They’ve hit the streets



I saw my first of the new GPD minivans this morning, and boy is it cute!

The K-9 corp has been updated to a friendlier, softer image, too.




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9 responses to “They’ve hit the streets

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like it is a modified Ford Explorer. Seems pretty practical.

  2. GPD Folk

    Keep it up Pal! Maybe I can get you a ride in one….in the back seat! 🙂

  3. Anon

    Aw’cmon Chris. GPD will need those minivans to transport all the equipment to the Wiffle Ball contest they are sponsoring. Greenwich Polo is one of the sponsors too so good thing that new polo outfitters is open before the big event. I wouldn’t want to be arrested for wearing the wrong thing.
    @GreenwichCTPD: 7th Annual Greenwich Wiffle Ball Tournament

  4. GPD Folk

    No refereeing…but I’m reminded of the original whiffle ball debacle on Riverside Lane…the Town should have left it there and encouraged the kids to use it and keep it cleaned up….The cops were all in favor of it…Personally I thought it was genius….However we were told to enforce the Town Ordinance prohibiting kids from having any fun ……and that was that….GPD and The Silver Shield Assn. are staunch supporters of the Whiffle Ball Tournament…hopefully, someday…the kids will get their permanent field as promised.

  5. red neck and proud

    THIS would make a much better GPD cruiser.

    @AmericnElephant: #HappyIndependenceDay!

  6. Daniel

    Is that a Killboy shot at the top?

  7. Anonymous

    Chief Hevey is responsible for mandating the town spend thousands of dollars on new cars. He should stop marching in every parade, stop playing dress up at Boy Scout events, stop interfering in fire department business and start paying a little more attention to his budget. Start by getting rid of of one officer off a police boat the town doesn’t need. How does he justify 10 full time marine people. EVERYTIME I see them they are lounging around. Fix the morale problem chief!