And now, back from Maine

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Kick Me

I completed the move back from Colorado for John today (after driving distances out west, a little 550-mile jaunt up to Maine and back seems child’s play) and as a reward, I was treated to the sight of a Lamborghini ($227,000-$400,000, base, depending on model) doing 60-miles per hour on the Massachusetts Turnpike, a full 5-mph under the speed limit, never varying, for a loong, slow time.

It’s possible, of course, that its driver was just a sober, law-abiding individual who wanted to make certain he didn’t scare anyone else on the road, but in my experience, Lamborghinis – 0 – 60 3.6 seconds, 200 mph top range don’t usually attract such people. My suspicion is that the idiot behind the wheel has accumulated so many speeding tickets that the next one is death, so he’s restricted to the slow lane until his record clears – say, several years?

If I had a Lamborghini and couldn’t take it above 60, I’d put it on blocks, ditch the disastrous comb-over and gold jewelry this guy sported and buy a Volkswagen for the duration of my purgatory. As it is, Mr. Lamborghini Dude  looked like the pathetic loser that he is.

Bet he doesn’t get laid, either.


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17 responses to “And now, back from Maine

  1. Buck Swope

    Is it possible that the driver was not the owner of the car but perhaps the salesman delivering it, who didn’t want to suffer the same fate as the Miller Motorcars mechanics from a few weeks back on I95.

    • I prefer my explanation – it’s more fun.

      • Anonymous

        more fun,,,and pea-green with envy.

        • Aside from the fact that I’m more of a pick-up guy and so have no desire for a Lamborghini, you’re missing my point, which is that it’s simply embarrassing to be seen in a car capable of doing 200 mph while restricted to driving 60. A VW, fine, and a Prius, hell, you’d have your Ranger Rick card yanked if you exceeded that speed, but for a Lamborghini, you might as well stick bicycle cards in the spokes and go “vroom, vroom”.

  2. Anonymous

    You send like a miserable Liberal complaining about somebody’s car choice. Would you rather he had a Prius 🙂

  3. school of hard knocks

    In 61′ -62′ I was a young mechanic at a Chevy dealership and prepared many new Corvettes and Muscle Cars. Rest assured each one was well tested prior to delivery.

  4. Anonymous

    Smell bitterness

  5. Anonymous

    I bet he does. That kind of guy will pay for it.

  6. Yos

    If I had a Lamborghini and couldn’t take it above 60

    Look, that will never do, Chris. For starters, a Lambo IS a VeeDub. On the other hand, there are private tracks and meets around where you can take the Lamb out to do a bit of roaring. Or to slaughter, depending on your driving skills.

    That’s what I’m hoping to do in my retirement; go out either with my socks off or my helmet on.

  7. BigMike

    Risk of going “faster than 60” in a Lambo Aventador.

  8. BigMike

    Perfect for a camping trip!