Speaking of polls…

Any Romney

Any Romney

Quinnipiac: Obama worst president since WW II.

While Obama’s slide in the polls is nothing new, the latest data from the Quinnipiac University Poll is about as bad as it gets for the president: in fact, perhaps the only thing more shocking than Obama “surpassing” George W. Bush as the worst president since World War II is the onset of revisionism, with some 45% saying the US would have been better with Romney as president, compared to just 38% who say Obama remains the better choice. Which incidentally confirms what we reported yesterday: while the Republican view of Obama has certainly never been lower, what is worse is that even the core democrat faithful are now giving up on the hope and change bringer, confirmed by the latest Gallup poll which saw democrat confidence in the economy tumbling to the lowest level for 2014.


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7 responses to “Speaking of polls…

  1. MavisDavis

    Give the guy a Nobel for worst prez.

    I’ll bet he’d accept!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome article summarizing the rise and fall of the imposter in the oval office…


  3. Once

    Maybe the way we should be looking at this is “we have the worst electorate since WW2”. It did put Obama at the helm twice and we were warned.