayon formerly known as Flesh to Peach. The bigger Crayola hoopla came when people demanded the classic crayon color Indian Red be changed. Crayola fought back, saying the color was named for the dyes used by dot-Indians
    in their fabrics not for the skin color of feather-Indians. Crayola lost the battle. It’s now called chestnut.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Is it really possible I killed the bunnypee? I didn’t mean to. Sure, she was obnoxious, self-centered, all about herself, and narrow minded as hell, but I didn’t think my self-constructive comments to her obvious flaws would make her run away. Like a little bitch slapped eunuch.

    Even though she didn’t apologize to the room, which she should do, she should come back and do an encore. A sayonara. Even John Wilkes Booth did that. And the Wizard is always welcome. After all, he has to live with her. So he gets a free pass. The man is a saint.

    When are we leaving for Maine? Where women are men. Where bugs are food. Where lumberjack shirts are fashonistas.

    Your Pal,

  4. white privilege run amok. even at the World Cup, America taunts the third world with fried chicken:

  5. housecat

    Hey wait a minute – I thought “outing” ‘anonymous’ commenters on the Internet was verboten. Who told you that you could post an identifying photo of our favorite leftie commenter on this blog?! [Nice shoes, though.]