So much for the idea that Planned Parenthood attempts to prevent pregnancy



Failure to plan award, 2013

Failure to plan award, 2013

Planned Parenthood gives Aurora, CO chapter award for exceeding its 21013 abortion quota.


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18 responses to “So much for the idea that Planned Parenthood attempts to prevent pregnancy

  1. 21013?
    I am in Europe on a couple of projects but….did I miss a grand of years back home?
    All those near kids did….

  2. I hear God tapping His foot…

    • Not that I’m against a woman’s right to choose – I’m not.
      But this. Gimme a break.

      • I’ve always thought Bill Clinton came closest to summing up the majority of Americans’ view towards abortion, saying they should be “rare, but safe”. He wasn’t my favorite politician (understatement alert) but he was very good at reading the public mood.

        • Peg

          Yep; WJC was right on this one.

          In today’s world, however, I think that “progressives” go “ka-ching”! every time an abortion occurs.

          Hitler, Mao, Stalin indeed, Al Dente😦

      • dogwalker

        Yeah, around here I feel like a liberal . . . until something like this gets posted. Abortion quota. Unbelievable.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Yet another part of the legacy of the famous racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

  3. ML

    makes me sick

  4. Margaret Sanger/Slee was such a sweetheart:

    • Anonymous Citizenette

      Wow, what a cold old bitch. I think Sanger must have shared some psychological traits with serial killers and Mengele. If indeed heaven exists, she’s surely burning in hell.

      • And what an intellect.
        Can you imagine Ayn Rand or Brigitte Gabriel saying, “Oh, Jooohhn, you DO ask hard questions…!”

    • Artie

      Cruella DeVille much?

  5. Pinzgauer

    …. Forgetting the debate for a moment… Seeing an award given for increased abortions seems pretty sick.
    I wouldn’t think of abortion as planned anything, certainly not parenthood. Isn’t it more like parenthood interruptus?

  6. Al Dente

    I can’t make out the signature. Hitler? Mao? Stalin?

  7. nutmegger

    Absolutely sickening. The abortion rate is much higher than liberals/feminists would like for you to believe. The number of live births and abortions in NYC is public record – and they are listed by race. About 45% of some minorities’ babies are aborted.

  8. Mickster

    Isn’t Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway their biggest contributor?

  9. Anonymous

    Google it. It’s not real.

    • I can find nothing on Google or Snopes debunking this story, but if you have a link to something that does, please supply, and I’ll correct the post.