The only difference is that Peter Tesei was never alive


Wound up and ready to go

Wound up and ready to go

Oklahoman candidate alleges that opponent was murdered three years ago and replaced by a robot.

The race for Oklahoma’s Third Congressional District took a bizarre twist when Timothy Ray Murray claimed incumbent Rep. Frank Lucas was replaced by a robotic body double three years ago.

On his Web site, Murray alleges the switch took place after Lucas was killed by the World Court.

In Tesei’s case, the foul deed was accomplished by the Greenwich Republican Town Committee – “we needed a limp noodle”, Republican party leader James Campbell told FWIW, “and while the real Peter was pretty much ideal, we decided to go for perfection, right from the start, so we put him aside and brought in our robot – so far, you’re the first person to even notice.”


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7 responses to “The only difference is that Peter Tesei was never alive

  1. Maybe the robot will actually take a “position” on something. Tesie never does. He is a reactive FS. Program the robot to be proactive. That’s my advice.

  2. Just read today’s Greenwich Time article about the possibility of making public locations of other possible PCB contaminated dirt that was dumped. Tesei who never has an opinion on anything and when he does changes his mind can’t be reached for comment because he once again is on vacation. Second Selectman Theis who is as old as the contaminated dirt wants to mandate soil testing on every new project. Wouldn’t it make finanical sense to first find out where this dirt was taken in the first place. This novel idea would require our FS who someone else pointed out is reactive not proactive .

  3. Republican

    Before the town starts testing for contaminated soil on every town project
    why not try figuring out where it was dumped in the first place. Maybe
    Tesei can find out?

  4. Greenwich Taxpayer

    By the way. There was a time when the Town allowed residents to take free “mulch” from the Town dump. Wonder how much toxic soil was distributed to folks around Town???