Well damn, there goes a great one


Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings

Lt. Carpenter has died at 89. When my father finally relented and allowed a TV into our house he stuck it in the laundry, already occupied by our grossly fat, flatulent hound Argus, and we boys would gather around the black and white set and watch McHale’s Navy.  (Probably the only) scene I really remember is Captain Binghampton flopping down on a bar stool next to Carpenter after a rough day and telling him, “I’ll have what you’re having.” “Yes sir,” Carpenter replies – “waiter, we’ll have two Shirley Temples.”

American comedy at its peak.


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13 responses to “Well damn, there goes a great one

  1. who can forget Ernest Borgnine’s secret of longevity:

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    McHale’s Navy was a CLASSIC!! It featured Ernest Borgnine, who only just died last year at 95. He was a Wop in real life, named Borgnino, from Hamden, Connecticut!! Where is Hamden, Dude?

    And he actually spent 10 years in the Navy. And the show also had Tim Conway, a most funny man, who went on later to spend many years on the Carol Channing show. Tim is still alive. And Harvey Korman, another funny man, was also on that show, but I think he croaked a few years ago.

    Anyhows, Ernest had a long, illustrious career. He was actually an Oscar winning actor, long before McHale’s Navy, playing a retard in the 1956 film called “Harry”. He was “Harry the Retard”, and did a most excellent job. Although I don’t think he ever competed in the Special Olympics. And it wasn’t because he was black.

    But you weren’t a fan of “The Beverly Hillbillies” or “Bewitched” or “I Dream of Jeannie”? All which had most spank worthy actresses. Ellie May was OK, and I will always have a weak spot for Samantha, but Jeannie? She was AWESOME!!

    But you preferred watching fat guy’s on a PT Boat? With your brother, in a laundry room, with a farting dog? COLONEL MUSTARD IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM WITH A PIPE!! CLUE DUDE!!

    Sometimes I really worry about you Dude.
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    And can we get a GOD DAMNED WEATHER REPORT?? It’s monsoon season here!! It is raining like cats and dogs. Black and whites. Chinks and Jap’s. Jews and Slums.
    I can’t even get satellite reception. And if this lightening keeps up, I may have to curl up under the bed, like a little bitch dog.
    Get to it, Storm Field.
    Your Pal,

    • Hurricane heading out to sea (after slamming Outer Banks). Heavy rain and thunder tomorrow, modifying Friday, sunny weekend. Keep your powder dry until then.

  4. Sound Beacher

    Carol Burnett Show had Tim Conway — (not Channing, Walt)

    • Surely you know Walt’s fractured fairy tales by now.

      • Which reminds me – Remember Fractured Flickers with Hans Conried? I could never get enough of that show.
        Which reminds me also – I turned on my huge flat screen tonight and waited patiently while it recognized my DVR, whilst the DVR was getting its bearings – tic toc tic toc…..
        As I patiently waited I thought to myself, “Is this freaking nineteen-sixty-fucking-THREE?!? WHAT, are the goddam TUBES warming up???”
        We’re goin’ backwards…

      • Walt

        Dude –
        DUDE!! What are you implying? That I have a distorted view of history? YOU VERMIN!!

        Of course it was the Carol Channing Show. And I think she is still above the ground, BTW. Although I have no reason to understand why, because I never got her. I remember this distinctly. My Mother, God rest her soul, made me watch this show EVERY WEEK, so I know I am correct. It was long before I got sidetracked with self pleasure. But it was still child abuse, I say. But Tim and Harvey were great.

        But. BUT!! I remember The Carol Burnett Show as well. Who is also still alive. She did that little ear pull thing at the end of each show. Do you remember that Dude? That was a signal that Jim Neighbors was really gay. Do you remember him Dude? Gomer Pyle!! I am sure he was another one of your favorite TV shows. But he sang great. But not as Gomer. He was also in Andy of Mayberry. OPIE DUDE!! Sell his spread for 6%!! You loser.

        Anyhows, how come no one in the sixties had gaydar? I mean come on!! No one could figure out Liberace was gay? Or Merv? Even until the 1990’s, most people had no gaydar skills. Ellen and Rosie were hidden in a closet? That closet had to be HUGE!! Were all people oblivious to the obvious? Or just in denial? And why? Do we have any gays in Greenwich who can weigh in on this? Or are they on your “Do not sell” list? Along with the blacks and Jews?

        I would think gays have built in gaydar, and can recognize each other, or am I the only one? The one with gaydar, not gay. You homo.

        What are we doing for the 4th? You have an empty listing with a pool lined up? You loser.

        And this thunder is pissing me OFF!!
        Your Pal,

  5. Luke Gardner

    McHale’s Navy or Green Acres (merely by way of example) THEN vs. The Kardashians TODAY. Al Capp – creator of Lil Abner – loved F Troop, and liked The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction (almost certainly for the lovelies).

  6. Rivman

    The escapist 60’s. Joe Flynn and Gavin Macleod. And don’t forget Fuji.

  7. Anonymous Citizenette

    Everything I knew about WWII growing up was from watching McHale’s Navy and Hogan’s Heroes.