Because they could gnaw them into guns?

Pop-tart gunSchools ban birthday cupcakes in classrooms. 

“Birthday parties in classrooms may be celebrated with non-food treats and favors for students. No food is allowed as part of a birthday celebration,” according to a new Edmonds School District policy tied to the federal lunch rules, according to The Herald.

“Appropriate alternatives to food that may be shared on special occasions can be within the procedures,” the district’s website states.

Instead of tasty cupcakes, students can now celebrate their birthdays with gift pencils, origami frogs and extra recess time. Yay.

“The change in procedure was inspired by a new federal Wellness Policy, which requires superintendents to monitor nutritional standards for unregulated items such as food prepared by parent groups, vending-machine fare, student store offerings and classroom parties,” The Herald reports.

“The federal rule applies only to food sold to students, not given away. The Edmonds School District (Wellness Committee) took it a step further by banning food at birthday celebrations.”


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5 responses to “Because they could gnaw them into guns?

  1. uminn65

    there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that provides any authority for the Federal Government to regulate food served in schools. The Founders of this nation rightly believed that a national government of limited powers was essential if despotism was to be avoided. yet today there is little recognition of that concept. we will pay a high price, maybe soon, for allowing a national government that abides by no restraints.

  2. Fred2

    There’s an AWFUL lot the US Gov does that it ZERO constitutional authority to do.

    The good news is that one day soon when the money runs out, there will be a lot of long hanging fruit to cut off.

  3. Rivman

    Turn it upside down and it becomes a shoe! Old Mother Hubbard.

  4. Anonymous

    Wait until the kids get their hands on the newfangled 3D printers – especially the ones that can print in carbon fiber.

    Government sucks and much of what the fedgov does is unConstitutional and illegitimate.

  5. Gnawbone

    Is there not a certain kind of insanity that would cause a normal parent to place their child under the supervision of a paranoid, rule-bound, hyper-sensitive left leaning adult for seven hours a day, nine months of the year?? Schools are so toxic to the normal development of children today that we need a superfund to bury them. I would walk over hot coals every day to keep my children or grandchildren out of these kook factories.