Another problem with a solution

Problem: Cyclists fume over dangerous selfies taken during Tour de France

Solution: send the selfies to Pamplona

A man was gored in the thigh and another three suffered fractures as bulls tore through the narrow, cobbled paths of Pamplona on the first day of the week-long fiesta


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4 responses to “Another problem with a solution

  1. United Nations needs to step in….these are innocent refugees from…..common sense……

  2. Cos Cobber

    The P&Z will be entertaining another attempt to add tennis courts to the GWC…hopefully it passes this time.

    Click to access pzba_T_Agenda_07-15-2014.pdf

  3. if that solution creates a problem, there is another solution:

  4. Anonymous

    In 3 road running races this year I have had to pull up as the young woman ahead of me slowed to reset her Imusic. Twice it occurred in the first 75 feet of the starting line on 10k races. It is dangerous and inconsiderate. As a 72 old I think these devices have no place in a race, but then again I’m old.