When cougars attack


Elizabeth Highley - I should say so

Elizabeth Highley – I should say so

Woman, 56, pulls knife on 26-year-old who declined her offer of sex.

Finley, investigators reported, said that Highley “wanted to have sex,“ but he “rejected her sexual advances, causing her to become angry and violent.” Highley allegedly grabbed a knife and sliced Finley’s left thumb as he fled her Windmill Village home.

Cops subsequently encountered Highley as she ran after Finley. Highley, carrying a large knife and a broken wooden cane, complied with Officer Paul Hutchinson’s order to drop the weapons and lie down on the ground.

Highley, the cop noted, was “angry, crying and appeared to be intoxicated” when taken into custody. She was released later in the day after posting bail on the aggravated assault count.


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3 responses to “When cougars attack

  1. Peg

    Some of us would never consider resorting to this. After all; those who refuse are few and far between! 😉

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Well after that display, she’ll never be able to buy a gun … legally anyway.

  2. LAK

    Some aren’t that desperate