We’re back!

Although briefly – I have so much of John’s stuff in my truck: guitars, amplifiers and skis, that I look like a Hank Williams/Jean Claude Killy Oakie heading for California, except that it’s in the other direction, so I’m off to Maine to drop it off. In the meantime, and now that the PC police have won their synthetic campaign to purge the name “Redskins” from the arena, here’s another project for them, found on the highest elevation long the old Federal Highway, in Maryland. The mountain top was so named to honor a slave, Nemesis (no kidding) who was killed fighting redskins in 1750 or so, but what difference, at this point does it make? Mr. Governor, take down this sign!

Negro Mountain, MD

Negro Mountain, MD



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12 responses to “We’re back!

  1. Cobra

    Welcome back to the East Coast! Safe travels to Maine and back (and don’t let those guitars get too hot or dry).

  2. Fred2

    Interestingly I’ve read several souces where in the early America before slavery really got going that the relatively few blacks generally little or no legal prejudices, and suprisingly few social and economic ones. There were black ship owners and captains ( with mixed crews) black land owners with white tenants, etc. later things took a turn for the worse.

  3. Welcome back, boss.
    As for Negro Mountain, I can hear Walt typing from here ….

    • As for me, I’m heading out to tour PA for a few days. Gonna spend some time in Balltown, Blue Ball, Intercourse, Virginville (meeting Walt there for lunch) and finish off in Climax.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Welcome back!! And when are you headed off to Maine? Do you need some help? I will be glad to join. ROAD TRIP DUDE!! I am pumped for it.

    You can drive, and I will fire up some of the mammies, some of the whacky weed, some of the fry sticks that you brought back for me. You did remember the smokeo loco, RIGHT DUDE?

    Anyhows, I will be happy to help. I will play air guitar the whole way up, and maybe find us some hose beasts, some grizzly chicken, some split tails on the way!! What do they call a pretty girl in Maine, Dude? LOST!!

    Anyhows again, these PC language police are getting out of hand. I can’t even keep track of what adjectives are acceptable, and which are not. What is wrong with Redskins? You can call me paleface, and I am fine with it.

    Pretty soon, all people are going to take themselves too seriously, and hurting someone’s feelings is going to be a crime. But we aren’t there yet, you frigging wandering gypsy. And I mean that fondly.

    Did you see what Gary Oldman had to apologize for this week? He said the Jew’s controlled Hollywood. Duh. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? They do, and they do a great job. I wish I controlled Hollywood. But I can’t, because I am not a Jew. Although I am circumcised, so does that count for anything? HOW IS THAT A SLUR? Not me being circumcised, but the Jew’s controlling Hollywood? That is an accomplishment, not a slur.

    Our inability to laugh at ourselves, to take ourselves SO seriously, is a real threat. The Mick’s invented the potato, but totally blew it on the French fry. Do we hear them complain? NO!! They are passed out in the corner, minding their own business.

    The Pollacks? Do we hear them whining? Just hand them a two fingered bowling ball, and they will be preoccupied for a month trying to figure it out.
    The Dago’s, the Wop’s, the cheese eating surrender monkeys, EVEN THE GAYS have a sense of humor. And in the case of the latter, a wonderful fashion sense.

    So what is Hiawatha’s problem EXACTLY? They got the casino’s, so STFU. What did the blacks get? Besides a sense of rhythm, and great dancing skills?

    When are you picking me up? Can we eat giant sea bugs when we get there? I just want to see you wearing a little plastic dribble bib. That alone will make it worth the trip.

    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    Oh to live on, Negro Mountain, with the barkers and the colored balloons…

  6. housecat

    They could just rename it “Nemesis Mountain.” Although why they didn’t do that in the first place….

  7. AJ

    Well, in that case let’s celebrate with some serious, and I mean serious, guitar music like Mick Abrahams playing this 11 minute version of Cat’s Squirrel. And no, you can’t shoot it.

  8. Anonymous

    There was an “N” Hill in Greenwich, I think over by the Stamford border.

  9. Duane Clogg

    I doubt if you can find these for sale:

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Be sure to stop off at Phantom Fireworks in Portland for some fun pyrotechnics, you know, the more or less real stuff you can’t get here in scared helicoptermommylandia.

    • Walt

      LA – Is this true? Can you get real cherry bombs, and ash cans, and black cat fireworks, and negro chasers in Maine? All the good stuff that can actually blow a digit off?

      I WANT THESE!! I actually went to China Town last year to try and score the real stuff. And all I got was a few Mama San’s who treated me like a misfired Roman Candle.

      Dude – Pick me up a gross of cherry bombs and two dozen Roman Candles. PLUS BOTTLE ROCKETS !! FIVE GROSS!! And a brick of Black Cats. Feel free to light up on the way back. Report in when you can.